Athletic, Fit 39yo Seeks Liposuction for Trouble Spots on Abdomen, Flanks, Butt - Charlotte, NC

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I've thought about liposuction for some time but...

I've thought about liposuction for some time but hesitated because I was already fit with a good figure. That said, my abdomen, flanks and buttocks had some stubborn areas that were exercise resistant. I finally decided that I work hard enough and should have the body I want, so I took the plunge. It's been a roller-coaster ride ever since. So, this has been a complete roller coaster ride. I was so excited after the first few days, but when the swelling started to reduce

I began to see three serious dips, dimples, lumps, waviness (need I go on) right under my belly button. See photos. It is heightened depending on lighting. Bad lighting really shows them. So at two weeks (see photos) I started to really freak out. I thought my surgery was BOTCHED. I found Real Self and started posting. I was literally having a meltdown because I didn't have a bad figure to begin with and here I went and ruined it. Thank god for the Drs who take the time to post on Real Self. I got some good feedback, went and saw my doctor (I will share name and 3 mos post) and he reassured me that I was still swollen and to keep massaging and wear compression for 6 weeks. Way longer than expected. So I've been diligent about massage 3x daily, good diet, lots of water, limited alcohol and my compression. Finally at 4-5 weeks, the dimple on the left side is all but gone and the one on the right is getting smaller, though I have a very hard lump there. I wish I had posted all along to truly chronicle my thoughts, but I couldn't handle it emotionally. I have so much more to share. I will gather my thoughts and post more. Now, you can see the dimples only in overhead lighting. The results are really looking incredible. I've swung back from OMG what did I do to myself to feeling glad I did it. What a roller-coaster ride. Phew. I'm exhausted. BUT, I have so much to share that I've learned. I'm a researcher, so I have absorbed so much great info and a result of my panic. I will share it all. For now, that's all. :)

More Problems Emerge

Unfortunately, as the swelling has gone down on my side/back thighs it's obvious that too much fat was taken. I have a pretty significant hollow and indent on my back left thigh, with a noticeable but not as severe one on the right. It looks totally unnatural. I am definitely feeling that it was not worth it. Only a small amount was to be taken to improve the sub-gluteal crease, so I have no clue why this ended up this extreme. So depressed. Going back to Dr on Tues.

5 Months - Results and Feedback

Well, I finally waited the requisite amount of time to see if anything would improve. Dr. Garrett Harper (Charlotte Plastic Surgery) saw me a few weeks ago and agreed that his treatment of my sub-gluteal crease area was 'too aggressive'. I'm left with hollows and dents where there is not enough fat. I've been pretty upset given the fact that I didn't need much done at all and I definitely regret having any type of surgery. Dr. Harper agreed to perform a revision at no cost (already in the contract) with only surgical room fees applied (would total about $550). I don't have much fat to be found for a fat graft, so it would have to come from the inside of my knees and inner thighs. At this point, given the bad result from the first surgery, I don't have faith that the second surgery would turn out as expected. I'd rather be left not wanting to wear a bikini vs. not being able to even wear shorts. My husband and I have spoken about it at length and we both feel like I should wait for now. Side note: I also have hemosiderin staining behind both legs that left me looking bruised. It's caused by iron deposits in the skin after bruising. It may or may not go away. This was not caused by the dr - it just happens. I will say that Dr. Harper has been understanding and fully owned the fact that this was his mistake, but that's of little solace to me when I look at my legs. I could tell he felt bad when he was looking at it and he could see how upset I was. I do think he cares a lot about his patients. This is the danger of plastic surgery - you can't ever be sure of the result. As I researched it more, I read so much about how even the best PS shouldn't touch the sub gluteal crease as more often than not you'll get a less than stellar result. I wish I knew this before as I never would have touched it having read what I have now. As for the stomach lipo, I still have some noticeable track marks where the cannula was used (see pic - there's a little dent/track line in my lower left abdomen and also a spot where the incision scar is noticeable). They aren't bad, but definitely not worth what I've been through to make the smallest of changes. It's just 'fine'. At least nothing traumatic here at this point. My final verdict - leave it alone, it's not worth the risk in the long run. Now, I will say that had it turned out perfectly I'd be saying how it was SO worth it. The question is this - are you ready to live with an undesirable or bad result? Is it worth the risk? Only you know. I wish I hadn't done it. :/

Two Years Later

Well, it's been a while since my final post. Due to an injury I was sidelined from exercise and have gained about 12 pounds during my time in a cast. This is when I could really see the long term results of my lipo. I've gained weight very oddly in my stomach. No fat in the bottom area and all cellulite at the top. It's actually quite odd. I can now really see the deep line left by poor use of the cannula rod tool. It looks like my belly button is frowning. When I'm super lean like in the last photo I posted two years ago it was hardly noticeable. This weight gain makes it all very obvious. If I could go back again I would have done the surgery but not chosen this surgeon. I regret the decision as I do consider my lipo to be 'botched' both on my stomach and legs (still have the craters from him taking too much fat! Hopefully once I lose this weight it won't be as obvious.
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Harper is great with his patients. He takes a lot of time and really listens. As a person, I think he's great and cares a lot about what he does. That said, my results were not good. I need a revision on my legs and at this point I'm not willing to take the risk. He is willing to do the revision and agrees he was 'too aggressive'. Follow up care was great. I can't tell you if my result was due to a lack of experience in my particular surgical area (sub gluteal crease/'banana roll') or just one of those things. Either way, I regret it. I give his bedside manner and follow up high ratings. The actual result, good for stomach and poor for SG it pains me that I cannot give a higher star rating and that I ended up with an undesirable result. My stomach Lipo was successful overall. A few lingering imperfections. I'd give this 4 stars, banana roll 1-2 stars.

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