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Omg I've been contemplating this for 4 years now...

Omg I've been contemplating this for 4 years now I'm ready. I don't have a huge nose nor has it ever been discussed or made fun of. It is actually a typical size nose when I'm not smiling however when I smile it creates very deep laugh lines and even makes my bags under my eyes which by the way I had remove look larger than normal. It also spreads when I laugh it is very annoying so therefore when I take pictures I never show my teeth I can simply smile with my eyes or a slight grin which defeats the purpose of the dimples that I paid for. So I research doctors in the one I found that I absolutely positively love was in Beverly Hills California he was the one who said that not only did I need a nose job but also I needed a chin implant as well as cheek fillers this would better Define my face and give me more of a girly female type look instead of my current masculine look. However the problem with that is is that he was all the way in Beverly Hills California and I am all the way in Charlotte North Carolina and to top it off he wanted $17,000 that I could not afford being a single mom. So I decided I would save my money and wait well four years later I still don't have the $17,000 mainly because I really wanted this nice BMW LOL LOL. So I'll be 35 next year and I decided that by my 35th birthday I wanted my entire face done so I am saving $2,000 a month and I am getting my face done I have two doctors and my one is dr. Choe who is located in Virginia he's 5 hours away and that's scary for me because no one knows that I'm getting this done and I am going by myself I will have to get a nurse to Stay With Me the first 24 hours and of course I would have to pay for her and then I would have to stay there for an additional 7 Days the problem with that is that I have a child and I need someone to be here with her so I don't think that's the best solution for me my next option is a doctor here in Charlotte North Carolina I have two appointments one in Ballantyne with the dr. Lisker and the other is in Charlotte with dr. Kushner I see them the last week in November in the first week of December after seeing both of those doctors I'll make my mind up as to which doctor I should go to my only problem with dr. Lisker thus far is that he is not a facial plastic surgeon and I prefer a facial plastic surgeon because that's their specialty and if I'm going to get anything done to my face I want to go to the best my only problem with dr. Kushner is that he starts off his rhinoplasty that $10,000 that does not include my chin and my cheeks and I'm not sure if I can honestly say for that however anything good is worth waiting for it so if I have to push my surgery date out until January then I will and also dr. Kushner the surgery only 8 weeks after you have your initial consultation which means that I cannot have surgery regardless until January which is fine because my 35th birthday is not until April anyway so I will keep you guys posted on how it goes with both doctors in the cost because I notice I rarely see anyone mention cost on the site which is like so beneficial for me

Ideal Nose

These are pics of ppl that hand a similar nose prior to their rhinoplasty

Snapchat filtered

My wish nose and face

My current and filtered look

I don't want to take 30 pictures to get 1 good one. I don't want to tilt my head or go to an app or only smile without showing my teeth. I'm over it. I want to be photogenic even off guard and not be concerned with the focal point of my face.

Tomorrow my consultantion 11/22

I am hoping to get surgery on the 20th of December. If this appointment makes me feel comfortable I'll leave a deposit tomorrow with Premier and come into the new year with a new face. I'm excited and nervous. Does anyone have a list of questions I can or should ask?

READY, SET, GO! December 19th 6am

I wrote a long review it was erased so now I'm going to summarize.

Chin is $3k only noticeably from a side view, questioning if it's worth it.

Cheeks will be done when the swelling subsides it's an out patient procedure $900 a syringe I will need 2 it'll last 2 years.

Procedure date December 19th I have to stop taking vitimans because they increase the swelling time, thins my blood and increases my likelihood of bruising.

See the pic attached this is the chin, cheekindly and nose digital image. Keep in mind this is simply moving colors on my face so the interpretation is not the best but I showed him pics of what I wanted to achieve so he gets the gist. The day of the surgery I'm taking a photo album of noses to ensure he creates my bridge correctly.

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