55yr old -Dr Bednar- fat transfer to breast (and a bit to face)

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Like so many, breastfed kids so deflated chest. I...

Like so many, breastfed kids so deflated chest. I exercise daily and eat healthy balanced diet most days, but have stubborn areas of fat that I hope are good deposits for survival after transfer to breasts. I'm on schedule but not yet made up my mind whether to have small amount transferred to face at same time. Is there anyone out there who had closer to 10 days to get to point of hiding with makeup undereye. Ive read no more than 1 cc should he used (havent asked specifics of doctor yet). I'm lookng for responses to get an idea. Dr Bednar and Sylvia have been responsive, informative and straight-forward in what to results to expect for my body composition...5'6", 129lbs

Its "D" day!

Im posting update while awaiting my taxi to head to 8am surgery. After consult yesterday incl Sylvia showing me her "right after" pics with little bruising, i decided to do very limited amount of transfer to face, as well (much lower pricing..$4500 was quote for whole face). Im super paranoid of ending up with a "done" look tho so being sure the doctor understands i cant leave to him what he thinks best in this area (whereas he has total reign on all rest). This is a "one and done" situation for me so really have to be sure what im comfortable with is clear. Its obvious the doctor is a talented artist and all the detailed stellar reviews on this site made my decision, so thank you ladies in advance for helping me. As relates to the post caption, he thinks i will end up a "c" (or almost) and thats perfect for me.

Pre surgery measurments:
Chest 33 1/2
Waist 28
Ab 34
Hip 37
Thigh 22
Bicep 11
Weight 129
Height 5.5

Bednar beautification 2nd day post op

Feeling 100% better today. Had my recheck today on way home. 10 mins for a once over and his "after" pics and on my way. He said can use sports bra now (first shower tomorrow). Have compression socks on after told today need to be worn for 5 days. Everyone was quite accomodating, kind and responsive in their office. I was surprized as was he That he found 625 to put in right and 655 cc in left (to fix slight assemetry). He told me to expect to retain in the 400-450 range.

Bednar Fat transfer to face 2nd day post op

Forgot to mention the assymetry fix for left of my face (which i hope to break the bad habit by the time 3 mos is up since cant with the fat to breast transfer). Some bruising but not really sore. Cant be positive yet but seems like by time swelling goes down will be quite nicely matched to right side.

The bad habit being sleeping on left side of my face.....

3days post op

surprised how good i feel today....showering for first time i suppose. I posted on another gals journey and thought i should add some physical detail. have thin skin, am 55 yo, never had lipo. Always wanted to wear a top wo padding or push up after breastfeeding 2 kids (and only small b before that). Said for 20 years "why cant they take fat from bottom half and put it in boobs". Id never consider implants...guess thats why it took me so long...now im excited to have thinner thighs to my knees that 30+ yrs of 5 dy/wk weight/cardio/yoga/pilates didnt achieve, and fill out a bra wo padding! He got 625 and 655cc (diff to fix slight assymetry), from thighs and hips essentially...from a 5'5.5" 129 frame. Hes an artist and sculptor so has proper eye and respects what you request (i had a little transferred to face while he had it out and pleaded he go conservative...just wanted to fix assymetry from sleeping on left side of my face). As i mentioned yesterday, hopefully having to sleep on my back for 3 mos will break that bad habit becuase this is a one and done for me! I bruise easily so thats worse than swelling in all areas but havent used anything but 8 hr tylenol since day of surgery...and of course all other recommended/provided by doc's office. Discarded Rxs for pain/nausea/anxiety. Iced a lot first 2 days too may have helped keep swelling to minamum so far..w compression garments. Had to put my feet u to post this as reminder to rest..rest helps heal :)

Measurement pre vs 6 days post

I thought i posted measurments as thought that good idea when saw elsewhere on site. Chest is only place i FEEL swollen so am documenting to compare 1, 2, 3, and maybe 6 mos post.

PRE-OP 6.11.16
127 lbs 5'.5 1/2"
C 33.5
W (bb) 28
A (top hipbone) 34
H (widest/butt-thigh junction) 37
Bi 11
Th 22

Post-OP (6th day) 7.19.16
128 lbs
C 37
W 27.5
A 32
H 36
Bi 10 3/4
Th 21
Knee 14 (forgot "pre", darn it, but betting 1/4-1/2 bigger)
Note: my scale shows im dehydrated though..down 1% on my water at 56.5, vs optimal health goal on apx 60%... May be why im still bit lightheaded. Trying to stay out of the oppressive heat and will eat high protein,good fat, mostly liquids today!

Don't use Coban...

Forgot to say I'd made a mistake in improvising for my arm compression sleeves by using Coban medical wrap. Not good idea as it is self-tightening. Didnt last half a day. I found the ace bandage-type "sleeves" they cut to length and have in presized diameters for covering port lines in the hospital.. Just enough length to cover most of each upper arm. Have on spanx capris with a fantastic "geniebra" type body suit i lucked-into shopping before procedure. Long top cover w 3/4 length sleeves and my condition is incognito :)

11 days and seeing light at the end of the tunnel

The heat has been unbearable so fighting minor re-swelling just from beong up and about with out of doors upkeep....keeping my legs propped up a much as can and spanx-type compression with genie type bras and tops. Have found substitute for arm sleeves...improvisation didnt work as well as the compression socks they gave day of operation. Since only had to wear them first few/five days, switched them to my arms and work great. My bruising is almost gone on my upper arms and hips though still numb (the numbness doesnt bother me). The agony getting on/off the toilet is less but the bruising on my legs is still horrendous. My chest is less swollen in upper portion but only reduced a modicum as feel most pressure underside close to underarms. Trying to sleep on my back is most problematic. Have a v shapped pillow with a contour pillow wedged in that and two more stacked under knees. I take benedryl to help me sleep and help w inflamation. I'm afraid to use anything but tylenol to make sure bruising heals quickest possible. Not getting as much sleep as I'd like/need for sure!

Genie "type" bra

Heres the Hanes "get cozy" bra that looks loke genie brand. Also have a marilyn monroe brand that is just about identical. I did t want to buy genie online without knowing sizing. Im noticing "softening" starting, so guess swelling is subsiding. Few lumpy areas from this past week r gone. Swelling in lower half has come back though since getting out and about now, so back in compression garments to sleep for sure and if can make an outfit around it, also during day.

Hanes "get cozy" bra

Better pic

3 week observations

1) back to wearing my compression garment every night...feeling pressure in lower legs so assume swelling still. Out and about in the heat/humidity during the day adds to need to increase water to offset 2) feeling coming back to lower back/hips. 3) bruising only lingering on inner thighs to just below knees where traveled/settled. 4) resisting urge to exercise...feeling "soft" everywhere is getting to me! 5) chest definitely softer but not really smaller other than swelling leaving and so weight of breasts settling lower (were closer to underarms, if that makes sense). 6) the bit of fat i had put in face has "settled in" and no longer swollen..appears more balanced, but no noticable diff on left side of bottom lip that i can tell (put there to balance assymetry). I did manipulate that area so could have dissolved it myself and/or lip movement can effect results generally. 6) buying the VitaMedica bromelain directly as brand i purchased locally doesnt work as well...best discovery that helps my osteoarthritis better than Aleve! 7) snipped off and pulled last couple bits of undisolved stitches as seemed to be impeding incision healing. 8) slept in snug cotton "muscle man" shirt last nite to give my nips a chance to recover from wearing nylon stretch bras which have made them irritated (from sweating in them)....using corn starch to dry out after showering to see if that helps.

One month post update

Breasts soft and no lumps detected (but i only rub lightly over surface). Have been jumped on by front paws, headbutted by grandson, run into counter (not used to having a chest sticking out), so if i retain as mich as expected i will be shocked. I do have redish cast persisting in lower outer half of each breast..larger area on left where he put 30cc more than right so i assume that is dat that is still susectible to leaving but am asking doctor. Everytime i use my arms wssentially they rub those areas because although sitting lower, 1/4 sits under each arm if that makes sense. i wipe witchhazel on incisions before putting on my scarhealing strips. Still wearing compression garment at nite and occasonally at home during day. Anyone had success in clearing out the stuborn swelling/numbness in lower back and swelling in lower legs before 6 weeks?

1mo post pics

I may find befores but wanted to brave it and post 1 mo afters so i have something to refer to in later mos. Awaiting resp from doc re the redness on each side.

5.5 wk observations..

I have a phone consult coming up cuz have couple of hard spots in right one and smaller one in left that hurt a bit when i lightly rub over them. I've lost only swelling, no real loss in volume yet. Still swell in legs by end of day and though most feeling returned in back still swelling there too. They didnt instruct me but i used warm pack on the spots and seemed to help temporarily. Im afraid to do anything theyve not instructed, so asking you fellow fat to breast transferees, anyone have a proven therapy that doesnt jeopardize retention?

Pre op photo from dr

left breast slightly less volume than right, received 30cc more in left breast during procedure. I dont know how to post pre/post pics together...

Pre-op vs 7 wks post-op

Thanks to community members for helping figure out how to post thos pic :)

Pro-op and 7 wks post

"Real" 90 day pics

Took so long to figure out how to post pic comparison, will have to post written update later.

Overdue 6 mos update

I need to get measurements and my tri-composite soon as i get time, but posting couple current (since doctor bednar is asking for them too).

Side view compare 1 month to 6 month

Want to have these comparison pics of record also before deleting from my phone!

8 mos post op

Im responding to request for update. I'm still 34D/32DD, and still having trouble getting vra that doesnt cut off my "cleavage"/cemter breast . Balconette bras still besr for support without cutting my breast in half

Dr Bednar, Sylvia and their entire staff have been very kind, highly responsive, professional and informative, thus far. Dr Bednar respected my requests. Feeling good about results this early on...will edit review as recovery progresses.

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