44 Year Old Mother of 3 Looking Forward to my Tummy Tuck Surgery - Charlotte, NC

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I am 44 years old with 3 children and an amazing...

I am 44 years old with 3 children and an amazing husband I have been wanting to have a tummy tuck for 10 years. I finally decided to just do it! I wish I didn't have to wait until December but my Doctor was book out through November. I plan on documenting my journey from the beginning to the end. I am hoping my story will help others who are considering having this surgery feel comforted knowing they are not alone.

This is really happening!

I dropped off my FMLA paperwork today at my Doctors office and suddenly it became real that I was actually going to be rid of the bulge. I am really getting nervous now. If I feel like this now I can't imagine how I am going to feel after my pre-op appointment in November. I've had surgery before and I am very confident in my Doctor but I can't shake these array of feelings. Is this normal?

Getting really nervous with 12 days to go for my TT flanks lipo surgery!

I'm wondering if it is normal to be this nervous before surgery. I have had surgeries before but I don't remember feeling this much anxiety. I have my pre-op appointment tomorrow. I am hoping my PP will be able to ease my worries. The crazy thing is, I'm not nervous about recovery (which I really should be). I am nervous about the surgery and the length of the procedure which is estimated at 5 hours. I can say that this site has been a life saver! I find myself feeling better when I read about all of the positive results but the minute I stop the nervousness kicks back in. Is this normal? Is anyone else feeling this way?

Pre-op complete the next stop is the OR!

I had my pre-op appointment last week. I received all of my prescriptions. I was advised to start a vitamin regimen (Ester Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and a Multi Vitamin from a plant source). I had to purchase the vitamins from a natural foods health store. During the pre-op appointment I signed all of the consent forms and basically went over what to expect on the day of and after the surgery. After reading numerous reviews from his site I didn't feel like I learned anything new except she told me the lipo incisions will leak for a little while. She advised me to put old sheets on the bed so that they don't get ruined. She also said some people place maxi pads over the lipo incisions to aid with the fluid leakage. I think I am ready just really nervous with only 6 days to go!

Tomorrow is the BIG day!

I am ready! I have my overnight bag packed. I didn't pack much a rob, warm socks and a jumpsuit to wear home. Ohhh I almost forgot the most important item...my bikini bottom! My PS wants me to bring the bottom to make sure my incision is low enough not to be visible when wearing a bikini. Wow I can believe I am going to be able to wear a bikini! I will start my first dose of Arnica tonight. Arnica was prescribed to reduce bruising, swelling and soreness. My PS also recommended taking a stool softener today. My procedure is estimated to take 5 hours tomorrow. Well ladies here I go! I will post tomorrow as soon as I am awake and alert. To all of my December 5th surgery buddies good luck tomorrow! See you on the flat side!

So far so good!

Well ladies I made it to the flat side on Monday. As you know I expressed concerns about being nervous I don't know why because it was a breeze.When I arrived my PS talk to me about the procedure and he began to mark me. Once I was marked the anesthesiologist came and went through a series of questions with me. . She gave me some happy medicine through my IV. The entire process probably took 30 minutes. Then they rolled my bed into the OR and told me they were giving me oxygen next thing I know I was waking up in recovery. It certainly did not feel like 5 hours. I had a sight issue with my bladder I was told it went sleep. I had to go back to the office so that they could give me a catheter to release some of the urine. I didn't go home with the catheter but I had to drink lots of water; which I did. I am just starting to go now. Shay a relief! My PS advised me not stay in my binder all night because it restricts the blood flow. My stomach looks different but there is a lot of swelling therefore I cant tel how flat it is. Also make sure you pack throat lozenges you will need them from the tube they stick down you throat. I will post some pics later I just took a pain med and I am getting sleepy.

Day 4 Post Op

I went to see my PS today the nurse took out my pain pump. Everything seems to be healing fine so far. I have a lot swelling now, I now know why everyone calls it swell hell! At times I feel like I am going to bust open. My PS was concerned that I haven't had a bowl movement in 5 days. He told me it was critical that I had a bowel movement today. They gave me suggestions on things that I could do at home and also buy over the counter. I'm assuming his concern was that the additional expansion of my bowels could potentially mess up my muscle repair. I decided to buy magnesium citrate which is a liquid laxative and boy oh boy did I go and go and go...This might seem like TMI but I am telling you this because you don't want to mess up your repair or go through the extreme tightness I felt because of constipation. When I finally went my stomach instantly went down. I could breath and move around better. My pain level right now from a scale of 1 - 10 1 being no pain is a 1. Although I am still taking all of my pain medication on time and have not reduced them yet. I think I am going to only take one pill versus two to gage the pain tonight. The picture that I posted are before and after shots of my booty. I did not get a BBL but it sure does look like it. It seems to be much rounder. I did get lipo in my flanks. I am not ready to show my stomach yet because it is still very swollen. I will post some pics in a few days when the swelling goes down a little more. So far I love my results even with the swelling.

New me at 3 weeks post op!

Hello ladies!

What a journey this has been. I am still very swollen but I can definitely see the results. Dr. Ferrari did an outstanding job. I can't wit to see what I am going to look like in three more weeks.

Dr. Ferrari and his staff have been incredible. ...

Dr. Ferrari and his staff have been incredible. I will admit I am not the easiest patient. I ask tones of questions and am paranoid about everything. They have been available 24-7 to answer my questions. The picture I posted is 3 weeks post-op. The results thus far are beyond what I would have imagined. I did have some complications after surgery but agin having a double board certified surgeon available to support me was reassuring.

6 weeks Post OP feeling great and loving my results!

What a journey this has been! Although my recovery was difficult the first 2 weeks, I finally feel like my old self again. The only thing I haven't tried to do is sleep on my stomach. Boy oh boy do I miss that! I have officially returned to work and my mommy duties. I have not been released to start working out yet. My lower back is still a little swollen from the lipo but it is not even close to the swell hell I experienced week 2. I didn't think I would be saying this but I love my binder! When I was measured and put it on for the first time at the doctors office. I was thinking no way, this is too tight! I cant keep this on 18 hours a day. I can honestly say it helps. I definitely feel more secure with it on.

6 weeks Post Op!

3 months PO. No regrets!

3 months in and I feel great! Having this procedure was one of the best choices I could have made. Six months ago I would have never have been able to wear a crop top and skirt combination. For all of you that are sitting at home during the first couple of weeks questioning why in the hell did I do this! Please know you will recover and soon forget about the pain. Trust me I had soooo many regrets but it is totally worth it.

6 months since my tummy tuck surgery

I have no regrets. This was the best decision I ever made.

My December 2016 results

I never ever thought I would be able to wear a bikini again. It felt great to be poolside and not be self conscious of my stomach.
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