37 Year Old, 2 Children, Fat Transfer with Slim Figure to Breasts - Charlotte, NC

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I have been following your stories for about a...

I have been following your stories for about a month now and decided I should blog my story to hopefully help others like you all have helped me. I am a mother of 2 and like many of you, just wasn't happy with my deflated 34B cup. I am now 3 days post op of fat transfer to my breast so I will try to update as I can on my results. Everything with this experience has gone great so far. I can't wait to see my final results but am still only 3 days post op. ( I feel my "not sure" will definitely be a "Yes", it was worth it.)
I originally contacted his office to set up a consultation via Skype the first of January because I am located in Texas. After reading such excellent reviews about his work, I felt confident I had found the "one" I wanted to do my surgery.

6 days post op

I'm still feeling very sore - since I am slim, Dr. Bednar took fat cells from ALL over (back, abdomen, flank, thighs, etc...) He injected 525 cc in each side which was great considering I didn't have a lot of extra fat in any one place. I was under general anesthesia for about 3 1/2 - 4 hours - this procedure takes a lot of time so you need to consider that when finding a PS. They have to have the patience to do a good job the entire procedure. I flew out of Texas on Tuesday to Charlotte, had my pre-op procedure on Tuesday afternoon and then had my procedure Wednesday morning at 8 am. My mom traveled with me so I was happy to have some help. Even after eating snacks, taking Zofran (anti-nausea) meds, and Phenergan suppositories, I still threw up twice Wednesday afternoon/early evening. I think the anesthesia just doesn't go well with some individuals. The lipo part is no joke - that is where I am still having pain from. My breasts are sore but nothing too bothersome. I traveled Saturday back to Texas but got wheelchair assistance at the airport which helped a ton!! I drove my son to school for the first time today and did fine. My children are 4 and 6 so they are not entirely dependent on me which helps my recovery. I am able to move around and get them what they want and still take care of them, but don't have to carry them around, etc... I feel you would definitely need help if your children were any younger.

10 day Post op

I'm feeling better as each day goes by. I think it began on the 8th day where I didn't wake up and wonder what I had done to myself. My breasts and back of my legs are still bruised but I think that can take a few weeks to get better. It is still tough to get in and out of a vehicle but I have noticed I feel better the more I move around. After I have been inactive for awhile (at night in bed or sitting on the couch during day), I feel stiff until I start to move around. Just like others have explained, it feels like your muscles are very sore from an intense work out.

10 day post op

18th day Post Op

Yea! My recovery is progressing well! I can tell my breasts have dropped to a more natural position. My lipo areas are getting less sore every day but are still numb like. It really feels weird when I try to shave those areas on my legs. I'm still wearing the compression garment - I will be happy when I can get rid of it! My bruising is getting better as each day goes by - I still have slight bruising on my legs and boobs. I tried on some of my old bathing suits today and it was SO FUN!!

24 days Post op

I can't believe it's getting close to a month since surgery. I'm still very numb on my legs and back - It feels so weird. I can tell my swelling has gone done so I'm starting to get a better idea of what my lipo areas might look like in the end. Most of my scabs are falling off but the lipo areas are still red. I haven't noticed any loose skin but not sure if that is something you notice from the beginning or over time?? Still wearing a sports bra the majority of the time because that is still the most comfortable and I don't want to go out and purchase a lot of bras and then lose some of the fat and need new sizes. I measured last night and am 31 right under the breast and 38 1/2 around the nipple. I don't want to be obsessive about the tape measure like some girls but wanted to have at least an idea with where I was somewhat at the beginning.

32 days post surgery

I was able to take my compression garment off at 4 weeks. I thought I was going to be so relieved and I am. But, at first, it feels really weird without it. The very first night without it was tough - I itched all over. It felt like something deeper down than just my skin was itching. Its hard to explain but I felt like I was going to go crazy for about 30 minutes. Ha! After that first night, I've done well without it. I can tell my breasts have gone down some more. I'll try to take some pictures soon of my lipo areas - they are looking good as far as I can tell. I don't have any major loose skin - I am just hoping my little lipo marks continue to fade quickly. All and all - everything is going good so far.

6 weeks post surger

I can't believe its been a little over 6 weeks since surgery. I've started drinking caffeine again occasionally but am still avoiding alcohol. My size still is holding up. I've been very pleased with the amount of fat I've retained thus far. The pic shows me in a 34D bra which is actually a little tight. I think a DD would be a better fit for now but I am still not that far out from surgery so I suspect it will go down further. My lipo areas on my back and legs are still numb - I suspect that might take awhile to come back. You can see from the pictures my lipo marks are still visible. I think they will continue to fade - it will just take some time!! Still very happy with the procedure!!

6 weeks post pics

6 week post

12 weeks post op

Sorry I haven't updated sooner. I can't believe tomorrow I will be 12 weeks post op. My breast size has definitely gone down since my last post. At about 24 days post op, I measured 38 1/2 across the nipple and am now measuring 37. As long as I don't lose anymore, I will be happy. My lipo marks are still visible - I am still hoping for them to fade. Sooner than later would be better since we are approaching swim suit season. My feeling in my lower back and legs is getting better but I still have some numbness.

8 months post

I can't believe its been 8 months since my procedure. I'm still in a 36D (pre surgery 34B) bra size. My numbness seems to be almost completely gone and my lipo scars are looking much better. My main concern is a mass in my left breast. It is about half the size of a lemon so it is hard to ignore. I'm checking with Dr. Bednar to see what my next line of action should be.
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Bednar (as well as his staff and nurses) are all exceptional - personable, professional, and caring. Dr. Bednar's eye for the artistry of your body is very obvious - it just comes natural for him. I highly recommend visiting him for a consultation - his work is exceptional!

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