24 Years Old, Married, No Children, Wanting a Breast Augmentation :-) - Charlotte, NC

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Hi all, I decided to post on here cause I've read...

Hi all, I decided to post on here cause I've read so many helpful posts, but am hoping to get some answers / help for my personal situation. Any who, I'm 5'8 1/2 " and I'm 153 pounds. My current breast size is a large A very small B depending on the type of bra. My consultation is scheduled for next Thursday, July 30th and I'm extremely excited. I'm still not sure if I should get saline or silicone. What do you all think feels the most natural ? And I'm going for a medium C cup but I read that if you go under the muscle ( which is what I'm doing ) that is takes about 50cc away size wise ? But I'll add more info such a price and stuff like that after my consultation next Thursday at premier plastic surgery with Dr. Victor Ferrari. Until then, I have 2 before pics. Does anyone recommend anything for scarring ? I scar easily so I'm worried the scar will be permanent on my skin tone...

Wish boobs.

Found 2 photos from a real self user. Her boobs are the perfect shape and size . Would like for my boobs to look natural with some sag to them. I don't like the tennis ball sitting high look. I'll most likely get moderate or moderate plus...
and theres 2 more photos from a model online, she has the ideal size too I think.


I just had my consultation today, and I've decided to go with Dr Ferrari. He was so kind and answered all of my questions, and you could tell he has a lot of experience. Hi facility is accredited and he is board certified, and uses a MD Anesthesiologist instead of a nurse thats certified to do that , which I really like. If anyone in the Mathews / Charlotte area are looking to have a BA , he's a great choice. He did my boob measurements and all that, luckily my boobs are even but apparently my left nipple is slightly lower but not by much. I'm getting silicone round, over the muscle and they will be placed with a Kellar funnel . My pre op is next Friday so i will take pictures of trying on sizes and stuff. My surgery is scheduled for August 21'st... can't wait to have slightly bigger boobs. If you have questions feel free to ask. This site is so helpful .

Pre - Op / Quick question ( please answer , thanks ! )

A little late, but my pre-op was on Friday. My BA surgery is August 2'1st at 12p.m. I'm very excited / nervous. I told my mom and she's scared I won't wake up from the anesthesia on the operating table, lol I hate when she tells me that. Anyhow I'm looking for a size that fits my body and height so if you're 5'8" + I would definitely start in the low 400cc range when trying on sizers. 400cc looked small on me though since I'm tall and have broad shoulders but when I put in the 450cc sizers, I really liked how it looked. To me it was like a medium C cup witch is what I'm going for. I'm getting smooth round sientra implants above the muscle and they will be moderate plus I believe. The nurse was really nice she explained everything to me, they gave me Arnica to take home witch is for bruising and swelling. Each dose is 3 pellets etc. I was prescribed 6 more medications, which seems like a lot but I'm sure I'll need them! My surgery is paid for with care credit and my monthly payments aren't too bad ( $ 125 a month) ; so just waiting for surgery now!

MY QUICK QUESTION : So I know this might sound weird considering the surgeon / nurse is already seeing my upper half naked but I really don't want them to dress me in my clothes after surgery, do we get to pick who does that ??? I would much rather my husband dress my bottom half and are we covered up in surgery / get to wear underwear ??? Probably should have asked the nurse, but I didn't…

I have boobs yay !

So I've been home from surgery since 4:30 p.m. Everything went well. I honestly thought it would be so much worse but it wasn't. I didn't have any nausea, no pain, just discomfort near my arms. I got 435cc in both boobs, above the muscle, and they are silicone. I guess 450cc was too much for me lol but I'm sure I'll be happy with the results ! So far, all I've had to take is one Oxy pill and I've been feeling fine. I definitely recommend walking around periodically. You'll feel so much better. I'll update some pics when I can take the super tight bandage off... until then, congrats to anyone that had a BA today or this week, hope your results look amazing !

Post op

So all looks well with the boobs. The doctor said for me to wait to message because my boobs are pretty much settled to where they are going to sit; but to message starting Friday so they soften. I really like my BA results I was hoping they would be a little bit larger but I still really like them. I'm currently a 34 C which I'm happy with compared to my 34 A. The Surgeon said my chest couldn't fit anything above 435cc cause I had previously wanted 450cc lol thank god I didn't do that, as I'm just wanting a natural look. Anyways, not in much pain just tired of sleeping on my back. I do have some bruising above one of the incisions but my surgeon said that was from the needle they used to numb my boob. All in all I'm happy with my results can't imagine how painful going under the muscle would be , so I'm glad I didn't do that. Now just waiting for my boobs to soften and hoping I don't ever get capsular contracture ! Oh I forgot to mention I got sientra round smooth silicone implants !

2 week update !

Boobs are getting softer. I'm very happy with the size, shape and feel of them. I can't even feel the implant to be honest. And I have NO boob greed what so over lol. I Can wear a 34 C bra or 36 C bra :-) It's so nice not having to wear padded bras anymore too and my husband likes the results so that always a plus.
Dr Victor Ferrari

My whole experience with Dr Ferrari was great. His whole entire staff is nice, and the surgery center is very nice and clean. I never had to wait long when I had appointments, my questions were always answered, and everyone made me feel very welcomed. I've never had surgery for anything, so I'm very happy with how smoothly everything wen't and I'm very happy with my results.

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