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Going in a week for my surgery super excited I...

Going in a week for my surgery super excited I have had a apron since the birth of my oldest daughter. I went from 120lbs to 210 while pregnant with her. She stretched my stomach out beyond recognition. The following year my middle son filed all that extra skin back out but I was a stay at home momma back then and got the baby weight back off immediately... 7 long years later I was divorced depressed and had a 1 month old son (my third). And suddenly back on the dating scene with a body I felt looked like Freddy Kruger mared. I haven't seen my pubic region with pulling it up or looking in a mirror for so long, I have forgotten what its like to love my body. I hate how my clothes fit as well as my skin tone won't go out in sun like this so I'm as white as a sheet of paper (which for me worsens my self image). I have developed emotional problems and have went from being the life of the party to quiet nervous and with drawn, can't wait to be the social butterfly I was before with my second chance aka tt. I will also be having lipo for contouring. So much anxiety about what its going to look like. Obviously not like before I got pregnant. But close I hope I just don't wanna be ashamed any more. I haven't been able to lose all the baby weight from the last angel, but that's OK no one expects me to look like I did at 17. I am 5'8'' and holding at 170lbs, a lil more than I'd like but I can live with it as long as it tones up with exercise. My surgery is something u have wanted for 12 years still have guilt for doing it... But its now or never!!! So much anxiety, I'm posting the horrid before pics too :'(... Only so comparison can be made after ugggh that's so hard to show the body I have spent the last decade plus trying to hide.... Wish me luck any tips or advise wld be appreciated, see you all on the flat side! (Hopefully) fingers crossed.

Front view of apron

Noticed I did not include front view if apron :'(

Almost time

Soooooo I go in two more days to have my long awaited surgery....so many mixed emotions. I have worked like the last 4 days straight all 12hr shifts and one more to go, so house is a disaster with three small kids and a corgi roaming through it. So Tuesday no sleeping for me working my fanny off to get it all caught up before Wednesday morning. Can't wait but still so scared worried I'm not going to be prepared enough in some way.... Ugh the stressssssds.....cants wait to see the post op result, but I'm lucky I trust my PS, and have so much faith he is going to fix me right up. :) wish me luck nerves r kicking in lol almost backed out time or two lol

2day post op

The long road to recovery

I have still not healed around my belly button and my incision line has a bruise that has turned into a sore and is now black and oozing. I am now two weeks post op. Went to a appointment yesterday and PS said its going to take a lot longer to heal. When we pulled the steri strips off my belly button its like the incision was moist and very soft and the skin lifted with the strips. The place that looked bruised originally it now about the size of a quarter and black and skin has peeled back like when you get a blister and it pops. :( also the PS said not to use anymore tape weither its plastic or paper tape its causing itchy burning blisters where it lays on my skin, can't win for losing. Will post more pics

Sores :(

Scared the red areas around the sore will also turn into sores. Wishing this nightmare was over.

Side view post op

Side view post op

Healing update

So my sore is looking better and so is my incision. Still worried about the big place in the middle. I go tomorrow to see my PS will keep everyone posted..

2 months post op "healing"

So my stitches in the middle were removed at one month due to skin being so tight a long time later than they were supposed to be, I'm now two months post op one week after stitches in middle were removed the sore started getting worse, now it's a deep sore

Sores at their worst

This was at apx two months post op, I had an infection of MRSA, E.coli and K.pneumoniea....not good. But it started doing 100000xs better with antibiotics and now 5-6months post op is just a lil scratch (pics soon I promise)the sores themselves didn't hurt thank goodness but the stress was unreal

One year after,....

Comparisons before and 1yr post

Still DO NOT think its worth the risk you take!!!
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