How do you wash your hair with & not get your cast wet? 6 days post op? -Charleston, WV

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I've been reading stories on here for a few weeks...

I've been reading stories on here for a few weeks now. I wanted to make sure I was going to go through with it before sharing mine. I've read EVERY review on here (literally) & everyone's story has helped me in one way or another. I would like to say thank you to everyone who has shared because it's given me the courage & strength I've needed to help make my decision & explain it to my family & friends. My name is Gabrielle. I turned 22 this month & I have a four month old beautiful baby girl. I'm halfway through nursing school (I've got two years left) So I've really studied everything about this. From what could go wrong or possibly change my life forever. I've never broken my nose or been in any kind of accident that's effected it. It's just naturally big. I was teased & tormented for it in middle school. In high school I tried to cover it up with a lot of makeup. I'll only look at people from a certain angle when I speak to them (to try & hide it) & I'll only take post photos on social sites of my face from certain angles (until now) I've always felt beautiful on the inside but never the out. I feel like its the first & only thing people notice when they see me. My boyfriend thinks I'm crazy & doesn't understand. He sees it as why do you wanna change yourself & who do you have to impress. My response is always the same. I have no one to impress. I'm doing this to feel better about myself and this is something I've always wanted to do. I couldn't afford it until now or I would've already done it. I had my consultation on December 2nd & had my surgery scheduled for the 10th. I got scared at the last minute & backed down. It's all I've thought about and I've regretted it so much. My new consultation is on December 26th & my surgery is going to be on January 7th (I'm going to the same surgeon as I was the first time) my mother & grandmother are going to come stay with me & help me with my daughter while im healing from surgery. I hope & pray everything goes according to plan and I get the results I've always longed for. Either way it will change my life forever. I will upload my before photos sometime later on today from a computer (since I can't do it from my phone)

The 26th is so close! I'm getting so many mixed...

The 26th is so close! I'm getting so many mixed feelings. I get excited, nervous, happy and scared. It's all a little over whelming. One thing that helps is coming to realself and reading reviews and looking at before and after pictures. I know that this is something i've always wanted. In a way i'm just ready to get it over with (if that makes any sense at all) One of the only things that scares me is being afraid that my nose is going to end up worse than it already is. I've been having nightmares about it! I don't know if I should take that as a sign or not? Half the time I think i'm ready and the other half I thnk i'm not. Any tips on how to deal with mixed emotions (so close to surgery) and to not be afraid that the outcome will be worse than it already is? I trust my doctor and everything. I've never had a surgery before and i'm thinking that has a lot to do with it. Any advice is greatly appreciated :) Happy Holidays to all!

Hopefully the old saying "third time arounds a...

Hopefully the old saying "third time arounds a charm" is true. I'm going on a third consult with a different doctor on January 3rd. This time I will be seeing a doctor I found here on real self. I'm feeling positive that Dr. Jeffery Thaxton MD can give me the results I want, especially after looking at his before & after photos. Let's back up here a bit. Earlier today I went to my second consult with Dr. John Brock. Or I should say his nurse and it went terrible. I was hopeful after my first one with him and then I started thinking & got doubtful, because
I was feeling doubtful (and they say to always follow your gut) I called his office and wanted a second consultation and wanted to go over exactly what he was going to do again. When I got there today his nurse came in. She was down right rude and wanted to know what I wanted. When I told her I didn't understand what doctor Brock was going to be doing she very rudely stated that everything was right here in his notes. When she showed me I couldn't read his handwriting (who can read a doctors handwriting besides the doctor their self?) when I told her that she became even ruder and said the doctor can not see you today & answer questions he's in surgery. Then she started going back and fourth from me to him telling him my questions and coming back and telling me his answers. The whole thing was just a mess. They didn't understand why I wanted every little detail. My response was I had to be 100% sure especially if I'm going to spend $7,000 and I wanted to know every little detail because it's my face. She told me the doctor said that if I'm feeling that doubtful to get a second opinion & he recommended Dr. Thaxton. Little did he know I called Dr. Thaxton earlier this morning & scheduled a consult for January 3rd after seeing his reviews on here & reading his website & seeing his before & after photos. I stood up for myself for the first time today in Dr. Brock's office & boy did it feel good! My only concern now is that Dr. Thaxton (if I decide to go with him) can perform my surgery sometime by the second week of January because I return to school the end of January and doing it by then I'm only giving myself two weeks to heal. I guess if it's meant to be it will all work itself out :) I'm just trying to stay positive until my 3rd consult because for once I feel completely ready to do this!

Patience. That word does not exist in my...

Patience. That word does not exist in my vocabulary lately. I've never been so exited for anything in my life (besides the arrival of my daughter). Just a few more days & then my "happy healing" process will begin. I found one more doctor (here on real self). That I decided to call and schedule a consult with. I don't live in a big town or state for that matter, when I searched for doctors in my state only two came up. I already had a consultation with one of them scheduled of January 3rd, so I decided to call and schedule one with the other. To my surprise when I called the doctor himself answered the phone. He was very polite and listened to my story and we talked for a good 15 minutes. He explained that his office was closed until the 2nd. In my head I'm thinking I probably won't be able to get in for a consultation for awhile. Surprisingly, he said he could squeeze me in on the 2nd a gave me three different time options. I was shocked, usually the doctor tells you what time to come especially a busy well known facial surgeon so that was defiantly a plus with me. I'm a very curious person and since the doctor was so polite and caring I decided to do a little more research. I immediately went to his website and what I found made me feel so at ease and looking forward to the surgery instead of being scared out of my whitts like I was with the other doctor. A few more of the pluses that I found with this doctor is that he uses both general and twlight, and let's you choose which one you prefer. Another one was that he is also an ENT and he has over 30+ years of experience with nose jobs. He also has an art degree so that helps me trust him more that he will give me a beautiful nose. On his website I couldn't find any before and after pictues. Im pretty sure he keeps them private and will let me see them during my consultation (let's hope anyways). He had great patient reviews not only on noses , but on everything from tummy tucks to breast implants to face lifts and eye lid and forehead lifts. He is board certified and taught medical school at an ivy league college. After reading that I was pretty much sold. One thing that really caught my eye was that he was a veteran of the air force, and seemed dedicated to giving back. I think the only reason I wouldn't go with him was if I could not see his before & after with noses. I was afraid that he couldn't perform my surgery in time. I have to have it done at the latest by the end of the first week in January. He said that shouldn't be an issue and he could get me squeezed in if I wanted since he had an OR suite in his office. The only thing I'm nervous about is the old saying "if it sounds to good to be true it usually is." I still have a super long list of questions to ask him on the 2nd, but I'm feeling confident that he will be the one. I'm so excited to go through with this and document my experience :) all I have left to do is buy some things I'll need for my healing process. Any suggestions on some things I should get that I'll need will be greatly appreciated :) I honestly have no clue what to get!

I met with Dr. Paul Blair yesterday and he was...

I met with Dr. Paul Blair yesterday and he was amazing!!! I felt completely comfortable around him and he very honest on what he thought needed to be done ( I agreed) and it was totally different from what Dr. Brock was going too. Dr. Blair was so down to earth and is so passionate about what he does. I'm feeling really good about having him perform my surgery. He really is one of the best in my area. My surgery was going to be on the 7th but got changed to the 4th. I have to be there at 6 a.m. Im really surprised with myself about how excited instead of scared I am about this whole thing. Right now I'm just running around getting all of my bills taken care of, so I won't have to stress about while I'm healing, and getting a few last minute things to help make me as comfortable as possible during recovery. My doctor answered every single question I had (which took two hours long) and was great about it! I'm going to call his office as soon as they open because I thought a few more like how long post op until I can workout? How long post op until I can go to the tanning bed? And what kind of diet I'll be on while I'm recovering? I've heard a lot of soft things & liquids like smoothies, mashed potatoes and soups. I just need to know for sure to completely put my mind at ease. Please pray for a safe surgery with no complications :)

My surgery was yesterday, January 4, 2013. I...

My surgery was yesterday, January 4, 2013. I arrived at the hospital at 6 am. My surgery was scheduled for 7:30 am. Everything went great! They were running a little behind & my surgery started at 8:30. I was told it took 90 mins. I woke up coming out of general anesthesia with no nausea, headache or any problems at all at 10:20 am. I left the hospital around 12:30 pm and was home by 2. I haven't had any pain at all. I only had to take a few pain pills as soon as I got home because of al the pressure I felt around my nose. I haven't had any trouble sleeping or breathing, but I'm sure that's due to my doctor not putting anything at all in my nose. I have no packing or splints, just a drip pad underneath. I have no brusing under my right eye at all so far just slight swelling. My left eye has slight bruising in the corner along with a little swelling. The only thing swollen on my face are my cheeks and they aren't bad at all. You can barely even tell. I haven't had to ice one bit! If I was uncomfortable due to the swelling or felt any pressure at all from it I would. I may have to in the next few days if this changes, but so far so good. So far everything is going great and is a breeze. I honestly expected a lot worse and I'm very surprised in how well everything is going so far. The major things I was preparing myself for like a sore throat, lots of pressure, major swelling, major brusing and nausea never happened. It's like when I prepare myself for the worst it doesn't happen and when I don't prepare myself for the worst (in many suitations) it happens. The only thing that I find aggravating is when I go to clean my nose every few hours, if my right nostril is slightly bleeding my left one isn't, and if my left nostril is slightly slightly bleeding my right one isn't. For some reason out of my right nostril only (when I go to clean it) I keep pulling these tiny (never ending) chunks of blood clots out with a Q-tip. Does anyone know if this is normal? Or has ever happened to them? My doctor did not put me on any medication before my surgery. The only medication he put me on after my surgery was Percocet 5mg. Also, my doctor didn't put me on any certain kind of diet. Since I have no eating restrictions he told me to eat whatever I feel up to eating. Surprisingly, I haven't had much of an appetite at all. Considering since I have not taken any pain medication at all today (only a few as soon as I got home from the hospital) is unusual for me. I'm going to continue resting and lounging around in my pj's, drinking hot coco and watching lifetime movies (ahh! the good life :) )I've taken pics yesterday & today but can't post them from my phone. I will post them soon! If anyone has any questions at all please feel free to ask :)

When I woke up this morning I was in a horrific...

When I woke up this morning I was in a horrific amount of pain from the throat up. I got up & very slowly & carefully cleaned my nose. After that I took a pain pill and laid back down. When I got back up a few hours later everything seemed fine. The only part of my nose that is tender is the part underneath the tip (that piece of skin between both nostrils). I still having feeling in my tip and my top lip. I still don't have any bruising under my right eye, but the little bruising I had in the corner of my left eye is darker. My swelling has gone down some more (I still have yet to ice). I don't have to change my drip pad as often. Everything is basically the same as yesterday just slightly better. My daughter came home today!! My grandmother had her for 3 days, so I could have surgery & 2 days of recovery in and feel a little better. I literally cried when I saw my sweet baby girl! I was beyond happy :) I was terrified she wouldn't recognize me with my cast and drip pad on. As soon as she heard my voice she started smiling & cooing!! Words can not describe how happy I was that she recognized me :) Shortly after her father came home from work (he also terribly missed his baby girl) and it was one big happy reunion. What's been three days has literally felt like weeks! My mother is staying with us at night to help out with the baby, since I'm still weak and can't tend to all of her needs, plus I still need a lot of rest at this point. Thank god for family! I def. could not have done this with out them. I started to get this procedure done a few times before, but I never felt like the timing was right. It seemed like something was always coming up. Then I realized that technically "the timing" never would be right and there would always be an excuse not to do it, so I finally did it!! I don't regret my decision one bit.

When I got up today my nose actual felt "normal."...

When I got up today my nose actual felt "normal." There was no more pain and pressure and what little swelling I had went away. I'm still wearing the drip pad even though I probably don't need to most of the time. I'm afraid that if I don't wear it my nose will constantly bleed. When I got up this morning it was a huge relief knowing I could breath out of both nostrils!! So far everything is going great and I'm feeling pretty positive about my decision.

I used to think that I was the only person in the...

I used to think that I was the only person in the world who had a big nose. Growing up I always thought why me? & that no one understood. I knew as soon as I finished high school and could finically afford it that I was going to get it fixed. When I found this site it was a big relief. It was like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders knowing that so many other beautiful women also struggled with this same issue their whole life. For once I didn't feel so alone. I'm now 4 days post op and I'm feeling great :) I don't think I would've had the strength or courage to actually go through with this (even though I've wanted it more than I've ever wanted anything) without coming to this site. it's helped me tolerate what little pain I've had since surgery to everything from finding a great concealer to cover up the bruising. I'm feeling really thankful right now that I've found this sight & went through with surgery, and have a place to rant and rave, and also ask as many questions as I need. Everything is getting better daily and I'm so excited to get this cast off Friday! Today was the first day I went in public and I got so many stares and whispers as I walked past people. I just politely smiled and kept walking. A few people even stopped me because they thought my boyfriend beat me up. I couldn't believe it! I used to be ashamed to tell people that I was getting a nose job, but when they asked today I told them I just got a nose job with so much confidence. I was really proud of myself! I was expecting a bad reaction (because I had gotten it in the past when telling people) but all everyone said was that it looks great :) I'm so excited to post pics. I've taken them daily & as soon as I leave again I'm going to post them. I can finally breath out of both nostrils and no longer have to wear the drip pad. However, I continue to wear it at night (by choice) just in case. Now I only have to clean my nose real good three times a day instead of once an hour. I still can't feel the tip and that's the only thing that's still pretty swollen. I know it's totally normal and I keep telling myself that, but I can't help and play the what if? Game in the back of mind. Once again I'll post all my pics soon (if only I could do it from my phone!) "Happy Healing" to all :)

I'm five days post op :) yay!! Only two more days...

I'm five days post op :) yay!! Only two more days of thieving to wear this cast :) everything is going great except one thing. Everytime I go to clean my nose inside the top of it is nothing but a scab. Im really scared! Is this normal? I think this could be from a few things. A- my doctor didn't put anything at all in nose. I had no packing or splints and this scabby feeling is due from my nose being open and air getting in which means its healing. B- I really do need to go get a hummitafier, and this is from having the heat on in my house (it's to cold outside not too). Plus I usually keep it 5 degrees warmer than most people for my baby. C- I was instructed by the nurse a few days ago to clean my nose 3 times a day instead of once an hour because the "natural" stuff will help it heal and this is supposed to be happening. Any advice or suggestions would be helpful & greatly appreciated. I'm going to call my doctor here in a few hours when his office opens and ask him about it. Everytime I breath out of my nose, clean it or flare my nostrils it feels like nothing but a big hard scab on the inside. Everytime I go to clean it with saline and a q-tip instead of a little bit of blood (which was coming out before.) there is a brownish/ dark reddish gooy stuff (it looks like old dried blood) that is coming out on the q-tip and this is the "natural" stuff and its supposed to be coming out and that means its healing. It's such an awkward feeling that's driving me crazy!!

I feel so gross not being able to wash my hair!!...

I feel so gross not being able to wash my hair!! My face is oily around me nose. All this is driving me nuts! I'm literally skankin' it lol. I get my cast off tomorrow and when I do in going to wash my hair three or four times lol. However, I have another dr. Appt. tomorrow after I get my cast off & would love to wash my hair & somehow get all this oil off and around the tip of my nose before I go to it. I've heard of people washing their hair with their cast on but I can't recall how they did it. Any advice on how to wash it without getting my cast wet and how to get all this oil off the tip of my nose would be great :)
Hurricane Facial Plastic Surgeon

I found Dr. Blair here on Real Self. I gave him 5 stars because he truly deserves them. He's very honest and caring. He has a great personality and is so down to earth. Anytime I have any questions after hours I call his office and he answers. He is so kind and polite (even though I call him with every little question or worry while he's home). His nurse Marlena is the best!! She makes you feel at ease and is right by side through everything calming & comforting you. Honestly, they make a really great team! He has been doing noses for 32 years (to be exact) so he has a great eye for them and knows what he can & can't do, and what will look good & what won't. His pricing wasn't bad either. I figured he would be higher than the other two doctors I had a consultation with (especially since his office is located in a super expensive suburb) surprisingly his price was right in the middle. I loved every single before and after picture I saw and felt confident he could give me the results we decided upon.

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