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Dr Bandak was recommended by a friend who had...

Dr Bandak was recommended by a friend who had great results from two different procedures. First impression: Absolutely wonderful! Staff was friendly as well as Dr. Bandak. Everyone was personable and Dr Bandak was so easy to speak with. I didnt feel rushed and everything was explained. Breasts have loss shape and are asymetrical. I exercise 5 days a week (walking mostly) core 3 days a week and still can not get that flat abdomen. 5'6 150 lbs. They said 3-4 weeks recovery. Anyways. Impressed and satisfied ... just trying to figure out a date that I can be off from work that long... I know that I should shop around but I have seen posted pics of his bl and tt. No concerns at this point. Possibly in Nov.. this is a before pic.. I am on a weight loss journey 25 lb loss and have 5-10 more to go.. will post more before pics if all goes well in scheduling.

Scheduled!!!! Breast Lift and Tummy Tuck

OK Ladies and Gents? I am scheduled in October~~ I was nervous even paying the deposit!! LOL
Got plenty of time to get what I need in order to take time off from work., arrangements for someone to be with me and supplies. I will have to stay over at the hospital. Need to pay for anesthesia separately and hospital separately also before . Hoping someone can stay in the room with me as its too long of a haul back and forth either that or will have to get a hotel room for another night. It takes me about 2 1/2 hours to even get to the surgeon and the facility but totally worth it at this point! I am down to 145lb now!! (whoot hoooo) Wondering if should keep going or if I should slack off the exercise. I started in January exercising and dieting. Try to walk at least 2 miles 5x a week. Weight then was 176lb. # different visits with Hospital, intake surgery coordinator and physician before the big day... Everyone has been so helpful with their posts!! Also when I made the deposit the lady taking my money was very helpful and friendly... Just wanted to put that out there!! When I get closer to the date I will update pics etc. :) Please continue sharing your valued experiences and information!!

Count down

I know, I know.. its a little
early but 10 weeks and 6 days!!
I am down to 143 ..cant seem to get over in to the 130's but its all good. Keeping up with the exercising and keeping busy. Its (the surgery) constantly on my mind. Bought a pair of wish panties.. lol Hopefully Ill be able to wear them! Sometimes I feel like I shouldnt do this but I guess thats the guilt trying to take over about spending money for all this. Head straight forward now.. it is what it is.. and it will be what it will be. :)

29 days and counting...

Sheww.. I just got the pre op paperwork in the mail that has to be completed by my pre op appt. with the nurse on the 28th. After reading all the what ifs, complications, pre op and post op care .. makes it real people. I have consents for the abdominalplasty and mastoplexy. Liquid diet day before. enema if no bm by 3p the day before.. no shaving one week prior..WHAT? i couldnt stand that..seriously! Betadine scrub to abd and breasts night before.. npo night before. stop exercise -one week prior.. stop asa 7 days prior.. buy sports bra, get betadine, gauze, and paper tape.. complete a daily log ( provided) for drain amt.. 3 times daily. Button up pj.. for ride home.. Ill figure it all out on the 28th... I am hoping his lift procedure will reduce these breasts to about a b-c. I will address that also. when i get there.. i feel they will still be too big for me even with a lift...I hope nothing changes with the schedule.. rooms are booked for two nights.. the night before sx and the night of .. for my daughter who is gonna hold my hand.. ????????. Id rather her stay in a hotel room than in mine.. ill be sleeping anyways ????????and I really dont like anyone around when I am in pain.. im a B$TCH.. literally.. ????????.. Oh weight down to 140!! BAM. 36 lb weight loss.. Ill post new pics pre operatively. BTW. My hubby thinks Im crazy. for doing this.. nothing new. Says he can understand the lift but the tummy tuck scares him.. he needed supportive care.????

Less than a week!

Well, my husband said after coming home after my preop visirt with Dr Bandak on Tuesday.. "I really thought you would back out by now." he said this as a concerning interlude followed by -more concerns over infection, surgery going bad and pain, healing time, missing work etc.
I had a good visit. answered all my questions and concerns. I didnt feel that I had expressed myself months back about the size I wanted. But i am assured now, showed him pics of what I was looking for and telling him smaller is better due to the fact that I can go bigger if I change my mind. I did not want my breast to hang alot and be heavy and have to have surgery again to go smaller. i want small perky.. hoping i get closer to the latter. i asked about abd incision height.. he drew where he thought it would be... not going to have incisions around the side of my hips.. said he would lipo there and lipo aound my breasts too.. My long old gallbladder-scars 2 areas was a issue to him said it was hard to pull and the pucture scar where a drainage tube was from the gb surgery. said he may make a new incsion there to make it flatter instead of indented as it is now. The breast may pucker under also after surgery but should flatten out also..he doesnt make a long insision under the breasts.. I have my scripts, brought a binder and support zip front bra that i had and he said they should work fine. Went to the hospital for preops and was happy with what i saw there..
never beeen in the facility but saw it was clean and the staff was friendly. I strted a soft diet and ducolax tuesday and converted to liquid today. I have issues with constipation and since i have that i wanted to make sure i am cleaned out prior to the surgery. Will do mag citrate sat because of my previous hx.. it took 3 days to go through. and have results yah.. still doing the enema the day before also. wt at 136.. loss of 40 lbs since Jan.. Yah me!! no exercise by choice in a week and since the liq diet.. dont want to get too dehydtated and exhausted.. looking forward to the results and new me! posting pics taken today.. wish me luck!

The wait is almost over.. a few hours and I can sleep..

Its 4 30 am been awake since 2a. emotions are at level of what to hell are you doing? ..to it will be all done this evening your wait it over!
So with that being said im gonna head into the shower in a few and shave my legs and get ready for a OR date.
No seriously, this is happening. Patience had better be a new quality of mine ..as I know it will be a healing EVENT to put it lightly. You know like a weather forecaster..
ohh and sitting here automatically cringing... thinking about that flipping catheter.. oh my friends.. its the little things..have a blessed day.. and may the force with me.

On the other side

Done! in my room.. 3 drains, and not too-much pain ...nurse suggested go ahead a take the pain ... anesthesia meds wearing off. a little
nausea had phenergan in recovery.. seeing some bleed through. IV Antibiotic going as well as fluids right now. they say I will be getting up this evening.. have the pumps on my legs.. no compression socks.. I didn't get pre op markings pic.. they took me right back after it was done.In addition.. hospital staff awesome! Dr bandak awesome! so far so good. should go home. I am drinking fluids and eating graham crackers and peanut butter..anesthesia kudos...


got to pre op at around 615 changedinto the gown (Bear paws)that is hooked to a wall for warming.. scd sleeves on lower legs.. no compression socks. and put in anti slip socks .. next Iv.. no problem.. pre stick with lidocaine at site of insertion .. spoke to anesthesia provider then dr Bandak arrived, asked if a student could observe.. always is my motto.. i was a student once.. its valuable learning... did his markings wheeled to to surgery around 805 after a little dose of ( you wont remeber medicine) aka versed.. by the time i was wheeled to surgery all i remember was the or lights above my head o2 face mask and then waking up in recovery.. no memory of moving to the table.. i know i had a foley in the OR.. no foley in recovery!! ????. thats a great plus.
in recovery around 1..
up to br.. 445.. had to go pee .. ist trip was a trip..'literally
able to get there hard with 3'drains but daughter helped drain opened and was not aware.. no biggy
had trouble wiping downstairs at first.. cant stand fully upright..
started nausea.. episode lasted about 5'minute chills pain mouth dry.. .. that would of
been a nightmare i sat still cool
to head and pulled through.. dort
nurse said bsc next time.. .????
I brought hand sanitizer and baby wipes from home as well as lip balm. big help
purchased smart water
and drank 4 bottles day before surgery.. still drinking it today.
food tray.. not good
daughter to chick filet for grilled chicken salad.. ate salad
hydrate yourself .. its very important!
iv fluids stopped due to drinking fluid well, doing the incentive spirometer. scd pump sleeves were removed because i was ambulating.. had pain.. lortab 2 rabs 4 hours ss needed.. i am tolersting pain and getting most of my pain relieved with one pill. ambulated to br by myself after the first trip now since no sleeves or Iv pole.. carrying my drains in the clean basin.. much easier. its hard to wipe clean downstairs..just saying.. fyi or tmi..the pain at my abd incision is like a bladder full pain with burning and pulling.. tenderness on my breats and surrounding areas and around my
mons. really swollen.
He removed 2 of my 3 drains today. i was told he removed;
2 lbs belly fat
175 right
250 left
i just may have itty bitties.

oct 12 restless night..no sleep until 1130p.. up at 230 oct 13th and been up since 5.. its ok though.. i keep looking down and wondering.. when i get home later i will post more pics without binders. dr removed 2 breast drains. cleansed my drain opening sites and my bb. said i can shower tomorrow..
measuring drainage from the abdominal drain. drinking protein drinks, taking antibiotic, flexeril and perc when needed. got 4 hours sleep when i got home today after taking perc and flexeril.. needed that! posting pics.. right now i like what i see... Will go back Tuesday.. right now trying to rest.. that right now is hard.. i don't dit still well!
I bought 7 seasons of game of thrones.. ill start that tomorrow! Sorry so long.. but thought i would share as much as I can.. since many of you helped me!

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