57 Y.o. Mom of 4 Grown Children. I've Hated This Muffin Top for Years. Sooooo Excited for Tummy Tuck! - Charleston, WV

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Hi! I had a breast lift one year ago (Jan. 29,...

Hi! I had a breast lift one year ago (Jan. 29, 2015). It was the best Christmas gift ever! So by summer I was already thinking about THIS Christmas! Decided very quickly that TT was next. I have never had a flat belly. I can remember in high school doing 200 sit-ups a night for a loooong time because someone had made a comment about my belly that made me paranoid. I swear I got more toned but that little pooch never left! i was a small gal--118 pounds for years. At 27 I had my first son and in the following 7 years had three more children. (haha-thus the need for the breast lift! I SO enjoyed breastfeeding all of them!) With all those kids and trying to maintain a work schedule (sometimes part-time, other times full) the next few years were so very busy and I, as I so often do, put everybody else first. Therefore, didn't take care of me much. In July of 2014 after I left my super busy job and found myself with a lot of time on my hands (in addition to all of my kids living out of state, my husband had to take a job several states away) I decided it was time to take care of ME! It was kind of weird at first, but as each day went by and the extra pounds I had been carrying started to fall off with my new exercise regimen and diet I found that I REALLY LIKE THIS TAKING CARE OF ME STUFF! The breast lift wasn't bad at all and I healed really well. You can hardly even see the scars now. So, the journey continues. My TT is scheduled for Jan. 21. I went for my pre-op yesterday. I am very comfortable with the surgeon. I have known him for years. We discussed everything in detail and he explained why he doesn't like to lipo other areas when he does this surgery (a bit of a disappointment but I understand his logic--I had hoped to hit the back roll particularly) He is a big advocate of cool sculpting and feels that will work just fine for the back. I hope he is right!!! I have my prescriptions in hand and one of my daughter's has arranged her schedule to come and stay with me for several days. Hubby is now based back home but has to spend a good bit of time out of the country now. He is not as on board as I wish he were--he keeps telling me that I'm 57 and it's ok to have a belly when you are 57. Yuck-not when I have dreamed of this for years!!! Besides--this daughter is getting married this summer and as you know, the mother of the bride needs to shine!! Ok--countdown on--9 days til the flat side!!

On to the FLAT SIDE tomorrow!!

I'm a lot excited and maybe a tiny bit nervous (mostly because our weather forecast for Friday-Saturday is 24 inches of heavy snow). I have wanted to do this for such a long time. My daughter is here and will be with me tomorrow and she is staying for a week. She is an RN like her mommy. Hubby is now on board--just doesn't want to see the drains...I can handle that! I think I have everything I need. Except I keep forgetting to take pictures. Better hurry, huh! That flab will be gone this time tomorrow!!!!!! Prayers much appreciated.

Surgery OVER!

I was just too sleepy yesterday to post anything. My surgery was scheduled for 8:30 and the last time I remember looking at the clock was 8:40 and I told my anesthetist (an old friend) that I loved her and knew she would take good care of me. That is the last thing I remember and suddenly I was in recovery and she bent down and said, "you're gonna look great!' YAY!!! I guess I AM officially on the flat side. Pain has not really been an issue--ha! I haven't given it a chance! My theory is always take the prescribed pain med every four hours regardless for the first 24-36 hours. Will take it at bedtime tonight and plan to switch to Ibuprofen tomorrow. I feel more sore than anything--like I've been hit by a truck. Lucked out! Only one drain! My daughter has been so helpful. I don't know how I could do this without her. We are in the middle of a snowstorm--about a foot so far. Thank God we still have power--praying that we will keep it! My biggest surprise so far has been swelling in the peri area which made it difficult to pee--dribble, dribble. Used an ice pack for awhile this morning and the swelling has decreased, making things easier. I love my raised toilet seat with handles--makes it a LOT easier to get up and down in the bathroom. A good (and much needed) arm workout! I will try to post before pics tomorrow...

Have the strangest sensation...does it sound familiar to anyone?

Returned to doctor for first post op appointment today. When the binder is off I'm quite lopsided (poofed up on left side) My drain is on the right side. When I told him it was draining an average of 30cc in 4 hours now--oh please can the drain come out?!--he said he wants it to be 30cc or less in 24 hours. Dang! We are "going to let the dust settle" and wait and see on the puffed up area. Could possibly be a pocket of fluid that will need to be aspirated. I am scheduled to go back on Friday but if drainage isn't where he wants it to be need to reschedule for Monday and will hopefully get the darn drain out! I bent over a little yesterday evening to get a towel out of the cabinet and had the weirdest feeling--hard to describe--it was not painful, but felt like something rolled. I know that doesn't make much sense-I just can't find the words I need. It is a soft kind of feeling. It has continued throughout the day. When I tried to describe to the doctor he said he had never had anybody mention anything like that and reassured me that "I got it good and tight in there and there is nothing to roll around." I will try to think of a better way to describe this feeling. in the meantime, has anyone out there experienced anything like this? After appointment my daughter and I enjoyed lunch and a little bit of shopping at the mall (and I do mean a little bit! I tired easily) then came home and took a nice nap. I keep forgetting to take pictures. Will try to remember tomorrow. All in all I have no complaints, no pain, good appetite, bowels working!! One day at a time I guess!! I think I will love the flat side--when I feel like I'm really there..


After reading up some I'm thinking this odd sensation may be a seroma. Will know Friday I guess upon return to doctor. Not necessarily looking forward to needles but if it needs to be done, it needs to be done.

PO day 8--just chillin!!

Yeah--just chillin and trying to figure out how to upload pictures! I was supposed to go back for follow up today if drainage was less than 30cc in 24 hours. It was 150cc so I stayed home. The left side of my abdomen looked so much better this morning too! Maybe a lot of what I was seeing was just swelling. That odd soft squishy feeling is essentially gone--I 'm thinking maybe it was a small seroma along with typical swelling and it resolved itself some. All I know is I took the binder off this morning just to see what that left side looked like and make decision about going to doctor's office----and I was sooooo pleased--it was the best it's looked yet! A marked difference-even the mons area! I had only been looking at it later in the day or evening after I had been moving around--probably too much! SO--I have taken it very easy today and let my daughter wait on me hand and foot! I don't do that very well. You know how it is---Mom does everything for everybody! Ok--back to trying to upload pics! Have a great weekend everybody!!

Yay! Just realized that those pre pics didn't post sideways after all!!

May I just say...

...that I put the darn pictures there in chronological order and now they are not??! This upsets me. The really light ones are day 2. The ones with the purple bra on are day 7 and the others are day 5. I have no idea why the order would be messed up?

Hmmmm....still have the drain....

Kind of a bummer day. Went for follow-up visit. Dr. said we could pull the drain if I really really wanted it out but because it is still putting about 80cc out a day I would almost for sure end up with seroma needing aspiration. Therefore-the stupid thing is still in. I am scheduled to go back Friday but he said if drainage drops down by Wednesday I can come in then. He also said (because I'm an RN) that if it got down enough and I wanted to pull it myself I could. My reply: "Hell, NO!" I've pulled hundreds of JP drains in 30+ years of nursing, but I just really don't think I can pull my own. EEeeeeee!!!!! I live an hour from his office so it's kind of an ordeal to go in but it's ok. I went to the mall and treated myself to a couple of new tops and a gorgeous watch from Chicos! My daughter went back to her home yesterday and hubby is still in Nova Scotia so that's a little depressing too. Thank goodness we have a (June) wedding to plan so I can keep my lonely little FLAT self busy with that! Let's all continue to HEAL!!

Rested All Day!

I read a physician's explanation of the drainage (the two large surface areas--created when the skin and fat layer have been elevated off of the underlying muscle- that have to heal and seal the space between the two layers) and saying that as long as the space remains open and the raw surfaces remain, drainage will continue. He said that if there is too much activity these two surface areas continue to shift back and forth over each other preventing adherence and delaying healing. IN OTHER WORDS----I HAVE BEEN TOO ACTIVE AND NEED TO SLOW DOWN! Because other than this, I have no other problems. SO---I have rested and kept my feet up all day! It's been a "me day"--I've watched TV and worked on some things for the wedding on my computer. Drainage is down some-60 cc so far today. Still too much to pull the drain, but it is better than 80-90 cc. Fingers crossed that this works and the numbers keep going down!! I keep forgetting to take pictures. Maybe tomorrow!

14 days post op

Yep-it's 14 days already! I feel I am progressing well with the exception of this drain. And I do still think it's my fault---too active. I haven't rested as much today...too much to do. I ran some errands, keeping binder good and snug, tried not to lift much or bend over. Still, while the drainage is down it's still >30cc in 24 hours. I'm supposed to go back to doctor tomorrow but I think I'll change the appointment to Monday. My little heart just can't take another disappointment---driving all the way there to just decide to wait. So I'll stick it out 3 more days. My hubby comes home tomorrow evening so it will be much easier to rest up this weekend!

Showering with a drain

I have found that the best way to shower with a drain is by using a lanyard around your neck to secure it to. This one has a detachable bottom piece. I just loop it through the loop on the drain and snap it back on. Works great!!

Ok-so I got list for a few days...

FINALLY got the drain out on day 18. Once I realized that I was being too active and slowed it down the drainage dropped a little each day until then. Removal was not painful-just an odd feeling. I'm still having to make myself take it easy--there's just so much to be done!! I'm not used to having to pace myself. I don't feel tired at all--which makes it harder to take time to rest. I'm anxious to return to ps on Wednesday so I can ask some questions. I know it's still early but I just need some reassurance that in time I will really see FLAT! I didn't want to come out of this with jiggly areas but they are there. I'm sure it's just typical swelling but I don't like it and want to hear again from him that it will all be flat in time. Feeling impatient!! Need to get back to my walking regimen and get 15 pound off--SOON!

Oh how I wish I could figure out a way to edit typos after review is posted!!

I'm assuming there is no way to edit? And obviously, the last update was supposed to say I had been LOST...lol.

This isn't what I signed up for...

When I went for a follow-up last week I told the surgeon that "this is not what I signed up for". I have areas that I was thinking may be seroma but he apparently feels it's fat. I did not sign up for jiggly! He is still "waiting for the dust to settle" but said he thinks we will probably want to do some lipo around the beginning of May and there are a couple areas of the incision he possibly wants to revise. Lovely. In the meantime I am allowed to start back with my walking routine and start with some light weight work with my arms--gotta get them wedding ready!! Was told to wait til 12 weeks po before doing anything that works the core. I was also told I could lose the binder whenever I was ready. NOT YET! I feel much better with it. Trying to find the ideal compression panty/garment for me. Will try to remember to take pics soon.

5 weeks post op

Overall--pleased. Still watching the jiggly and rump my scar on one side but know that we will fix in May. Went in for some CoolSculpting on thighs this week. So glad to be back to my walking!! I just wish it would quit snowing and warm up--come on spring!!

Had my revision last Wednesday (May 4)

So in keeping with the "this is not what I signed up for" statement, I had my $3,800 revision last week. That left side continued to look as it it had never been worked on and there was a fat pad upper middle abdomen that I hated. The surgery was expected to take 90 minutes but ended up going about 45 minutes over. I went for post-op visit today and he told me he "cut out a big ole slice of that left side and suctioned the hell out of the area" And that would explain the soreness! He said, "yep, it ended up being much more involved than I had anticipated and I guess we beat you up pretty bad." Hmmmm. Worst part--waking up to find that I had a DRAIN of all the wicked things! Really no pain to speak of. My only real issue has been coming down with bronchitis and coughing a LOT, but even at that I have only had a sore feeling, not painful. Of course I didn't have a lot of pain with the original TT with muscle repair. I feel very fortunate. I had also requested lipo to mons (geez never realized how fat THAT area was!) and am pleased with the way everything is looking at the moment, even with some swelling. Dr. tells me that "once the dust settles you'll be so flat you won't know what to do with yourself". Lord I hope he's right because my OR days are done! (never say never, huh...) At any rate, I hopefully can recover well enough to look like a fab mother of the bride on June 18!! Wish me luck!! Will try to post pics soon. And p.s. THE DRAIN WAS REMOVED TODAY!!!!!! Amen

I kind of disappeared for awhile, but I'm back! Revision and lipo scheduled for March 6.

Alyssa's wedding was so beautiful and the mother of the bride (moi!) felt beautiful! There was a certain sense of uncertainty the day of the wedding that I kept dismissing as weather related (it was an outdoor wedding) among other things. Everything about the wedding day was perfect!! We couldn't have asked for anything more. I kept telling Alyssa before the big day that something always goes wrong and you must just smile and go on--we'll laugh about it someday. Well--Absolutely nothing went wrong!! My little uneasiness never left because I couldn't put my finger on what was bothering me. I had tearfully told Alyssa (the first of the grandchildren to get married) that she needed to realize how fortunate she was to have both NaNa and GrandPa there for her wedding because I didn't think they would both be there for any of the other kids (nobody has any wedding plans anytime soon). But what I didn't realize was that my 90 year old Daddy wasn't feeling well in the days before the wedding but didn't tell anyone because he was afraid it would somehow cause him to miss the wedding (which was NOT happening!). :-( Exactly 2 weeks after the wedding, on my other daughter's 24th birthday, Daddy passed away suddenly. He had been in the hospital for a few days but was getting better and felt very positive. And on this day my sister Michele and I were given a wonderful gift from God. We were at his side when he suddenly stopped breathing and we were privileged to be able to talk to him and sing in his ear in those last couple of minutes. I like to say we talked him into Heaven. My Daddy was a truly good, kind, gentle man and I know exactly where he is. I miss him terribly but he definitely is in a better place and is no longer in such a frail body. (he was frail physically but still as sharp as a tack! my Momma is very healthy physically but has Alzheimers) This just totally devastated me and I was numb for weeks. No sooner than I started functioning better one of my dogs became ill. I was literally running a doggy hospice. Roxie passed away the end of November and that was hard also. January was when I realized I needed to get a grip and take care of myself again. I have an area along the right side of the incision that is droopy (I guess dog-ear?) and bugs me to death, as well as the end of the incision on the left. Normally an office procedure, I've managed to talk him into doing a little more lipo on the upper abdomen, so will be having anesthesia. Heck, he owes me, seeing that he will not do flanks and upper back. I've asked repeatedly. Apparently he had a patient that had a bleeding problem after flank/back lipo and I guess he just doesn't take that risk anymore. It's his perogative and I understand. So for now will let that idea go. I gained 18 pounds over those rough 6 months and have been trying to get it all back off before March 6. Geez!! It does not want to leave! I'm down 11 but seem to be stuck. Not sure I can ditch the other 7 in the next 10 days but will sure try! Will post pics in the next couple of days if anyone out there is interested.
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