What the F@$K Was I Thinking?!

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In mid September 2016 I lost my mind and got a...

In mid September 2016 I lost my mind and got a tattoo on the front of my neck. The tattoo says "Gypsy". It's all black ink. Black letter along with black shading. It's nicely done and professional work. However, my placement for the tattoo was very very wrong. I have since fallen into a deep depression and I am so lost. I can't even look at myself in the mirror. I am so upset with myself for making such a dumb decision at the age of 30. I have contacted a plastic surgeon who uses the PicoSure laser. I've only had a over the phone consultation, with plans to meet on November 7th, 2016. So far I've been quoted 6-8 treatments and that my ink will cleared with in a year. Anyone who has experience know if this is just them trying to sell me a service or does it sound about right?


I'm so down tonight. I feel hideous with this tat on my neck. I truly must of been out of my mind. I would do anything to go back. I miss me.

Two weeks from today I meet with a doctor.

I'm so anxious today. Still two weeks away from my consultation. I'm nervous that they may say I'm a helpless case lol. I also am worried about the price tag. However, I am fully prepared to pay and this tattoo removed at all cost. I'm thinking of picking up a little part time gig. On the phone they said treatments can run from $250-450. I would be OK with $300-350 at most. I made this mistake and I gotta fix it.

The shock has worn off.

The shock of my bad decision has worn off. I am still very regretful and angry with myself. I still have a little over a week until my consultation. Right now I'm pounding the pavement trying to find a third job to pay for my treatments.

Today is not my day

Yesterday I was very optimistic and feeling good about my tattoo removal, but today I am very down. I hate this f@$king thing and I want it gone!!! It's hideous. How could I be so stupid?! What an awful tattoo. One of my life's great mistakes. My self esteem has gone to s*it. I don't feel like myself anymore. Everyone says "you look so sad". I am just a few days from consultation. I'm hoping good news regarding price and their confidence on 100% removal. I just hope it doesn't take years and years. They say "6-8" treatments. I say 12-15. Hope everyone is well.

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina here I come!

Finally had my consultation this afternoon at Low Country Plastic Surgery Center of Charleston in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. Very nice and knowledge staff. After seeing my tattoo in person the specialist feels it should only take 8 treatments for 95% clearance and possibly 10 for 100% clearance. She looked closely at my tattoo and believes there is no scarring from the tattooing process and is confident the tattoo will be 100% cleared with no scarring in about little over a year. Each treatment will cost $450 USD every six weeks. A whopping $3,600 USD grand total. We will be breaking the tattoo up into three different pieces to help combat against too much trauma. The pain she explained is equivalent to having a July 4th sparkler held to the skin. I have been very down lately, but after my consultation this afternoon I am feeling optimistic. First appointment booked for January 4th, 2017!! I'll keep you all updated!

Game On!!

So I finally had my first treatment with PicoSure and I must say that I am shocked by both the pain and the results!! First I did change up a few things... First thing was doctor's. I was originally going to Charleston, SC, USA, but opted for a clinic in Raleigh, NC, USA due to the price tag and reviews. Another thing I did was sat down and thought about what I hated about my tattoo. After much thought and anxiety I've decided it's the dense shading that is making me nuts along with the letters "S" and "Y" (the tattoo reads Gypsy) so I decided to begin there. On Jan 5th, 2017 I had my first treatment to remove the shading. I was shocked on how bad it hurt (like being splattered with hot grease repeatedly) and I was also shocked that the shading cleared immediately!! No pain afterwards and now it's two days later and I'm about healed. My next appointment is March 1st so begin removing the "S" and "Y". Due to my compulsive disorder we're going to clear these two letters 100% before moving on to "GYP". My depression and anxiety are all gone. I'm feeling optimistic.

Shading is gone, now letters.

On Wednesday, March 1at I had my first Picosure treatment on the S, Y and a small cross from a old tattoo that is now under the letter Y. I absolutely hate this portion of my neck tattoo and I am extremely excited to begin with full removal. Same awesome technician as before. This time I feel as if I was mentally prepared for the pain. My clinic now has the cold air blower which I do believe helped a lot. I'm a health conscious person and I believe that played a big roll in my success so far. 8 weeks ago I had the shading removed via PicoSure. When I went back to begin on the ugly half of my tattoo, the technician was pleased with how well my body cleared the ink. Only few spots of shading left on the ugly side. After about 8 hours after treatment I took the bandage off and I was blown away!! Bottom half of the S was already clearing along with the upper and lower parts of the Y and the top of the cross. I honestly didn't expect much. I am excited to continue with treatment. I am kinda starting to think that my tat will clear in 6-8 more treatments. The technician said my healthy lifestyle along with the location of the tattoo is the reason for such great results. I only have a current pic which was about 8 hours after treatment. I'll look for before pics of the S, Y and cross.

Haters gonna hate.

Not sure what's up with all the hate I am receiving. RealSelf calls them "unsupportive comments" and deletes them. I joined this blog to help people just like other people on this blog have helped me. I don't feel that I'm being rude or anything of that nature. I'm debating if I'll continue to post anymore updates. I don't believe there is away to delete this blog. I'm going to look into. However, I will continue with my treatments. Good Day.
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