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Ever since I started getting boobs when I was a...

Ever since I started getting boobs when I was a teenager, I was obsessed with them. My breasts came at a young age but for whatever reason, they just stopped growing. I am currently a 34B (that's a tad generous) and am hoping to be a full C. I'm 5'11 and 125lbs. After having a child and breastfeeding 5 years ago, my boobs were huge and round and oh-so-beautiful! And then they went. Sad, deflated boobs leaving me with stretch marks, larger areolas, and a lot of extra skin. After years of contemplating, I decided to just go for it. I've been DYING to have my breasts done for so long now and I'm THRILLED. I met with my plastic surgeon and we agreed on 300 cc for both breasts, sub muscular, silicone mentor memory gel. While my breasts are slightly a-symmetrical to the eye (my left breast over produced milk and therefore was larger) it's actually only a half a centimeter lower than the other so we decided to do the same size on each side. Surgery is in ONE WEEK and I'm dying! I've been obsessing looking at other pictures of people with 300 cc's with my size frame and I'm terrified they will be too huge! I don't want to get into a D cup because I feel as though I may topple over with weight lol. I saw the 3D image of both 300 and 325 and didn't notice too much difference in the sizes but they were quite large!


Did the rice sizers and not too sure how I feel about them. From what I've seen 300-325 cc's can make a full C to a small D cup size. Did 1.25 cups of rice in my bra (which apparently is the equivalent of 300 cc's) and they still look tiny :( Really confused...


Tomorrow morning is the big day! A family member of mine made me a boob cake to celebrate! Any last minute advice?

They're her, they're here!

325 CCs later, I have breasts! Everything went well! The anesthesia made me a little emotional post op baha. They're not as high up as I was anticipating. Thought it's only 2 hours past when I left the recovery room. So far no "pain" but the muscle around my arm pics is sore.

Oops forgot pics

3 days post op

Woo hoo! Finally 3 days post op and already off my pain meds! As of now, I'm taking Advil to help with the swelling and my dr suggested I continue the muscle relaxer just before bed. I finally got to take off the dreadful surgical bra and am wearing a sports bra now. Starting regular massaging today :) they're a bit bigger than I was hoping they would be but I'm thinking that when they drop/fluff they will look a little smaller. Anyone have advice when it comes to veins? I know my skin is stretched out but good lord my boobs are so veiny!

One more

Forgot to add sports bra pic. Super bloated in my stomach! Also how long does it take for these things to feel more natural? I feel like I have rocks sitting on my chest lol


Thrilled is an understatement. If my boobs stayed like this, I would be a-okay! I guess since I had already mentally prepared myself to have high up, boxy boobs, I'm surprised and excited to see that these are already taking a more natural shape!


Okay it's been awhile! I've officially had these for two weeks now and no regrets!! I've regained sensation in my left nipple but I still can't feel the right one except for some sharp pains. My incisions have healed but they are the only problems I have. They are itchy and they seem to always be aching. My breasts have softened up tremendously and I no longer feel any additional weight to them. But I have gained almost 5 pounds since surgery!

Stitch spitting?

Just did a little research... On the corner of my right incision, I noticed a little piece of what looks like plastic. It is the same size, color, and texture of the plastic tag holder things you get on new clothes. I think it may be an internal stitch that my body rejected? Also, I have these new weird pull marks under my right breast. Wasn't there before but it almost feels like tubing? Help?
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