47 Yrs Old Cellulite Since Jr High - Charleston, SC

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I had cellulaze 2 weeks ago. I have major...

I had cellulaze 2 weeks ago. I have major cellulite since I was a child. My mothers was even worse. I work out 6 days a week, usually 2 hrs a day. I am very fit and I never were shorts!! Not even in the 100 degree humidity. At the start of beach season I was so discouraged to walk down the beach in a bathing suite. I feel like I deserve the body that I work out for. So many people work out a lot less than me, eat junk food, and have smooth beautiful legs. For the first time ever, I decided to dive into the world of cosmetic procedures to try to get some improvement on this cellulite that has plagued me for so long.

I had 42 squares done 2 weeks ago. WOW!!!! The procedure itself was painful. The first week I was knocked out on pain meds 24/7. My first shower was 4 days after the procedure and so exhausting and I could not wait to get back into my garment. I could barely walk and I used a hemorrhoid donut to sit on for the toilet. I didn't have any oozing at all. But, OMG the bruising!! Looked like someone took a baseball bat to my back side.

I turned a corner around day 9, bruising down substantially, walking much easier, no more pain meds.

Two weeks out, bruising gets better ever day. Mobility gets better. I have weird sensations in my leg upon touch. I still have ink on my legs since I can't really scrub to get it off. I am showering regularly now so that is nice.

I have a love hate relationship with my compression garment. I can't wait to get it off, but then when it is off for showering and washing, I can't wait to get back in it!! I still have one more week to go but i might keep wearing it for longer. I have been cleared to walk as much as I want and I can lift light weights upper body only. Two more weeks before I can really get back at it, but there is not way I could do a full workout right now. Still to many weird sensations in the legs.

I can't tell if the actually cellulite is improved at this point cause of the ink and the swelling, but I really think that I see some improvement. I said "not sure" if it was worth it because the pain blew me away!!! and I have to wait a few more months to see my lasting change.

not seeing anything

So 3 weeks. I just got out of the garment. Legs feel super super weird and sensitive. I can feel the hard "patches" or "lumps" under my skin. I am slathering my legs in Arnica cream and moisturizer because the skin is so dry. At this point there is no difference in my before and 3 week photos except that I still have some bruising and discoloration. Trying not to be discouraged because I know I have to wait longer.

5 weeks

Ok, 5 weeks out. I am not seeing any real difference. My hubby says my legs look smoother, but he loves me. The discoloration is lessening. The sensitivity is still there. But it is sure better! I can touch my legs now and have very gently shaved them!! I just started back at the gym this week. It was rough but feels so good to be back on my routine. I could only run about 5 mins because the back of my legs feel weird. I can't describe it, the skin is tight and loose at the same time. I am supposed to run a marathon in December!! Let's hope for more improvement.

I bought a pair of men's board shorts to were with my bikini top for the beach this summer. Ironic in years past I felt like I should be covered because of embarrassing cellulite, now I have to be covered up so the sun doesn't cause any permanent discoloration.

Is it worth it? Still don't know.

Ran today!!

I think that the encouragement that posters are providing is amazing. Thank you all for the support. I will keep updating and posting pics every few weeks. Just wanted to update that within a week of my doctor lifting limitations on my workout, I was able to run a nice steady slow 3 miles. Helped my mental set immensely. Leg sensations wore off or were not bothering me about a mile in. So now that my life is getting back to normal I think I will be able to patiently wait for some results. But again thank you for all your comments!!

9 weeks post

I am not posting any pics cause there is no change from my last update. I am 85% back to normal as far as the weird sensations, discoloration, and ability to work out. Now I just have to be patient and wait for any changes. There is something weird going on though. I feel like the back of my legs that were treated are really tight but the area above the treatment seems like it is falling over the tight part. Kinda like you are wearing thigh highs that cut into the fat. So I actually feel like the shape of my whole backside is changed and now I have a more pronounced lump on my outer thigh/butt area. At this point, I am tempted to change my status to "not worth it" due to the pain, limited result, sacrificing my fitness level, and now some weird shape issue. But, I will continue to be patient before changing my status.

not worth it

So I am now way past my 3 month mark. My cellulite pretty much looks just like it did before the surgery. My over all legs look worse because they are still discolored and the procedure changed the overall shape of the back of my leg. So, I am changing my post to be "not worth it". It is probably better for someone with a lump or 2 rather than someone with extreme conditions like mine. I don't want to post pics because it makes me too bummed out.
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