32 y/o, 34 A, 135 Lbs, 5'3", BF 2yo son, 550cc silicone HP-

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I am 32 years old with a wonderful husband and 2...

I am 32 years old with a wonderful husband and 2 year old son. I've always wanted boobs! I'm a 34a or b depending on bra brand. They're now pretty deflated after 1.5 years of nursing. I also have a good bit of unwanted belly fat. First PS consult felt rushed and very impersonal. I met with a 2nd surgeon for a consult yesterday. He really took his time with explaining the procedures and what I wanted. I want 400-500cc silicone implants under the muscle and smartlipo in the abdomen. Trying to decide a size is SO hard! My surgeon suggested that I bring in as many wish boob pics as possible to my patient teaching appointment, as well as pics to show what I think is too small/large. I've been obsessed with this project! Every time my husband walks into the room "Oh my gosh, are you STILL looking at boobs?!?!" I'm so excited about this and so nervous about recovering with my son at the same time! Right now, my surgery is scheduled for may 11th with my patient teaching appointment on april 29th. If anyone cancels/reschedules next week during their pt teach appointment, they're going to put me in their spot for surgery on april 20th! I'm really hoping for April 20th, bc I get really impatient and obsessive about things like this once I fully commit to doing it. In the meantime, I guess I'll get back to my wish boob collage....
I'm absolutely terrified about the recovery process. My 35 lb 2 year old is a wild child! He doesn't like to cuddle or be carried around too much, but I am worried about his "bear/tiger/dragon/dinosaur hugs". Diaper changes are usually a battle, he needs help getting into his car seat correctly, and I have to get him in/out of his crib for naps and bedtime. My husband will be at home for 4 (possibly 5) days and then I'm completely on my own.

Possible reschedule for SOONER!!!!!!!

Spoke with surgeon's office yesterday and begged them for a sooner date. She was going to talk with the doctor to see if they could squeeze me in. I'm beyond excited! What kind of goodies can I take them the morning of surgery?

New surgery date/surgeon and decided against lipo!

I went to 2 other PS consults (4 total) b/c sometimes I overthink things and feel like I might be missing out on things/options/info. One of the other surgeons I really liked was Dr Schimpf. He and everyone else at his office was very nice, informative, and helpful. I decided to go with Dr Widenhouse at first b/c I really liked him too. He was very informative and made me feel very comfortable. He spent about 1.5 hr during my consult going over all the info and answering questions. He was also a few hundred $$ cheaper... HOWEVER, we ran into some major scheduling conflicts with the original May 11th date and my husband has to go out of state for 4 months at the end of May. Because I have a 2 year old, I felt very uncomfortable having this surgery done a couple of weeks before him leaving. Thankfully, I had not paid my deposit yet. I called Dr Schimpf's office and they have me scheduled for April 21st!!! Preop is in 5 days. Its getting real! I also requested to see Dr Schimpf while I was there just for a few follow up questions and to touch base.
I've been going back and forth on the lipo for a while and made the official decision NOT to do the smartlipo for a number of reasons. 1) I feel like there are a LOT of negative reviews on the procedure. 2) The end result, or even noticeable result, isn't seen for a while and I'm extremely impatient. 3) Its pretty much summertime and I can't think of a worse time to have a thick binder strapped around my body (then the thinner one for a few weeks) PLUS the swelling from my boobs. I think I'd get very claustrophobic. 4) I feel like after implants, I'm going to have an extra incentive to get into better shape and with the money I save from not getting lipo, I can get a personal trainer if I need to once I'm allowed to work out again.
Surgery will be on a Thursday. My husband will be off Th, Fr, Sat, and Sun. I arranged my friend to come over to my house M-Th with her 2 kids to be with my son until his nap time. Surely I can manage 2 hours from when he wakes up until my husband is home. Right??? He's 35+ lbs but he's only 2 so he still needs to be lifted and held sometimes. I have a lightweight activity table that we've been practicing him climbing on to get in and out of the crib I'm really hoping I'll be like one of the few supermoms I've read about on here that went back to full time mommy-ing their babies/toddlers after a few days.

Just Obsessing....

I've been making myself crazy over implant size. It seems like my motive for implants is a bit different than most people. I want to look better IN CLOTHES mostly. I have no doubt, they'll look amazing naked or in a bra. Main goal: I just want my boobs to go out further than my stomach for once! I want them big, but not huge/totally obvious. However, I don't want to regret going bigger. I think 500 is the highest number I'm comfortable with at this time. I'm short with a round belly, so I don't want to be all boob/belly. I've been searching profiles/pics nonstop for people with my body type and their choices and results. It seems completely pointless to worry about it b/c everybody looks so different EVEN when they started out the same body type and got the same cc/profile implants. Another thing I'm amazed at is how they're so swollen in the beginning and then keep getting bigger as the months go by! I think I'm going to attempt to stop worrying and just show my doctor as many picture collages as I can to show what I like/don't like and just trust him to do what he gets paid tons of money to do. Patient teaching/pre-surgery appointment is Weds (2 days) and surgery is 9 days!!!!!!

Some before photos

I know I'm not "FAT" but my small boobs mixed with round belly = not a good shape.

I'm making a list of everything I need to do before next week. This includes: Grocery shopping, freezer/easy meal prepping, cutting up all the fruits and veggies and freezing for smoothies, deep clean house, bathe dogs, wash sheets, work out as much as possible (cardio and no upper body since I'm going to be sore enough and don't want any muscle strains beforehand), going to get a MASSAGE so I can begin the journey with freshly relaxed muscles, date night this saturday, and spending LOTS of fun mommy+baby time.

Pre-op Day! PRE-boob greed???

Got my pre-op instructions, prescriptions, and I'm paid in full! Come on April 21st!!!!!
How does one get "boob greed" before even getting boobs?!?!?! Went in pretty set on 500, but tried on 550 just for fun and loved them. PS said he does HP for my size with this size implant or you end up possibly dealing with them being too far out on the sides (for my desired results).

I LOVE how the sizers instantly makes me look so much smaller and it doesn't look "fake" at all. I'm in love with them already!!!

Surgery day! Done!

I'm done and back home! 550cc's silicone high profile submuscular. Very tight and probably 4/10 pain. Took a robaxin on the way home. Husband went to get our son from the babysitter. When he gets back, he'll make me a smoothie then I'll take a pain pill to stay on top of the pain. Once I fully wake up enough to move around, I'll take a peek and take pics. BTW, when I woke up, I started crying and just now stopped. I'm not even sad at all! Crazy! Lol. They said it was completely normal from the anesthesia.

1st day with new boobs...

I've had lots of tightness but minimal pain. The muscle relaxer is definitely the most useful medication. I slept and watched TV in bed most of the day. I've been able to do most things for myself. It's crazy how much you don't realize how much you rely on chest muscles for daily activities! My boobs have been steadily getting bigger all day. So fun to look at! My husband has been busy all day dealing with some terrible 2s outbursts and now out for a run so I haven't been able to take my bra off and look yet. Maybe before bed.... Things that I can/can't do: I have been a little emotionally sensitive. I think it's a combo of little sleep last night+anesthesia +pain pills. My son watched some TV with me on the couch then climbed up in my lap. It was ok except he'd randomly throw his head back and roar (maybe we won't watch how to train your dragon anymore). Bedtime, I read a book on the floor and then hubby put him in the bed. I attempted to change a diaper but still a little too much arm movement. I walked around a good bit this evening. Except for the 1st time, Ive been able to pull my pants back up in the bathroom. I can walk up/down stairs but can't open the baby gate or the sliding glass door. Can't scratch my back and those pain pills make me itchy. Can't open pill bottles so my husband left them open far back on my bathroom counter so my son can't reach (he's never in my bathroom anyway). I can't get milk/water pitcher out of refrigerator. Before Monday, I'll get DH to fill. A few water bottles and put some Milk into smaller serving size cups AND leave some plates/cups out since I can't reach up high. I'll try to think of more things I've had trouble with to hopefully help others plan =)

Night #1 took a peek!

I took the compression bra off to take a good look at them. I love them already! Scared my husband a little with how high they are but promised they'd drop down. I don't know if it's bc I took the bra off or didn't put it back on correctly with the abdominal pads positioned how they were or what but they're hurting a link now (4/10). I have the dreaded belly bloat =( I've drank tons of water today so maybe that'll resolve quickly. I also have some bubbling sounds around my collarbone. Idk if my boobs have bubbles bc I don't want to push/rub on them... Although Ive constantly been lightly touching them bc it doesn't seem real to me yet. I keep updating bc this site helped me so much during the decision making process. Plus I have told very few people so it helps to share and "talk" about it.

Post op day 1

Pics from today!
I slept through the night comfortably in bed propped up on lots of pillows. When I woke up, there was lots of tightness. I wanted to try to do without percocet today but still needed it. I'll take it again before bed and try again tomorrow. I took a lower half bath today since I'm not allowed to shower until tomorrow.

Unless something crazy happens, this is totally worth it! My boobs are a little lopsided and weirdly shaped but very comparable to other people's 1st day post op pics so I'm not worried at all.

Forgot to upload pictures on last update

Pictures day 1 post op


Day 2 post op

I set my alarm for 3am to take a muscle relaxer, so I think that did the trick. I've only taken robaxin and motrin today. The pain pills made my grumpy, itchy, emotional... I've been slightly uncomfortable all day but it's better than feeling like a crackhead. My back and shoulders feel like they were used as a punching bag and having sporadic spasms (cramping) in my chest. I finally had a BM and was really hoping it would help with the swelling in my belly but no such luck. We went for a walk outside today. The sunshine and fresh air felt nice but didn't make it very far before my left breast started getting really tight. Don't know what that was about... Maybe too much too fast. I came inside and took a shower (my 1st one) and it felt Sooooo good and relaxed it a little. My husband helped wash my hair. I could have done it but it definitely wasn't comfortable and would have taken a lot longer. I don't see much dropping yet but I'm hopeful that it will happen soon.

Day 3 post op

Woke up this morning without extreme tightness and took a Motrin. Got my 2 year old out of his crib by putting a small table inside his crib and letting him climb out and catching him with my leg up against the crib. He loved it and thought it was a fun game. My stomach is annoyingly swollen and I'm going to focus on moving around today and drinking tons of water. I have some interesting sensations in my chest area... Bubbling around the collarbone, twinges around my armpit, and nonpainful popping/peeling on the inside of my right breast (I'm thinking that's from my skin being so tight). My upper and mid back is so sore and really needs a massage. I'd love to ask my husband but he's already doing sooo much. My 2 year old is absolutely acting out and defying anything and everything. Perfect time for "terrible twos"! I normally have much more patience with him, but I think the past couple days of narcotics, plus limitations, plus recovering has me very impatient and quickly annoyed. Aside from my big belly and imperfect parenting ;) I'm doing way better than I thought I would be!

The belly swelling is absurd!

My belly is so swollen =( I look to be about 7 months pregnant. I've been going to the bathroom so I don't think that's the problem. I've been drinking about a gallon of water each day. I'm off pain pills (only muscle relaxers and ibuprofen). I'm up moving around during the day except for a short nap bc I'm exhausted. I need for my belly to start deflating now, please!

Day 4 post op

Still high and tight but no pain today except my back. My shoulders have been hunched over for days now and I feel like a 90 year old woman. I called the PS office today to ask if I could start stretching and reaching over my head. They said I can do anything that doesn't pull my chest muscles. Hopefully, some stretching will help my back. I don't feel like they look any different than day 1. I can't wait to see some drop!

I'm way too impatient for this waiting game...

It's exactly like watching grass grow. Every time I look at them, they look exactly the same to me. High, boxy, tight, misshapen, smaller than I'd hoped for (I know they'll fill out eventually and I'll be very happy with them). However, when I compare my daily pics, I can tell VERY slight changes. I'm sick of the bloating. I'm an emotional mess. I think I have some pms mixed in with all that. I hope the next few days start to get better.

550cc HP silicone unders

Less spasms, but a definite increase in the uncomfortable zings/sudden pains. It kinda feels like when you push on a bruise. I noticed the girls are SLIGHTLY softer (like... Not rock hard). Still have a beach ball in my belly. My son has caught on to the fact that I haven't been physically MAKING him do things nearly as much so he's decided to push more limits today and yesterday. He was being a serious 2 year old today and I had to pick him up a couple times (as he flopped around) to do some timeouts and some other safety related things. I hope I was careful enough! I kept my elbows in by my sides but it did slightly pull and feel uncomfortable.

Feeling so much better! 1wk post op

So yesterday, I noticed the belly bloat is starting to go down. I only look 5 months pregnant instead of 8! My girls are also beginning to drop a little! They feel so much better! I'm getting some sudden dull throbbing pains every once in a while. When that happens, I like to envision my muscles healing and stretching and implants expanding outward. My emotional funk disappeared... Thank God! I don't think I've ever been so depressed for no real reason like that ever in my life! I went to my 1st post op appointment with the PA. She said everything looked great. I'll go back in 2 weeks. I asked about massages and she said there wasn't good research that shows that it helps. **Disclaimer** I do NOT think I know more that the professionals. However, so many people start seeing better placement and decreased tightness soon after starting massages. I've also read many doctors say that it's true there's not sufficient research to show that it helps prevent capsular contraction, but that it certainly won't hurt anything. I think if I were to develop a cc, I would always wonder if it was bc I didn't massage. What do you ladies think? I'm also really wondering about the size. These do not look like 550cc's at all yet. They must seriously be squished down under my muscles.

550cc silicone unders 2 weeks ago

Slowly but surely looking more normal but still tightly squished implants. They still do NOT look as big as I imagined 550cc's to look yet. Lots of top boob and none underneath yet which makes my nipples look really low. The tops of my breasts are still shiny from the skin being stretched. They aren't sore and I don't see any swelling. I do have the one tender bruise on my left breast but it's finally fading to yellow. I've had to pick up my 35 lb 2yo several times. Everything feels fine when I pick him up as long as I'm careful. If he's moving around, drops his weight quickly, or I have to suddenly reach, it's painful.
I have mondors chords underneath both breast but couldn't get the camera to pick them up. I noticed them as I was trying on clothes. They're pretty uncomfortable when I stretch my arms up over my head. Other than that, I feel great.

3 week pics

I'm loving these! My biggest goal was for my boobs to come out farther than my belly and they do! My confidence has improved greatly. I might wish I would have gone bigger. Friday, the PA removed the strips and took out sutures. My left underboob has very limited sensation and my right underneath is completely numb. I wore a swimsuit this past weekend! If you're having trouble finding something (like me!!), dicks sporting goods and Academy have double up tankinis that look really cute!

From 5/23 (1 mo)

Still not dropped completely and lefty is higher. They do actually have an ever so slight bounce to them now when I move. PA said it they should drop really well between now and a few months from now but nothing to worry about. She said many of the people they see completely drop earlier than this end up dropping TOO much...so that put my mind at a more patient ease. I have no restrictions although pushups and chest fly with weights I don't feel comfortable doing. Last night I went braless for several hours and noticed the more I did (around the house), the tighter they became. I finally bought a cheap $5 bra at Ross. 34 C (NOT D >= ... I hope I get my D with the fluff. My girls are still too high to look nice in a bra but I wanted to have a choice other than a sports bra.

Getting better all the time

I still think they have a little more settling to do (especially the left) but I'm so happy with them.
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