38 yr old 2 kids, bc with the works! SC

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Dr. Baron and Dr. Craigie came HIGHly recommended...

Dr. Baron and Dr. Craigie came HIGHly recommended by an entire group of women, whose experiences encompassed the spectrum of bc and many w implant problems that had to be corrected by Dr. Craigie. After my bi-mast and axillary (via dr baron), dr Craigie placed expanders that DONT hurt at all! If you KNOW you're doing reconstruction, they can now place the expander on TOP of the muscle, so it alleviates much of the 'discomfort' of what people refer to. This cannot be done if getting implants. I'm scared but confident in my decision and Dr. Craigie and his PA, Kim, is worth her wait in gold. Even if just consulting, she would spend an hour on the phone with me, email me sketches if I didn't understand, anything she could do she did well and happily. I am happy to be in their collective hands, I even drive 3 1/2 hours (+back) to get expanders filled each week bc I know it is pleasant, quick, not painful, and makes me feel positive! He gets a billion stars from my friends and I believe he can fix anything, but I hope to post more after the big surgery!

Bilateral mastectomy w expanders

1 week out
Remember I'm doing natural reconstruction so my expanders are on top of my muscle...still have drains (3)...also had axillary dissection

Bilateral mastectomy 2 weeks out

More pics for those looking for what to expect 2 weeks out.

Bilateral mastectomy 38 yrs. 3 weeks out

3 week out pics: I have had another fill and just picked off the purple glue so they are looking better now that they look like skin!

2nd stage natural breast reconstruction

A little harder than expected, but soooo worth it! I haven't updated in so long, but we all hop on when we need, so here's what happened:
1st recon was DIEP. This is after my 2nd stage, so in this, they fix the "dog ears" (the little pointy part where drains stick out on sides of belly incision), they lipo out (I used inner and outer thighs, what can I say, I gotta lot to give there) and graft that fat to the new breast/ab tissue. My tissue took beautifully last surgery and I both babied it but remained healthy. I am young and that helps. As a result, I had no fat necrosis or issues, so I think my fat has a great chance of survival.
I told him no one ever woke up and said no, they're too big. ???? So they're pretty nice already. He also fixed a little cording issue when he went in by breasts under arm, as well as injected a bit of fat under the port scar, which he felt would improve its look.
It's tough to have a drain agsin, esp when u thought you were all done w drains. Downright depressing at times. But the results! I can already see it. I'm starting to like my body again, and that's saying something.

Had the works- chemo, rad, bi mastectomy, te's,...

Had the works- chemo, rad, bi mastectomy, te's, then diep breast reconstruction-which is several surgeries. It is the longest road ever when you've already done so much, but dr Craigie and staff made me beautiful again. And they care and connect. Professional and so knowledgable. There for crying, laughing, questions, everything. Couldn't recommend them more than my overflowing grateful heart.

Charleston Plastic Surgeon

Professional, caring and knowledgeable...and ever so patient with all my questions!

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