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So, as you may have seen from my other posts, I am...

So, as you may have seen from my other posts, I am a breast cancer survivor. I am finally going through menopause, which has been a big non-event for me, except for recurrent UTIs and noticing more dryness, and getting up every night at around 2:30 am to urinate. I did not know UTIs were a part of menopause. I never got them before, and now, I was having 4 or 5 in one year. Then I would promptly get a yeast infection. Ugh.
So, I went to the gyno because I thought there was a sore or tear. I could not have sex. It was painful to the point of crying. That is NOT normal. I saw a different gyno that day, because mine was out of town. The woman unceremoniously exclaimed that I had an "old vagina," that I was menopausal (huh? I was still having menstrual cycles), and I should use hormone cream. I was mortified by the old vagina comment. I reminded her I was being treated for breast cancer and did not think I could have it. She told me to talk to my breast doc and get it cleared.
Long story short, my breast doc prescribed the cream, stating I had no breast tissue, so it was okay. It worked, but it curtailed certain activities, I'd forget which day I used it, and I gained 5 pounds. What? It said side effects could be weight loss. Not me. Right before breast cancer, I lost 35 pounds, and I did not want them back. So, my use of the cream was sporadic, and only when intercourse became painful.
Then, I saw the info about the Mona Lisa Touch, and heard how great it worked. Some of the docs at the office used it and were raving about it. No hormones? Natural rejuvenation? This sounded perfect for me, and they were running Christmas special of $400 off. Unfortunately, insurance does not cover it. I hope this changes. My husband and I were so excited that we plunked down half of the fee and set the appointment immediately.
The treatment consists of 3 sessions, about 5 minutes long, and then one touch up yearly. I had my first on 1/20/2016. It was painless for me. There is a lot of vibrating. For the vulva, they did give me numbing cream. It worked great. I did not have itching like the other women. If the vaginal atrophy is further along, there would be more discomfort with the first session.
It has been 3 days, so far, and here is what I have noticed. I am already experiencing and increase in vaginal lubrication. I did not have any issues with urinary incontinence, but my urine stream is stronger? Also, I have slept better the last few nights. I am not sure if that is a random event, or a part of this.
I will update as things progress, and with each treatment.

2nd appointment done

So, I went for my Second Mona Lisa Touch appointment on Wednesday, March 2nd. The treatment felt I same as the first treatment. I am noticing an increase in lubrication. Also, I notice an increase in sensation. All of these are definite pros. As I notice more, I will let you know.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

I had the second treatment right after hernia surgery, so I had to be cleared before I could have sex. Wow! Wow! Wow! The second treatment has caused a wonderful increase in lubrication!! Happy dance! Sex has become even more pleasurable than before, and I do enjoy myself. I did not realize how insipidly menopause had robbed me of lubrication until I had this treatment. i knew it was less, but wow. Even the hubster notices the improvement, making him and extra happy guy. My third is scheduled for April. Thumbs up ladies! I highly recommend this treatment!

Had my third treatment

It is hard to believe it has been 6 weeks, but it has! I had my 3rd treatment on the 14th They are going to do one more in 6 weeks to treat the vaginal opening, since that is where a lot of women complain of pain. I feel great! This is doing exactly what it is supposed to do. The lubrication has increased and there is no pain from intercourse. Better yet, I do not have to do hormones. I highly recommend this treatment.

Forgot to mention Aquaphor

After each treatment, USE AQUAPHOR! It really helps with healing. Be liberal with it for 5 days. That way, you avoid irritation, pain, soreness, or tearing sensitive tissue.

A 4th Treatment For The Outer Vulva/Vaginal Opening. Magic!

My doc, the divine Dr. Devine, performs a forth treatment on the outer vulva/vaginal opening. I had it May 19th. They number me up and it was quick! I waited a few days, using Aquaphor constantly, then tried sexual relations. Wow. Wow. Wow. Fantastic. From having all of these treatments, my lubrication is back, with a vengeance, the feeling has definitely intensified in a good way. Hopefully not TMI, but sex feels incredible. More incredible than before, and it was incredible then. Needless to say, my husband is ecstatic. How I have not worn him out is beyond me. Lol, I have started giving him vitamins to keep up his strength. Hahahaha!
Seriously, I highly endorse this treatment. It has been worth every single penny. I wish insurance would have covered it, but it did not. I will definitely make sure I get the once per year touch ups, even if I have to sell plasma to do it, and I am terrified of needles! What a God-send!!
Dr. Denise Devine

Dr. Devine is divine! Lol. She is upbeat, caring, and is very good at explaining everything. I have already referred someone to her for this. She has been my gyno for years.

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