39, Two Kids and 80 pound WL ready to get my body back!

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I'm a momma of two awesome kids who really took a...

I'm a momma of two awesome kids who really took a toll on my body! I was pretty heavy and opted to have a sleeve Gastrectomy and successfully lost 80ish pounds! I'm currently 5'4 and 136 pounds. I feel so small but I have SO much extra loose skin around my entire middle. I consulted several surgeons with the expectation of just needing a plain ol tummy tuck but each and every one said...well, you could do that but honestly you won't be happy and proceeded to pull up ALL the sagging skin (ugh). After a few months I finally decided, a whole lower body lift is definitely for me. I also want a BA to help fill the void my breastfed babies left but honestly, this surgery is too extensive to add anything to it, so those will have to come later. I've been in a bit on denial that this was really going to happen and suddenly it's HERE, Tuesday is surgery day!!! I have all the post op goodies like chux, pads, cleaning wipes, dry shampoo, and extra compression garment...all awesome suggestions I've gotten from all of you. So, tomorrow I make my last final plans to get the house ready and then YES, surgery bright and early Tuesday morning. Getting so excited!

Tomorrow is the BIG day! I'm so excited and nervous.

Going in at 7:30 tomorrow morning for my lower body lift. Took some last minute pre-op pics and some measurements.
Ribcage- 32 inches
Waist- 30 inches
Hips- 40 inches
Thighs each about 24 inches

Can't wait to see those numbers drops!!!

Today was SURGERY day!!

doing OK. Some decent pain. The meds help. Getting up pretty easily with help. I have one drain even though the incision fours all the way around. I've been sleeping g a lot, about to go back but thought I'd share a sneak peak!

Post-op day 1

This isn't much fun. My doc called me today to check in and give me a run down of how the surgery went. I get to shower tomorrow, not really looking forward to it. Pain is pretty ridiculous. 10mg percocet and flexeril and my back incision feels like its on fire! Since my incision goes all the way around I cannot find any happy place. But I keep reminding myself, this is temporary and SO worth it!! Pics tomorrow after shower ????

Post-op day 2 and a SHOWER!!

Best shower ever! I was so scared it would hurt but my incisions didn't even sting when wet. Drain is putting out about 40cc's every 12 hours, looks like it's doing it job well. Still painful but it's better than yesterday. Tried cutting the percocet dose in half and adding a bit more tylenol so I can actually stay awake some, lol. Here are some pre-shower pics without binder. The lipo on my flanks is quite bruised, other than that I think it looks great ????

1 week Post-Op!!

Yesterday made one week post-op. I'm so happy he agreed to take my drain out. It was still draining about 25cc's per day but he said that was ok. He also took the tape off my incisions and I can actually SEE them. It's a bit horrific ???? I have so much swelling and it's making the front and back incisions pucker a bit. They will be smoother once my swelling decreases some. I was doing quite well, I've been grocery shopping, taking kids to school, drove to my appointment but after he took the tape off its actually a little worse! When I move now I feel the incisions pulling and it stings so bad.
I tried sleeping in my own bed and was successful for two nights and then last night I needed to get up at about 2am and was absolutely STUCK in my bed...like an upside down turtle, HA! Back to the couch tonight.
Overall I think I'm doing well, I just can't wait for some of the swelling to go away!

2 Weeks post-op!

Tomorrow makes 2 weeks since my lower body lift. I think healing is going well. Oddly, I assumed the pain would be significantly better by now but I'm still pretty uncomfortable. I did manage to start sleeping in my bed (AWESOME) and only waking 2-3 times to reposition. The problem with a LBL, no position is comfortable for sleep! I still have some pretty significant swelling and I wear my compression about 20 hours of the day because honestly it's more comfortable in it. I'm up and about quite a bit, pretty close to normal activities (groceries, kids sports practices, and such) but can I my tolerate about an hour or 2 out a time before I get to painful. Still taking flexeril around the clock and 5 mg percocet as needed. When the flexeril wears off the insanely tight pulling feeling around my entire body is really not fun. In one way it's freaking exciting, I mean I had a load of loose skin but in another it's frustrating! Measurements aren't much better than pre-op but in photos it looks impressive and I am in love with my new shape ?? hopefully the swelling will subside soon and I can start feeling almost normal again!

3 weeks, already!

Today makes 3 weeks since my LBL. I feel like I've recovered pretty well considering during my first PS consult I was told that this kind of procedure required 3 weeks of someone taking care of me...I know we all heal different but that wasn't even close to correct! By day 5 I was driving my kids to school, day 7 drove to my post-op appt and just progressed from there.
This week wasn't fabulous though. The swelling really gets to me. The center of my butt is just really swollen. You can't really tell in most pics but it's about the size of my palm and its puffy and sore. Sitting is still hard. Earlier this week I feel like I popped or tore a muscle stitch. During a stretch in my half sleep I felt a severe sharp pain in my upper right and, it hurt for days, it's still uncomfortable and I swear the upper part of my belly looks more swollen now. I had kinda gotten used to sitting down and my belly NOT touching my thighs...oh its fabulous! Until the swelling gets so bad and you're back to skin on skin....boo! I've got several "spit" stitches. A fellow RS'er and good friend of mine convinced me they needed to be pulled out (I'm a nurse so it's no biggie to pull stitches) but mine won't budge. Stuck solid. Probably 5 of them poking out. Guess it'll be up to my PS next week but I don't look forward to it! But even with all the frustration of wanting to be healed, I think it's still amazing! I love my belly button, the shape of my waist, and my much smoother butt! Added some week 3 pics, the back isn't healing near as well as the front ( it definitely gets pulled more!) and it's pretty ugly but once it's healed I doubt it will be quite as apparent.

Ohhh the PAIN!

So, one day last week (pretty close to the 3 week mark) I was waking up and was in a full body stretch, I mean arms, legs, and my whole stomach stretched. Clearly this was before I was actually awake enough to know better and I felt the sharpest snapping pain in the upper part of my belly. It was bad...but it went away. No change in abd shape, it was a little sore through the day but it felt better so I just ignored it. Through the week it seemed more sore, maybe a little more swollen but not sharp pain until today. Oh my...today I couldn't stand up straight, hurt to touch my belly in that same spot, it was sharp stabbing pain. I decided I should visit the ER (it's gotta be really bad for this to happen) I couldn't lift my arms up for the CT scan., the muscles hurt so bad. CT of my abd shows inflammation of the entire muscle repair and subcutaneous tissue BUT, no fluid collection which is excellent because there doesn't appear to be any internal bleeding or fluid. She said she was surprised to see such inflammation almost 4 weeks out and while it's not possible to see I've very likely pulled those stitches. She said it feels like the muscle repair is still intact (whew...) and may have only disrupted one layer or a single stitch. Unfortunately I had bariatric surgery and cannot take an anti-inflamatory meds. Said to go back to taking my flexeril and pain meds and call my doc Monday morning. Sigh, just a little kink in my recovery process ????

ONE month!

I saw my PS today for my one month follow up. We discussed my ER visit and the reasons for my pain. He's pretty sure I popped a stitch since I can put pinpoint the exact spot it's painful. He put a shot of Marcaine into the muscle today which has provided me some relief and I have to go back Thursday for a steroid shot into the muscle. I'm just hoping it helps, this pain is awful! We also talked about the several sutures that have "spit" out. He says it could be 2 months before they finally desolve and to just leave them alone. As the swelling is beginning to subside its unfortunately very apparent that the left side of my incision is SO crooked and they aren't even close to being even at my hips! That's really frustrating. I know I've still got some healing to do but at some point I may have the left side touched up. My backside scars are much thicker than the front. He warned me that they would be that way because those get pulled the most and create a wider scar.
Even with all my little complaints I can say I LOVE that I had this done. I had so much loose dimpled skin and it looks so much better. I am in love with my belly button, it looks very natural. And all of the clothes that I had to buy a size bigger because my hips were wide FALL off of me now!! Best decision ever =)

Funny how a BIKINI can make all those worries vanish!!

The VS bikinis I ordered came in today...I'm in love. I haven't worn anything this small since my early 20's. Gotta work on these thighs just a bit but who cares...look at that amazing (and still swollen!) belly.

Nine weeks post belt lipectomy!

Sorry it's been a while. I've been really irritated with the constant relentless swelling. The area on my butt is the worst. When I lay on my back it feels like a log roll above my butt. It's gettinh smaller but taking forever. My PS is pretty sure it's not fluid, and it doesn't feel like fluid...just swelling. My incision is ugly (and crooked) which makes me sad but I get it, this was a huge surgery that required me to be turned several times on the table. He clearly can't see the front while working on the back (and vice versa!) so I expected some irregularities. It's just ugly, and I'm pale so they will be red a while.
So, that's the negative. The positive far outweighs it! I love my new shape (even with remaining swelling!) I can fit in clothes without muffin tops or hips so wide i need a bigger size. I can actually wear and feel good in a bikini...that alone is priceless! And I feel so much better about myself. It's a great place to be.
It wasn't an easy recovery, but no regrets here!

OH I forgot to add...

I'm getting new boobs in less than 2 weeks!! I initially wanted them with my TT but because it was a full belt lipectomy my PS wouldn't do them together. Back for another round of mommy makeover June 9th!!

Yesterday was boobs day!

I started a new review specific to my latest procedure, boobs!! I'm so happy. I wanted them done when I had my LBL 2.5 months ago but I am very grateful my PS said no. I recovered from the body lift and finally I got my Breast augmentation. I started at a very deflated 34B. We talked extensively about lift vs no lift. I didn't want one. He made sure I understood the possible outcomes but I still chose not to. We went with a fairly large implant to ensure the pocket was sufficiently full. Left Breast is 500cc and right is 525cc's. I'm still feelin some shock because they are big!! But soo love them more and more! Here are some pics.
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