Excited to get this process started its been a long time coming Charlestown, WV

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I'll give a review as soon as my starter kit...

I'll give a review as soon as my starter kit arrives. I'm super pumped and ready for this journey. I read a lot of reviews to make sure that I'm making the right decision and so far so good with what I've read I just don't like the fact that some poles it took so many calls and emails to get product


Well I sent my impressions back emailed someone Friday and they said my impressions should arrive Monday so now it's just the waiting process of seeing if they were accepted I know the firsts ones I did weren't great the second ones my niece helped me since she works at a dentist so now we wait to see if they are acceptable or I have to redo them once I get an email I will write another post and let you know the outcome

Waiting on the go ahead

Well I sent off my impressions on Thursday and they sent me an email today that they received the impressions and now I have to wait 7-10 days to find out if they were good or not ugh I hate the wait and I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that at least one was good I don't want to have to start over I'll be back for in update as soon as I get the email


Well they received my impressions on June 13th and they said I should get and email 7-10 days so it will be June 21st or 23rd before I hear if they got accepted or rejected my thought process is they will get denied but I wish they would say denied ASAP I really don't want to start over cause I'm excited to get this process started ahhhhh the wait is killing me lol I'll be back to update when I get that email


So talking to agents here and there found out that they no longer do starter kits which I was never told from the first email so I emailed the company and they apologized and told me that they can see I got approved for the aligners now I just have to wait for that email with my plan so we'll see how long that takes

Here's so pictures of what I'm working with

I'll keep you updated when the process starts

June 28th

So after talking to customer service through chatting I feel like I'm always getting the run around one person tells me one thing and another tells me something else so anyway last time I talked to a rep they told me they received my impressions June 13th and they got approved June 24th so now I wait 7-10 days to get another email saying what my plan will be and how much it will cost and how long I need them. It feels like it's been forever just because I'm anxious to get the process started but honestly so far it hasn't been that long so fingers crossed I hear something July 5th or 7th but we shall see but the part that sucks is when they finally get my plan and I accept it will take another 21 days before they arrive so yes it's a long process. I will update when I get the email and let you know what's going on

It has arrived

Well I can finally say my email has arrived for my aligners the treatment plan is in full effect it will wear them for about 6 months and than get a retainer and the cost is about 1635 that was with a promo code for 100 bucks off. Paid my down payment now it will be 21 days till my aligners actually arrive to me so I will update you when they arrive.

???????? getting excited

Well I got an email the other day saying my aligners are being transformed so I'm getting super excited as time goes on fingers crossed I get and email with confirmation they got sent out hopefully it will be here on the 10th of August I will post pictures when they arrive or when I get that email


Well I've finally got my email that my aligners are on there way so when they get here I will update again

Well it's almost here

Got my shipping email yesterday which I said and than I checked my tracking info and they will be here Saturday so since I work all day I will open them Sunday and take pics can't wait


They have finally arrived super excited to start so off to eat than clean my teeth and put these things in I have to wear them for 3 weeks than change to the next set will keep you updated

Here's some pics

You can see from the side you can't see them and than from the front you can see a little gap but hopefully that goes away when I keep using my chewies and you do talk with a lisp and as a server this should be epic


Went to work today with them in and boy my speech lol ppl prob thought I had something wrong but all in all they are good my tongue hurts on the underside but that's from the plastic but will see hopefully feel better later

Day 2 of having the aligners

Well so far so good except my mouth hurts especially my teeth and my tongue and lips so I filed it down a little better but not much so I'm going to try so wax for braces and see if that will help a little


Well so far so good I guess I'm on tray 4 and boy did it hurt putting them on today and hard to take off at first I couldn't really see a change but now that I've put in tray 4 and took them out to eat I looked a little more closely and I can start to see my front teeth shifting I honestly was thinking this isn't going to work but hey it looks like it is so we'll see what happens between now and tray 6 which is suppose to be the real difference from the look of the tray

Noticing a little change

Well this coming Friday I will switch out my tray 4 and move to tray 5 and with tray 6 my front top tooth on the right should be moved out and much straighter so I'm a little nervous I guess because I'm looking everyday to see changes and I know there are but I guess for me not as fast as I'm picturing but we shall see soon where I'm pointing is where I'm pointing is the tooth I was referring to I don't know what's going to happen cause I have wore the bottom trays I'm mainly pushing for my top to be straight and when I wear the bottom they hurt and cut my mouth all up and I feel like since I'm missing a tooth at the bottom it's starting to make a gap in my front which I don't want

Very pleased

Well I'm in tray 6 where I'm suppose to notice a difference and yes I do I'm so happy with this process I was worried I was going tone wasting money and it's not going to work for me but low and behold it's doing wonders can't wait to continue this process and see the ending

Tray 6 of 12

It's getting there


Well it's been a little while since I've been on here it I was real skeptical about this while direct smile company but I can honestly say I've seen such a difference still have 4 more trays to go before I'm finished but I'm on tray 8 of 12 and I'm so happy to see the change so here's some black and white photos because I feel it shows a little better from my before pics till now I've only been working on my upper teeth the two front ones on the side of my main two front teeth were behind but since I've been using the trays they are almost front facing and almost moved all the way from behind my front two teeth if you understand if not just take a look at my before photos and than these

One more photo

Here's one of the top of my mouth how straight they are compared to before photos

So happy

Well I was really skeptical about this at home treatment but I can say that it has worked great for me had 12 treatments to do and I'm on 11 of 12 and they look great and would recommend to anyone once I'm done my last tray I will post my last photos and I only did my top teeth those were the ones I really wanted to work on instead of the bottoms look at my before photos and you can see the difference

Well I'm finally finished haven't heard anything about getting my retainers yet so still wearing liner 12

So proud of the outcome of how straight my teeth are I was not sure this would all work out but it did and I'm happy
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