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I am only three weeks in since my surgery and I...

I am only three weeks in since my surgery and I can see huge results! I used to have huge love handles and a little gut that drove me insane. Most of my swelling has gone away except for a minimum amount. Even three weeks later I can see what my final results will be. I am now experiencing the hard lumps in my stomach, which is normal. My scarring from the entry sight is almost gone! I am still experiencing tightness in my stomach area however all pain has subsided. I am so excited to see what my final result will be.

Before my surgery

Three week update

Still extremely hard and lumpy and tight. My belly button is still miss-formed, I'm guessing due to the swelling?


Just a glimpse of what my swelling was like week 1-2. I literally looked like I was pregnant. I was so discouraged and didn't think I would see any results. But I was clearly wrong! Don't let the swelling fool you!

27 days post op

So excited on my results in clothes, Without clothes not so much due to swelling and lumpy belly.

Bathing suit (from my before pictures)

I was curious what it would be like to try on a two piece for my first time since last August (as seen in my before photos) you can see a huge difference! Still not the Bikini body I was planning for, but I am feeling very positive with my results so far! Can't wait to see what the final result will be once swelling has completely disappeared. Tightness and lumpy is still vivid.

Compression garments

I have had nothing but a good experience with my first compression garment. My first CG, my plastic surgeon sent me home in. It is brand "contour" size large. I am guessing he put me in a large to accommodate for all of my swelling. I absolutely love this CG! It has an ace bandage type top, and spanx feeling bottom. It's open crotch making it easier during your first few days after surgery! It has hooks and zippers on the side. I felt so secure in this CG and it went well under all of my clothing (however I only wore leggings for the first two weeks) this CG didn't leave any lines like I have read are possible. I wore this garment 24/7 except when it was in the washer or I was in the shower! Definitely would recommend. After a few weeks my surgeon told me I could switch to spanx. My old CG was way too big my the third week (swelling went to a minimum) I got spanx from saks fifth avenue (you can find them almost anywhere). The lady there sized me and it felt pretty good and snug! My only issue is long term wear of the spanx makes me sick and nauseas from the way it hugs so tightly. I am at the place in my recovery where I only have to wear it 12 hours a day. But even 12 hours makes me nauseas in my spanx. I went to gap and saw a pair of spanx like shorts that go up past my stomach, just like my spanx in size xs and I actually enjoy them much more than the spanX! (Gap shorts aren't pictured) I guess everyone is different when it comes to CG but I thought I would share my review of the two I have had thus far.


This should be your best friend! I started taking arnica two days before my surgery and continued for two weeks after. You take five tiny pellets three times a day or as needed. I had zero bruising and my swelling was bare minimum! I can't imagine my recovery without arnica!

5 weeks post op

I have mixed feelings at this point. I can drastically see a size difference but I almost feel like it's not as "sculpted" as I would have liked to see. It could be the lumpy aspect. I still have hard lumps but not nearly as many! I have almost full flexibility back and no longer have that "tight" feel. I definitely am going to start working out now that I am healed a little better In order to get the best results possible.

Trying out new garment

I wanted something a little lighter and easier to wear under shorts and things. I got these hoping it would continue to compress my stomach and hips, but I don't think it's doing much sadly. These were purchased at saks fifth avenue. So I believe they would be great if you only got your hips done! But the fact I went all the way up into my bra roll, it doesn't compress enough for me. Still super comfy though!! And as of now I am no longer wearing a CG (this was taken a week ago). I got my surgery February 27, 2014. If you think it's too soon to stop wearing one please let me know! I have not been in contact with my surgeon so I just went by what my body was sort of telling me.

51 days post op

Happier than ever for my results so far!


Since day one of recovery I have said that my belly button has look miss-shapen. My plastic surgeon didn't seem to concerned. Three months later with no swelling, my belly button still looks distorted and squished. I'm beyond frustrated after paying so much for my surgery. Although it's something so little, my belly button makes me even more insecure than I was before my surgery. I have a checkup next week and will definitely be addressing this with my plastic surgeon. I knew that something was off. It seems like my stomach is too tight? I don't if that is possible if too much fat is pulled out? Anyone else had this issue?
Chapel Hill Plastic Surgeon

He's absolutely amazing. He gave me deep detail of what the surgery and recovery was going to be like so I had zero surprises. His entire staff was lovely and took care of every need I may have had. I was given a call the night before my surgery and the night of my surgery to make sure I was doing okay. I would definitely recommend him!

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