Has Anyone with Small Frame and 34DD-DDD Gone to 34B? Chapel Hill, NC

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Hi Ladies, I have always been very active and...

Hi Ladies,

I have always been very active and athletic, despite large breasts for my frame (34C). However, they have increased in size in the last year, though my weight has stayed the same. I think it's related to menopause.

The additional "side boobs," plus the drop, has made it impossible to exercise comfortably, and difficult to sleep. I also have chronic neck and shoulder pain, and bra strap indentations. Finding clothing that fits is a challenge, and I have not been able to find any kind of bra that works. I've been experimenting with a wide variety, but find the more supportive bras seem to increase neck & back pain.

I am 56, 5'3", 124 pounds, size 34DD-DDD, a non-smoker and in very good health. I'm not huge, but my breasts are definitely too large for my frame.

I would like to be an A/B. I'm not sure how small I can go, though, as my breast "width" is rather wide. Is that a measurement that the doctors talk about? I haven't seen it discussed much here.

Anyone in a similar situation -- small frame, normal weight, looking to go from DD-B?

Thanks to all for sharing your journeys.
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