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Hi, I am beginning to journey of breast implant...

Hi, I am beginning to journey of breast implant removal. I was a 32 AA before my BA and had breastfed one child. I have 300cc overfilled mentor smooth round implants, submuscular. I have had a steady weight of 130 for years and about 5'7". I am long and lean, but also naturally flat! Joining Realself as the stories I have already read are helping me with this tough decision.
I have always been very athletic, but I went through a series of very abusive relationships when I was a young adult. The lasting scar was not feeling sexually attractive because of my non-existent boobs. Although I am emotionally strong, I still couldn't find myself attractive, so I had implants for me. I haved loved having implants for so long! In the past 7 years I have had them, though, I have also had another child, a girl, and my oldest is a pre-teen boy. I find myself more self-conscious now because even in conservative clothing with only moderately sized implants, they really stand out. I want my little girl to learn to love her body and for my son to see what a real woman is, not some image of a woman. I have made to decision and my fiance is very supportive. He actually has always said that dating a woman with implants was a deal breaker for him, but we have been friends for many years before being engaged, so he knows I did not get them for male attention.
I have scheduled my implant deflation with Wake Plastic Surgery on July 23, and that will at least get the weight off of my neck for now (lots of neck pain, migraines, difficulty strength training) and I will have them removed fully within the next 6-9 months. I was afraid to go through the emotional and physical trauma at once, since that would be a lot of healing!!! I will go through this, although I have cancelled several times already, because I am ready to become me, and learn how to finally love and be loved for my natural self. Will keep posting!

day of deflation!!!

I am in the room waiting now and I am so nervous!!! I feel the ache in my neck and back that I am so used to because of the implants. Ok, there was a pause, I am done now!!!! I feel so light!!! Feeling very flat, though, but it's gonna be ok.... pictures soon....
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