31 yrs old, 5'5'' 125lbs Sagg : Anchor lift and 440cc Sientra MP "gummy bear" Silicone - Chapel Hill, NC

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Weight loss & gain due to eating habits &...

Weight loss & gain due to eating habits & pregnancy my boobs are worn out. They used to be high Ds & now they're flat Vs that need a lift. I've decided to go big or go home, since I'm getting a lift might as well get them back to the size of their former glory as well. I used to think implants were so ridiculous and a waste of money. But after my boobs have hit the floor I have learned to be a lot less judgmental. Do you, and be happy! I don't owe anyone an explanation, I'm going to stop apologizing for the decisions I'm making. I'm also getting a tummy tuck done at the same time, I have a separate review for that since the decision came @ separate times. I'm going to rock these boobs with no shame in my game! As of right now I'm going with 400cc silicone implants, will see what happens when they go in there. They will order some slightly bigger and smaller

What size do you want?

I have been 34 D, 34 DD when I gained weight or was pregnant. Now my boobs are so deflated and droopy. I don't want stripper boobs or to look cartoonish but I would like large breast as I've had them naturally before and was to achieve that look again. When I told my PS to make me a D/DD again he explained that cup size is not very reliable and varies by manufacturer. Its very subjective, plus most people are wearing the wrong size bra anyway. He wanted me to bring in wish pics so I have been all over Realself looking for the "Dream" lol. I was wearing a DD bra I have at my consultation with was great because when I was trying on implants I could see which one filled the bra up to its former glory :-). Anyway, I found this information on the net about size and playing with size that I would helpful so here it is:

Take a knee-high stocking and fill it with rice. For starters, try 300 cc's or 350 cc's. (There are 30 cc's to an ounce, which means that 10 ounces is 300 cc's.) Use a measuring cup for accuracy. Flatten out the rice in the hose and place it inside your non-padded bra. What do you think? Add or subtract rice based on how it looks.
Some women may prefer to use water in a Ziploc bag to get an idea of breast implant sizes. Allergan Inc., maker of the Natrelle collection of implants, offers a pre-consultation kit that includes sample implants and a profile bra to help women make these important choices about breast size before surgery.
These are also ways to communicate your desires and expectations with your plastic surgeon. He or she will then try to meet these goals with an anatomically appropriate implant choice.
Remember that volume refers solely to size, not breast shape. If your breasts have changed shape, a breast lift in conjunction with breast implants can help raise and firm your breasts.

Whole new world of possibilities

Having a large chest my whole life a lot of consideration goes into tops. No low back dresses, strapless, halter top or spaghetti straps. Why??? Well the breasts were large but never perky, even as a teen. So I had to make sure to wear the right engineered equipment. Also heavy breast that hang hurt the neck. So I had to make sure that all my bathing suits were bra top. Even one peice suits were a challenge if the breasts weren't supported. Strapless bras are a nightmare with all the weight of large saggy breasts. I can't tell you the embarrassment when the girls would pop out of a top or swim wear. Soon those days are over :-)!

Front open bra & paper tape

Today I purchased two inexpensive front open bras for after my breast augment. I also got some paper tape recommended by the realself Docs for scarring. only thing left is milk of magnesia or laxative and I should have everything the nurse recommended. well the paper tape I got all my own, I wanted to get something for scarring and looked at what people asked the Docs in the past and seems like paper tape is the way to go!?!

to implant or not to implant

I'm starting to have second thoughts about the implants. I definitely want the lift. I started thinking about the implants when I realize that I would probably be smaller. As a former D looking at maybe being a B I definitely wanted to be bigger than that. I a crunchy person, organic, national, non GMO excetera. How do I justify an implant in my body when I'm all about the natural. I feel like everything else in my life is about trying to remove chemicals (food/skin care/cleaning products), but the implants are these 2 round bags of chemicals. But I really really want them lol. I guess I have to decide if I'm willing to be a hypocrite to have amazing boobs? Sigh....

Still producing milk

It's been nearly 5 months since my youngest decided she didn't want to breastfeed anymore and I'm still making milk. Not enough that my breasts are engorged obviously because they're flat as pancakes but if I were to give my nipples a squeeze I would still get some milk. I wonder if that's going to be a problem with the breast augment or if its normal to have some continual lactation. I've basically either been breastfeeding or pregnant for the last 4 years so maybe that's just my body's new normal. Side note I do not blame breastfeeding for my saggy boobs. Please breastfeed your children lol, I will probably end up with better breasts after all this work haha. I think the weight gain & the weight loss with the pregnancies and yoyo dieting was the main cause. Also pumping makes made my body produce more milk than naturally possible (46oz a day!) So I was constantly engorged then empty. That's my PSA :-)

Wish Pics

Hopefully this process will leave me with boobs that look like this!

Wish Pics 2

Rice Sizers: I think 400cc gonna be too big

Paid for the process in full today! Now that is official I made done rice sizers. I'm thinking 400cc to big now. I like the way 350cc looks. Maybe go 375cc to account for the loss of tissue due to the lift.

3 week mark!

I am so excited about having pretty breasts soon! The time is just flying by. I think I'm most excited about the lift but when I start to get cold feet about the employer's I put it in the rice sizers with a nice dress and I get excited about the improvement and old cold feet are resolved. I feel like I'm prepared but there's still that anxiousness due to the unknown factors but everything that I can control for I have so nothing to do but pray and look forward to the light at the end results!

No caption required, photo says it all

very happy with breasts

Very happy w/ how the breasts turned out. I thought I was gonna get 400s but when I woke up my husband told me my PS put in 440s based on my wish pics. I'm glad too, perky and large without being "stripper" boobs.

ace wrap

Worst part about all this is wrapping my breasts up high near the underarms. So painful, but I'm gonna do everything I've been instructed to do. PS said that it was necessary to keep implants from sitting to high. I can't do it all day, just here and there as tolerated. I can't say enough about dr.gregory ruff and his nurses, Kristy and Cindy. They are the best! Glad I went through with it all

Beautiful Boobs

Never in my life have I had perky, it's awesome! Glad I had the lift and implants too or I'd be a small B or worse I'm sure. Anchor lift took a lot of skin/breast removal to get my saggy sad boobs in the right position. had a tummy tuck too so the nipple placement is higher than it looks on the pics because I'm bent over still. TT review separate, it came first then boob review because they were an after thought. Wearing ace wrap underarm like PS wants, he says this will keep them from looking "to high in the pocket" or "HP". They look HP now but hopefully with continued ace wearing they will look more moderate profile. I can only really see how big they are in a bikini top, I'm clothes they don't look perfect on my frame. Like medium/large youthful breasts. I love the size ;-)!

photo grid


Drop already! 440cc silicone under muscle

Had my 2 wk checkup up, breasts healing well. I have a little raw area on one nipple that needs some neoprene but PS not concerned, neither am I. Implants still riding high, PS wants me to wear ace wrap tighter and use RN Kristy's sock suggestion. It does make it more comfortable so I'll do the sock/ace wrap when at home. I know I didn't wear ace wrap enough week one. PS likes to see progress at 2-3 wks then I don't have to wear ace wrap unless I notice implants riding up again. I'm willing to wear it as tight as I can stand so I can stop wearing the ace wrap! Now that I can see exactly what is my tissue and exactly where the implants are I feel like I could have gone without implants, what was left is a nice size. I'll reserve my final opinion for when the implants settle though. Either way I'm SO happy with the anchor lift & trying to be patient w/ the implants. I also had TT at the same time and the implants are the worst part of recovery. Finding tops high enough to hide the ace wrap has been a challenge. Trying to think long-term though, I know it will all be worth it. I'm hoping to look back on this whiney post in a year and say "girl you were tripn, look at these boobs!" ;-)

32 DDD sister size 34 DD - VS

Sized at Victoria ' s Secret, 32 DDD. I don't feel like I'm that large. I'm proportionate, my breasts don't overpower me. I do wonder what they would have looked like without implants. I feel like I retained a lot of breast. I got the implants because I thought I would go from a saggy C to a perky B (or worse) after the anchor lift.....far smaller than my former D. Afterwards I saw my PS was able to lift me and lots of boob remained. These implants up in my neck seems like lol, I know they gonna drop. Caring for them worse than TT, would have been painless process w/out them. Just wondering, still happy w/ results though. Looking forward to them dropping to really see what the deal is.

5 wk checkup

Breasts healing great, incisions look great. Breast still not dropping. We gonna give it time, PS says worst case scenario we will go in & widen the pocket. No additional cost except supplies they use. Hopefully it won't come to that as I don't wanna start all over again. Fingers crossed! If he does have to go in I'd be tempted to go bigger, if they drop I'm happy right were I am.

6 wks

6 wks, hope they'd drop on their own


Hi! Not much to report. Implants still riding high. Will be ecstatic when they drop but until then wearing the wrap as much as I can stand. Breasts look so great wrapped ;-) keeps me motivated. My incisions look great, barely have a horizontal scar & gets better each month. Toodles

Going well

Hello all, things are going well. Boobs dropping slowly but surely. Can't wait for next summer :-).

I came across this myth vs. fact article from cracked. #4 is silicone breast implants. More proof of their safety.

Here are some fresh pics as well. The tops are VS 34D that I bad to have like 2 days after surgery. Well I measure 34DD/32DDD so they are small. Have patience and wait before buying new items lol! Cheers!
Chapel Hill Plastic Surgeon

Dr.Ruff and staff are fantastic! Dr. Ruff looked at my wish pics and made my dreams come true. I thought I was getting 400cc based on the sizers over my breasts but once he got in there he went with 440cc. When I did the rice sizers 400 looked huge but after the anchor lift I must have lost a lot of tissue. I'm glad I trusted him enough to make that call because 400cc would have been way smaller than I wanted. You have to find a plastic surgeon that you feel confident in and you can trust to look at your wish pictures and give you the results you want. Dr Ruff has gone to all the right schools, is highly educated and his years and years of experience. He is up to date on the latest technology and only practices evidence based medicine.

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