32 Years Old, Finally Doing Something for my Crooked Overcrowded Teeth. Channahon, IL

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I went to consulation last month , it's costing me...

I went to consulation last month , it's costing me 2995 out of pocket. Last week I went in to approve treatment plan. I need four wisdom teeth and one other tooth extracted before I start. My official first day will be June 18 to start treatment, I will have attachments on almost all visible teeth. I will have 39 trays switching weekly....which I'm not sure why since every other review says 2. I will post before pics on day of.

still waiting

I will have my wisdom teeth removed in 4 days and will get my first set of aligners on June 18th????

wisdom teeth removed

I had my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday...next Thursday I will go in for first set of aligners...I wonder if it will be too soon in healing process

tomorrow is the first day

I am going in tomorrow for my first set of aligners. I would have started weeks ago but I had trouble with the healing of getting my wisdom teeth out. I'm excited...it seems like forever since I was in looking at clincheck.

day 2 od tray 1

I went in yesterday to get my attachments and first trays on...I have a total of 14 attachments 6 are on all upper front teeth so they are very noticeable. It looks like I'm weearing clear braces. I feel a tightness in them. An annoying pain, I have to get used to them although I feel like ripping them out every second...getting them outdo eat wasn't as difficult as I thought it wouldbe. I will be switching weekly so every Wednesday night.


5 days in

It's my 5 th day and my first day back to work with trays in...the soreness has completely gone away but I am talking with a lisp and a few ppl have noticed I have them. I'm not to find of brushing my teeth in public restroom(of course first day I do it's packed on there)..ill have to get used to it I guess. I've been averaging 22 or 23 hours a day with them in. I'm going to keep trying for 23 all the time. I switch to tray 2 on Wednesday night????

halfway through 3rd week

Not much has happened l Im on my 3rd tray which I will switch out Thursday morning, this one wasn't too bad with soreness the only soreness I have had is my 2 front teeth which makes it hard to chew. Other than that I'm pretty used to them. I try to keep them in for at least 22 to 23 hours a day, it's easier to do it on weekdays though. I do have a little gap where the tray sits on my top tooth. Called my dentist and he said to wait until my appt at end of month but should be ok.

8 weeks in 8th set

I switched to my 8th tray on Monday. I'm feeling a difference when I floss, not visually though. I am still keeping them in at least 22 hours a day especially first few days after I switched. I can't wait to see results time is going faster than I thought...32 weeks left haha

tray 10 week 10

Hello, just an update on my trays..i do see a difference now in my two front teeth. My teeh especially the front two are really sore. Making me not really want to eat.

19 set tomorrow

I will be switching to tray 19 tomorrow, my only concern is one of my front teeth has become extremely sensitive the last few days and I'm hoping this is somewhat normal,I go to dentist tomorrow

Refinement stage

So I haven't been on here for a long time, I am done with my original 37 trays, I started my refinement stage last Wednesday and I will have 25 new trays I believe. I have more attachments. To be honest I am not happy at all with my results thus far. I should have went to a more experienced provider. I don't think my dentist knows much about it after dealing with him.
Dr Eric Salud

So far Dr has been helpful in answering my questions. He seems to really care about results

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