At-Home MUAC TCA Peels (12.5% - 15% - 18%)

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I am 44 and trying to correct facial scarring,...

I am 44 and trying to correct facial scarring, large pores, crow's feet + sun damage. I was scarred by a dermabrasion (NOT microdermabrasion) and have paid thousands over the years for laser resurfacings with little improvement. I have been researching TCA peels and figured I'd give it a try. After reading reviews on RealSelf, I decided to try MUAC's at-home 12.5% and 15% TCA peels. I'm glad I chose MUAC because they are a reputable company and provided clear instructions. I also watched YouTube clips on how to apply this peel which I found helpful. I prepped my skin by using glycolic acid for a week prior to the peel (but do not use the day of the peel). I did a spot test with both percentages and nothing happened with the 12.5% peel so when I did the full face peel, I used the 15% peel. My skin is very tough so I already had a feeling I'd need to start with a higher percentage. I think the 12.5% peel is good for those with sensitive skin or for maintenance touch-ups. I did 2 layers of the 15% peel and felt nothing with the first layer but the second layer stung a little bit but using a handheld fan in front of my face helped. My face never turned brown but I noticed a waxy look in certain spots and those were the spots that peeled. My skin started peeling on Day 2. During all of this I felt like I could go out in public (with sunscreen, of course). After the 2 days of antibiotic ointment, I highly recommend using CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion (buy @ Walmart, etc.). I'd say my peeling was complete by Day 4 and it wasn't much.

I have now purchased the 18% TCA peel and plan to try that next since my skin did so well with the 15%. I had realistic expectations that one peel was not going to magically transform my skin overnight so I already knew I'd need 2 to 3 peels to see noticeable improvement but for now I am very pleased with the results and happy that I found something so inexpensive that I can use at-home.

9-1-2012: I am now on my third TCA peel. For...

9-1-2012: I am now on my third TCA peel. For this peel I used the 18% TCA peel. I applied twice to my entire face/undereye area, neck, chest and tops of hands. I have found it comparable to the 15% peel so I think the next time I purchase the TCA peel I will try the 21%. As I said, my skin is tough so I should have known I could handle a higher percentage. I am noticing that my scars and wrinkles are softer but NOT erased and it appears to be reversing the sun damage because my skin looks fresher, even younger. I am very happy I have decided to do these at-home TCA peels because I definitely see more improvement than what I got with any laser resurfacing for thousands of dollars less. I still highly recommend using CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion, it really helps keep skin moist while peeling. I am ecstactic to have found a low cost at-home skin treatment that truly improves my skin.
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