Co2 Fractional Knew on my Chart I Get Cold Sores and Did Not Give Me Nothing. I Am a Mess! - Chandler, AZ

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Hello well let me start out by saying I am female...

Hello well let me start out by saying I am female 37 years old. I go to a med spa to have Botox every four months and the nurse told me about the co2 fractional. She told me it give me a more youthful look this place is in Chandler Arizona. I am not going to give the med spas name cause I don't know what direction I am gonna go with this. So I decided to make an appointment for me and my husband. I went in there and paid the day before cause if my husband knew how much they were he would not go through with it. So as I was paying I asked if there was anything I needed to take for procedure. The lady in front asked someone in the back and came back and told me no. I also called later that evening and spoke to the nurse and she said no.

So me and my husband show up at 9:30 and they call me back and the assistant has my file and starts prepping me for the procedure. She put numbing cream on my face. Than the nurse came in and put some mess in my vein and put the protective lens in my eyes. After that she went to work on my face. My husbands appointment was not till 1 but they said they would squeeze him in after me. I felt bad for my husband as they did not put no numbing cream on him. Even the assist was surprised. My husband has a tolerance to pain as he was a crab fisherman in Alaska for eleven years. This pain was almost not tolerable. He had to ask them to give him a moment a couple times .

After the procedure he was very swollen and bloody. The nurse wrote him a prescription for pain pills as his face was on fire with no numbing cream! We came home and did all the things it said to on the home instructions. We were both healing up, in fact I thought I was gonna heal before him. On the morning of day five is when my nightmare began. I woke up with blisters groups of blisters and welts all over my face. Except none on my lips. I was horrified and started doing research and found out I have herpes 1 all over my face. I get a cold sore once every 6 months or so. I should of been given valtrex so that my face would not do this. I called the doctor and he called me in valtrex and an antibiotic.all this could of been prevented. They just needed to look in my chart. The young medical assistant was incompetent as well as the nurse.

I am on day 7 and have blister and welts. My husband went back to work day five. I am so sad. Easter is in two days and I can't even leave the house to get Easter baskets as well as go to church on Sunday which I will go no matter. I am also a Realtor and have clients I can't take out. I don't know how long this is going last or if it's going to scar. I have never had scars on my face. I will post some pictures. I put to much trust in incompetent people.if anyone else has had this problem please tell me your outcome.

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