Age 32, Invisalign w/ Acceledent Journey to Correct Crossbite, Crowding, and Narrow Arches :) - Chandler, AZ

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Hello everyone. I am a 32-year-old professional....

Hello everyone. I am a 32-year-old professional. The only thing that has ever bothered me about me has been my jacked-up smile. So, now that I have good insurance, I decided to fix it and make it perfect. I am a candidate for Invisalign and am using Acceledent with it. I'll document my journey here!

Yikes.. can't wait for my aligners to come in..

Here's my smile right now.. just waiting for the aligners to come in so I can get started. :) I was told i would be using Invisalign for 18 months, but with Acceledent, that time will be cut in half.. so roughly 9 months to a nice smile. Hard to believe Invisalign will be able to fix this jacked-up grill in 9 months. I am sure I will need refinements, as I am a perfectionist and my smile is pretty jacked up, but we will see. My smile is very small.. so I will need lots of movement of my top teeth to widen that arch. I'm excited to finally fix what has bothered me my entire life.

Wanting a WIDER smile

So, part of the reason why I'm doing Invisalign is that I want to widen my smile. As you can see, it's really narrow. Thankfully, this is possible now with the use of Invisalign. :) No need for a palate expander. Invisalign will widen my top teeth to make room for them to fit over my bottom teeth. I'm excited about this more than anything, to be honest. I hate my little kid smile.. :P

Anyone have experience with Invisalign widening their smiles?

Patiently waiting...

I have an ortho appointment on Friday. Aligner day. STOKED..

TRAY 1: FINALLY GOT MY ALIGNERS! 35 total. 13 attachments. Found out I will need refinements.

Today was the big day. I got my aligners put in.. and I got my attachments as well. I'm a little concerned because only part of my back wisdom tooth was scanned, so my aligners aren't totally wrapping around that one tooth. But I contacted the Ortho and will see what that's about.

In any event, I need 35 aligners. Which will be 35 weeks (thanks Acceledent!)

I have them in right now, and I must say, they are comfy and don't bother me at all. The only crappy part was brushing/flossing after eating breakfast. But I love taking care of my teeth. So it wasn't that big of a deal.

You can see based on my pics that I'm going to undergo quite a transformation. My smile is EXTREMELY narrow, so Invisalign will widen it significantly. I'm really excited about fixing my smile. You all have NO idea. This is going to be a quick but fun journey.

I will need refinements because the widening of my smile will invariably cause a gap in my teeth towards the middle/front. You can see it in the photos. We will either fill in those teeth to make them bigger (not opposed to that) or will continue to get them closer together if possible.

I'll keep all of you posted. I don't go back in to see my Ortho (pending my issue with the scan -- I'll attach the photo so you can see what I'm talking about) for 8 weeks.. so by then, I'll definitely see widening of my smile.

Super excited to try out Accelendent tonight too. Will let you all know what that is like!

Just a few more pics - Day One

Thoughts after nearly a week!!

Hello everyone!!!! :) Here are my thoughts after going through this for almost a week (change into my second set of aligners on Friday night!!!):

(1) Accelendent is awesome! It's lightweight. You put on the mouthguard, pop it in your mouth (while aligners are on), gently bite down on the mouthguard, turn it on, and it vibrates/pulsates gently for 20 minutes, then shuts off. It's like a mouth/teeth massage! Totally safe. Not harmful, even on the bonding on the front two teeth that I chipped years ago (I was worried about that). It's amazing and highly recommended. After using it each night, my teeth and mouth feel really good and the soreness goes away for the rest of the night so I can sleep.

(2) But my teeth are still tender/sore, even 6 days in. I experienced almost no pain during the first day, but sure enough, during the weekend, the pain started. I think it's because ALL of my teeth are moving. Not just one or two.. but as you can see based on my ClinCheck photos, my smile is extremely narrow, my top teeth are moving DOWN, my teeth are all moving out, my snaggleteeth is turning, turning, turning. So everything is moving. I think it'll be more painful for me than for others who don't need as much work done. At least the pain has lessened a little each day, but my front teeth are still sensitive.

(3) The trays have gotten easier to remove. The bottom trays come out easily (due to no attachments on the front teeth), but the top trays still require a little magic touch to get them out. I still feel like I'm going to rip out my top teeth, or at least the attachments. But it has gotten easier. :)

(4) Brushing and flossing and mouthwashing have become my best friends. So, I made a little "dental kit" that I brought to work. It includes: Plackers flossers (makes flossing cake!), Listerine Zero mouthwash (I rinse with water after), Sensodyne Extra Whitening toothpaste, toothbrushes (2, just in case), RetainerBrite, and my extra set of aligner cases. I haven't had to use the RetainerBrite at work yet (I do it at night before bed), but it's there just in case. Anyway, I walk to the work bathroom and hit up the far sink for my 5-7 minutes of teeth maintenance. It feels good taking care of my teeth. I think I'll keep this up afterwards. :)

(5) Timing meals and teeth cleaning process with my phone stopwatch app. I've been using my phone stopwatch app each day to time my meals and tooth maintenance. I've been under 2 hours every single day. I usually take about 20-25 mins for breakfast, 25-30 mins for lunch, and the rest for dinner/snacking after I hit up the gym after work. It's worked out great. No complaints. To help me get more calories (I'm a snacker), I have a BlenderBottle I leave at work, along with a tub of Whey Protein. This is part of my breakfast. :)

(6) I can't have protein right after my workouts. Which sucks. I used to workout, lift weights, them slam a protein in the sauna/jacuzzi/steam room. Not anymore. Just water for me. The protein/creatine has to wait til I get home. Oh, which reminds me: aligners are safe to wear while in the sauna or steam room. The hot temperatures do not matter in this environment (verified with ortho), because the aligners are in your mouth anyway. :)

(7) People have noticed I'm wearing them. Because I have 13 attachments, including lining my top teeth (which show a lot when I talk and smile). If the attachments weren't there, these really would be virtually invisible. From 4-6 feet away, you can't see anything. But any closer, and you can tell I'm wearing them. But this doesn't bother me. At least I'm getting my teeth fixed, unlike a lot of people I work with. :) I'm becoming less and less self-conscious of them, and actually, have told a few people at work that I'm wearing them and proud to be wearing them. :D

I think that's it for initial thoughts. The aligners don't really smell or anything. They have cut up the inside of my mouth and tongue a little bit, but I'll get used to it so it won't bother me anymore. I know it. My breath has not been affected by them.. if anything, it's fantastic because I'm brushing, flossing, and cleaning the aligners so much (I used to be a gum chewer.. not anymore!).

If anyone has questions or comments, let me know!!!

Tray 12 - WOW! Flying by!

Hello! I haven't updated in quite some time because, honestly, this has been so easy, effortless, and amazing. Acceledent is awesome. I get to change my trays every 7 days, and honestly, they feel loose and I tend to play with them (pop them in and out nervously) after about day 3-4. So I bet I could change them sooner. I recommend Invisalign to ANYONE who wants straight teeth with little to no hassle. My teeth are definitely getting straighter, my smile is widening, and my confidence is BOOMING. Let me know if you have any personal questions, and I'll do my best to answer them. 1/3 of the way done, baby!!!!! --Brody

Moving on to tray 23. 2/3 of the way there!

Nothing to report, except that my confidence is SKY HIGH. Look at the changes!!!!

29 Trays Later... and what can I say.. I can't stop smiling!

Check out the difference! I have several more trays left, then I'm on to ROUND 2.. refinements!! I must say, this was the best decision I have EVER made. People keep telling me they LOVE my smile.. yet back in February, I was too embarrassed to even open my mouth while close to people.

INCREDIBLE. If you are questioning whether to go ahead with Invisalign, take it from me (and Shia LaBeouf.. LOL)... JUST... DO IT!!!!

Close up of my smile.. 29th Tray

Two more trays to go... then.... refinements!

Wow.. the first round is about complete. I'm on trays 33 of 35. I see my ortho in a couple of weeks to get rescanned and go through the refinement period (get rid of the gaps, etc.)

This has been TOTALLY worth it. Every single person I run into has said they LOVE my smile. :) :) :) I'll keep you all posted!!!!


Could not be happier!!! Almost refinement time!

Waiting game... Round 2, coming up!

So, I just saw my ortho, got scanned again, some IPR to make more room, and I now have to wait until November 17th for my second set of aligners. My teeth tracked pretty well, but there are gaps that need to close up. So I'm going through Round 2 soon. I have my 35th tray in for the next few weeks until my new aligners come in. I'll post a clincheck and new timeline and photos once I get my second round of trays in.

This is so worth it!!

Refinements, refinements, refinements

Just when you think you're close... refinements!!! I have 28 trays to further widen my smile, to correct my bite, to fill in the gaps left after my initial round, etc. The good news is that I can change my trays every 5 days now, so it's flying. I'm already on tray 5. It's no big deal.

I have an appointment in January.. so I'll keep you all posted!!!

Thank you 2016

It has been an awesome year of transformation. My smile is looking INCREDIBLE. I can't wait to continue this journey.

Appointment Scheduled for 3/6 - Build up and Another Set


Because my two lateral incisors are small, there will still be gaps after the second round of treatment. In order for my teeth to look normal, I will need my orthodontist to build these two teeth up, and then I will need to go through another set of trays.

But my smile looks fantastic, so I don't mind going through as many rounds as possible to get this perfect.

Well worth it!!!

ONE YEAR CHECK IN: So many differences, end of round 2

Hey all! I decided to post a "first tray" pic vs. a current tray pic, as I've had Invisalign for a year of my life now. I believe this is about Tray 60. With Accelendent (and now changing my trays out once every 5 days, before every 7 days), this has been a breeze.

I go back in on March 6th to build up my top lateral incisors (you can see that they aren't moving down as much as they should in the pic, and they aren't big enough so without the trays, I have gaps between them and my cuspids.) Then I'll get rescanned and go through another round of trays (hopefully not more than 20-30 or so). Then, maybe refinements to get it absolutely perfect. Then I'll be done.

But wow.. look at the difference already!!! So many things to notice, particularly the widening of my smile, my top teeth moving down, my bottom teeth moving out... so awesome!!! :D

If anyone is wondering, this is WELL worth it!!!! My biggest insecurity is now what I am most confident about. :)

Brody's Almost Done!

So.. I went in today and got my front teeth shaped more, and got my lateral incisors built up. Then, I got scanned.

I'm wearing my last tray with parts of it cut so my incisors can fit. I'll wear this until my trays arrive (March 30 appointment).

My smile is looking great! Not much left after this stretch run. Maybe IPR next time on the lower teeth to make the top fit tighter, and maybe some work to line up my two top front teeth a bit.

Loving the process!!
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