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Just over three weeks ago I had a liter of fat...

Just over three weeks ago I had a liter of fat removed from my back and love handles and placed in my breasts. I'm 42, in decent shape, 5' 9", 140ish lbs. I have breastfed four kids and my breasts were saggy. I've always had little fat on my belly. It accumulates on my sides, back and thighs. I had lipo to my thighs a few years ago with minimal bruising and great results. There are only a handful of doctors in Phoenix that do a fat transfer to the breasts. After several consults, I chose Ciao Bella Medical Spa, Dr. Mata. I chose them for experience and cost.

I was under twilight anesthesia for the procedure. It knocked me out from my procedure until the next morning. Although my breasts look badly bruised in the pictures, they hurt the least. My lower back was sore from the first day. When I first took the garment off there was a lump on my lower back. I figured it was swelling. The next week the bump was still there. I was thrilled to bits with my breasts at this point. Second week, the site to the right of the lump started a constant flow of fluid. I felt run down. I figured it was the lump draining. The incision became more irritated over the next few days until I felt like I had the flu. I spent a day taking Tylenol but my fever wouldn't lower from 102-103. My husband is military and went on orders for five weeks. I asked my mother in law and friend to get the kids. I drove to the emergency room for some antibiotics. I told the emergency room staff I had lipo and fat transfer. They took an X-ray of the site and said there was a pocket of fluid 17x17x5.5 cm underneath the site infected and it was resting on my lower spine. Because my blood pressure wouldn't rise above 80/40 and my fever wasn't going down they admitted me. They called Ciao Bella to get the "it's after hours call 911 if this is an emergency". I spent the weekend eating Jello and being pumped with antibiotics in the hospital until the staff return to Ciao Bella on Monday. The general surgeon called Dr. Mata on Monday and asked if he would like drain the site or if he was okay to do it. Dr. Mata said he would do it. I was released from the hospital to see Dr. Mata the next day. You would have thought I had called the channel nine news the way the doctor reacted. First, they had me in this chair that didn't lay flat, I was on my stomach and laying at an odd concave angle. There was no removing of my clothes. My skirt was pulled down, my top was pulled up and Dr. Mata, as fast as he could, pulled four large syringes of fluid out. Then told me he had given me his phone number and he could have done it that fast in the office without me going to the hospital. Honestly, I got the impression he was showing me the speed at which he could do it and his ego had been bruised by another surgeon calling. The nurse in the room was telling him that there was more fluid in there to which he responded, "it will come out". Come out how? He asked to see me the following Friday. I was tired, playing catch up and had brain fog. I showed up for my appointment the same Friday, my mistake. Dr. Mata was not in but I explained the fluid was beginning to repool in the same area and it would be great it another doctor could aspirate it. In comes Dr. Zavala. He takes a look and says, "Drains were not placed back here?". I told him no. Then I start with the one site got infected and I went to the hospital....I didn't need to say anymore. When I said hospital the Doctor went off, "emergency staff and not the brightest bunch, you didn't have an infection, I'm not aspirating the fluid, I had a patient that went to the hospital one time, ruined my work....." Apparently "hospital" is a real button pusher for the Drs at Ciao Bella. The doctor left. The nurse provided me with a second copy of my pre-op paperwork reminding me I would be swollen, cancelled my appointment for next week and told me the next time they would see me would be for post op pics. Hmmm, I don't think so. At this point I'm tired of feeling lousy about going to the hospital with a 103 fever and blood pressure of a corpse. I'm going to see if the surgeon who did my thigh lipo will watch the lump at an agreed upon price. To add to all of this at week three I have lost about 70% of the fat in my breasts and I know I can keep loosing up to 4 months.

I wish I hadn't spent the money on this procedure. My body is run down. My breasts are slightly heavier and my back feels like it has a water balloon on it.

Pics of back after fluid was removed and now coming back

Adding back pics

Before and three weeks later

For comparison
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