5'6 140lbs 2 BF Kids Inspira SRF - Champaign, IL

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BOOBS! I have always loved them and wanted them....

BOOBS! I have always loved them and wanted them. My inner goddess wants them. I am doing this for me, but I am certainly going to enjoy my husband enjoying them too! I have nursed two children and my boobs did the normal inflate and deflate. I am now left with droopy puppy dog ears and am looking forward to making them attractive and fun! I want that natural curve but full volume...you know borderline classy/did she get her boobs done look!
I have been to two consultations. One with Dr Kurley in Champaign, Illinois and one with Dr Sommers in Springfield, Illinois. I will admit Dr K didn't give me the warm fuzzies the first time I met him. However, he was obviously very experienced and you could tell was confident in his abilities as a surgeon and treated my husband and I with the utmost respect. My husband was very impressed. Dr K explained all of the basics of breast augmentation, incision types, implant types, and what he thought would work best for me. Dr K does the rapid recovery process. He then had me change discreetly and took me to another room to take my measurements which were taken very thoroughly. My BWD is 14. Dr K says in his 28 years of surgery he has found that most women don;t like boob under their armpit so he measures from the inside of the cleavage to right to the outside of the armpit to get BWD. He also likes to stay at 1.5cm less than BWD but siad he would do 1cm. He is conservative and does like natural results. He gave me 3 sizer options (360, 390, and 420) and my husband and I tried each option. It is very overwhelming at first and the 420cc did seem enormous, but now after all the research and getting comfortable with the idea, I don't think they will be big enough. I needed some time to process it all. I am a thinker. Really I am an over thinker. So I left with the intention to schedule.
I have had several girlfriends have their augmentations with him and they are all extremely satisfied with their results. Since openly talking about it, I have run across numerous others who have used him and swear by his rapid recovery.
I felt like I owed it to myself to have a second consult so I went to see Dr Sommers. Her office uses resident surgeons and I was a little uncomfortable with so many people in the room. They were very nice and professional, but too "by the book" if that makes sense. We measured but she only took one measurement. Told me my BWD was 15. We looked at sizers and then to do the 3D imaging. I am not terribly impressed with the 3D imaging for the front view. I am a little assymetric and it made my boobs look terrible, Almost scared me out of the whole thing. You will see when I post the pics what I mean. In all I didn't feel like Dr Sommers asked enough questions to find out what I was looking for and just started putting on different implants in the imaging. None of them were the "look" I was going for. I left feeling disappointed and unsure of my decision to even have the surgery.

Before and wish pics

I didn't get these posted oops. Before pics, Vectra pics, and wish boobs

Tomorrow is the big day!

I am staying busy today with work and trying not to think too much about the surgery. I think most of us have those last minute fears we let creep in. I don't even want to entertain those thoughts so I am just going to not think about it. I am very sure of my decision and I don't want anything to take away from what I want. I am 5'6 and currently 145lbs. I did manage to lose 10lbs before the surgery which I am very proud of. I like my curves. I have a nice plump but and just have a little work to do to flatten my stomach and smooth out the thighs. I got Ashley Blacks fascia blaster which is awesome btw! But I only used it once because I didn't want to be banged up for surgery. I will get right back to it afterwards. I hope to lose 8 more lbs and maintain that. Macy's was having end of season clearance so I picked up some great bras to get me through the next 6 months while they change and only spent $50 for 6 of them! I also picked up a danskin at walmart with a front zip closure. For now I am as ready as I will ever be. I will put some more before pics up tomorrow and just to refresh anyone reading I am getting 450cc SRF Inspira under the muscle with a crease incision. My BWD was measured at 14.

Surgery day and post op

I was very nervous about anesthesia since I'd never had any surgery, but it was so easy. The Dr came in marked me up, met the CRNA his name was Wally. 41 years experience, super great guy. My dr has 28 years experience so I really felt like I was in great hands. My Dr uses a rapid recovery process. When you wake up from surgery you drink some ginger ale and sit up immediately working your chest muscles to keep them loose. 5 stretches putting your arms straight out to the sides D meeting them in the middle and then 5 arms straight to the side and meeting above your head like you are praying. Have to do that hourly and then ice 20 minutes every hour. Slept great last night so good we almost slept through my check in today lol.

At post op appointment today he added two new things to do to keep chest muscles loose and help move the implant in place. Take your palm wide open to your boob and push to your back. First time hurt but now is much easier. Second one was to push the boobs in together to start working cleavageand keep muscles loose. Got the beautiful surgical bra to wear for 2 weeks. I asked about sports bras he said no that those don't have adjustable straps and will delay dropping. Felt so good today my family and I went to Cracker Barrel afterwards for breakfast. Hit up Best Buy and then target before coming home. I'm definitely a believer in the rapid recovery.

One of my nipples is naturally slightly assymetrical. My PS says we will see where it ends up in 6 months when things settle and if it bothers me enough we will do a mastopexy on one side to match the other.
Stat recap 5'6 145lb preop 36B got 450cc under the muscle with crease incision. Inspira SRF

Post op day 2

Outside playing with the kids today. Feeling great as long as I take the Advil every 4 hours. My doc doesn't prescribe pain medicine. I forgot to mention in the previous post I think that to stretch my ps has me laying on my stomach 15 minutes a day until it's no longer uncomfortable. I also received an anti nausea patch to put behind my ear before surgery so I didn't get sick from anesthesia which I haven't so that's been great! Here's a pic from today. This is 2 days after surgery. My nipple placement is my only disappointment, but I knew that going in. We will see how they settle over the next 6 months and do mastopexy to even then out if necessary.
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