Functional Septoplasty/Rhinoplasty/Turbinate Reduction - Chambersburg, PA

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So 2 months ago I went to the wonderful ENT that...

So 2 months ago I went to the wonderful ENT that removed my 2 year old daughters tonsils & adenoids to discuss my breathing problems. He took one look at my nose and said that I would most definately need Septoplasty and Rhinoplasty. Apparently it is so crooked that a simple septoplasty will not be enough. He said he will also be placing speaker grafts so that my nose doesn't collapse when I breath in.

I have ALWAYS wanted to get my nose fixed. I was tortured growing up by kids and well even if I wasn't it is so incredibly crooked and I am SO self concious about it. With my husband supporting myself and our 3 children on one modest income it is not something that I can afford to see a plastic surgeon for anytime soon. My insurance is covering the entire procedure, 100%. I will take that for now and hopefully be happy with what I get and not want a revision later on down the road. I'm trying to remain realistic. As crooked as my nose is I cannot expect perfection, I will be happy with a cosmetic improvement along with being able to breathe normally.

I'm nervous about everything. The anesthesia, recovery, amount of pain I will be in afterwards...but most of all I'm nervous about how it will look. I will update this post regularly after my procedure.

Day of procedure

Ok. So I hear a lot of people saying that it's not that bad..just pressure...more annoying than painful etc.

I am in A LOT of pain. So much so that 2 5mg Percocet are not even touching the pain. I am hoping tomorrow is a little better. I did not even want to leave the surgery center due to my pain level but they said there was nothing they could do besides send me to the ER.

I can see at this point that it's still crooked, though not nearly as bad as it was. I can breathe better through my nose already, even with the swelling and stints. So that's great.

Day 2-So much pain

I cannot even describe my pain. 10/10 and that is with 2 Percocet on board. The doctors office is closed and the last thing that I want to do is go to the ER but I am at a loss. From my neck up everything is throbbing, aching, burning, stinging. I have had 2 homebirths and have felt pain before. I would push another baby out in a heartbeat over this.

3rd day

Still in a lot of pain. Had to get a refill for my script. Every time I try to tough it out and take ibuprofen I end up in so much pain that I have a panic attack. I really feel like such a baby about it because I read SO many stories and reviews from other patients and it did not seem so bad. I know everyone reacts differently to these things though. My swelling is getting worse and my left eye is almost swollen shut.

I can still tell that my nose is crooked. Hoping it won't be as bad once swelling goes down. I know he said he wouldn't be able to make it perfectly straight so I was prepared for that.

Day 4

Well I am not by any means feeling great, but I've definitely turned a corner today. I actually felt like getting up out of bed and walking downstairs for a bit. I was able to go 12 hours without taking my pain meds. Still a lot of pressure(which I know won't pass until splints are removed), I'd say my pain without medicine is a 6/10. That's a huge improvement. I'm still extremely swollen. It is starting to move down my face too.

Day 6

Still swollen in my jowls, my jaw actually hurts too and it did not previously. My teeth still ache, I did not mention that before but they have the entire time. Only taking ibuprofen at this point, and Xanax to help me sleep at night. I ventured out of the house today and got plenty of looks but I was OK with it. I'm tired all the time and still feeling really weak. Can't wait for these bruises and the face swelling to go away.

Day 12, cast off & stents out

So I got my cast off & stents out today. The cast did not hurt at all there was so much oil built up it was already sliding off. The smell was terrible! Getting the stents out was really uncomfortable, they were so big but I already knew to expect that. I have had a terrible throbbing head since they were taken out. I can breathe through my nose so well. It is a strange sensation when you have never been able to take a nice deep breath. My nose is still crooked. It literally looks exactly the same. I've cried a lot about it but there isn't anything I can do. I was hoping for it to be much straighter, I knew it most likely would not be perfectly straight. But for it to look exactly the same just sucks. I know it is swollen and the swelling can be more on one side than the other but if you look at my before pictures you'll see it's the same, just bigger from the swelling. I guess I will be saving my money and hopefully in a year or two I can find a surgeon that can correct it. I cannot accept this nose for the rest of my life.
Dr. H. Carter Davidson

Dr. Davidson patiently answered all of my questions and I feel safe in his hands. He did a wonderful job with my daughters surgery as well.

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