23 Year Old with Boobie Dreams. Chadds Ford, PA

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I'm 23 and 5.3 weighing 115 pounds . I had my...

I'm 23 and 5.3 weighing 115 pounds . I had my first consultation yesterday after a year of research on finding the right Dr . So far I am happy with my PS and excited to be on the road to new boobies . I'm not entirely sure how big I want to go but I'd like to be a C cup right now I'm a small B so the PS says but iv always worn a 32 A .

the right size

So I got given homework by my PS to make rice sizers and to figure out what size cup I want to be and then he will decide if my sizers and cup size are cohesive and that we are both on the same page about the breast size I want to be . I am having a little trouble with picking what size I want to be and knowing what will look right on my body . Any suggestions would be great .

surgery date set

So I just put down my deposit today and got my surgery date for the 21st of April so just a few months to go . I'm still indecisive about what size would suit me I don't want to be too big yet I wana at least have some cleavage . My Dr gave me free range and said my breast width was 12 and height 4.5 so he said he could fit whatever I wanted and wasn't limited to a size range . Right now I have my rice sizers at 360cc which is a cup and a half . I'm so excited my PS is running a special for April so I save some money and get to have my boobies sooner .

Wish boobies

So these are the looks I like and would be really happy to get anywhere near them .

my list of things for post surgery

I started getting a few things for surgery like some comfy clothes that I can wear home from the hospital I really had a hard time with what to get but I got a button up flannel and some comfy pants and a zip up hoodie so far . I heard about this company that makes bras and heard a lot of people say they are fantastic so I'm contemplating about buying one it's called brilliant contours. Think the next things on my list are the wedge pillow and gel cold packs and silicone scar sheets I've heard all these things help with recovery . Well I think that's all for now I'm just super excited can't wait for booby day to come sooner .

rice sizers

So I have been messing around with the rice sizers I have about 360cc so 1.5 cups of rice. I think I like this look I think 350 cc will be perfect for me .

Pre op appointment

I have my pre op appointment on Monday and I am so excited . Putting together my folder of papers I need to hand in like my blood work and signed consent forms for surgery and getting together my album of wish boob pics on my phone to show the Dr what I like and don't like . I'm leaning toward 350 or smaller want the Dr to advice on what he thinks will give me a natural full c cup. I haven't told my mom yet and I have been holding off cause I don't want her to say anything bad but I wana tell her because I know she will be mad at me for going for surgery and not telling her . I think I'll wait to pay all my surgery fees to tell her ,that way I can't back out even if I wanted to .

Happy and nervous

So I already had my pre op decided on 350cc don't know the profile . I also have my medications because the script only last 7 says so had to get them before they expired. Still seems like the 21st of April is miles away . But I'm keeping my energy on my wedding planning and our new puppy that we get to bring home in two weeks so that I don't get too caught up on wondering about my boob size being too big for my frame . I recently found out I had h.palori so have been on 2 different antibiotics for the past 14 days just completed that so I should be all good for surgery and good thing I opted for an endoscope to see if I was Allergic to gluten which i am happy to say I am not but they found the tummy infection which explains my bloating so I'm happy about that and it's a quick easy fix and I should be all clear now . Haven't told my Dr yet I think I'll phone and let him know today just so he is aware of it but my GI said I was fine for surgery. Anyways that's my update on my life lol .

3 weeks eeeek

I can't believe that in just 3 weeks I will have boobs I'm still so nervous I feel like 350 may be too big for my body still. I think I will tell the Dr . What a weeks it's been too we got our puppy Saturday and since Tues I have been feeling really sick so off to the Dr today hopefully it's just a tummy bug and not a concussion cause the wind blew open the door right into my head and ever since I've had bad stomach cramps and nausea and just started getting headaches . Anyway that's all I have for now

Just 3 days to go

Well this is it my last week with my bee stings . I have my things for after surgery like my wedge pillow my gel ice packs in the freezer outfit for surgery day . Books and coloring booms to keep me entertained . Bedside set up with chapstick, lotion and baby wipes . My arrival time is 2pm that kinda sucks it's so late and can't eat or drink after midnight . Anyways that's all for now just ready to have my boobies already .

Last few hours with my Itty bittys

My surgery is at 2pm today I'm excited more than I am nervous but am rather hungry since I wasn't allowed to eat or drink after midnight . Oh well I'm sure I will survive . Will update as soon as I am able to after surgery

I have boobs

Everything went great I was in a little bit of pain when I woke up but it's now feeling way better after the pain meds . I have full range of motion in my arms just stretch or trying to open things pull the muscles a little ,not painful but more of a discomfort. I'm hoping I feel this great tomorrow too . Get to see the boobs only to more at my post op when they take the bandage off to check them . Have a pain pump that sends meds straight to my boobs I think that's what is helping me out so much . Well that's all for now I'll update more when I get to see them

2nd day

Well I was meant to update last night but fell asleep with phone in hand . Here is a pic of them they are riding high but I'm feeling ok just a little stiff. Get to take out pain pump get a shower and take off my ace bandage and wear a sports bra .

Day 4

Well yesterday was about the worst for me taking out my pain pump and having an 8 hour drive home felt awful so today I get to just take it easy and relax. I had to go to a funeral so I tried really hard to not be a bother to anyone so I didn't take it as easy as I should have . I love my boobies so far even if my nippy are point to the floor he he I know they will drop and change that lol . Just on Tylenol and antibiotics today since yesterday I stopped my muscle relaxer today I'll only take that if I need it but I think I'm fine without it .

Day 6

So I have been feel like poop the last couple days just cause I feel nauseous all the time .I'm no longer on any meds except my antibiotics. I get so tired so quick with doing anything which is frustrating hoping that stops soon cause back to work Monday . My boobs feel great though no real pain just still tight at the top where my implants are still riding high . Love my new brilliant contours bra wasn't sure about it at first but after wearing it a full day it started to get more comfortable.

9 days

Feel sort of back to myself in terms of getting around and doing things. Chest still feels tight but nothing hurts or is bothersome. Finished my antibiotics and have been off all other meds since day 3 post op . Not to much change with the boobs but here are some updates.

2 week post op

Had my 2 week post op on Monday . He said everything looks great and to start my massages and using bio oil on my incisions. So far I'm so happy with the size I was a little worried they were too big just because nothing fit me anymore and my old bathing suits now make me look like a porn star ha ha .getting used to boobs is hard when you were flat as a board . But I'm so in love with my new boobies . Suprised at how well I felt after surgery and the whole recovery I thought I would be in a lot of pain but after day 3 I stopped all meds and never needed anything for pain after that . I was able to use my arms straight after surgery and ever since then I thought that I wouldn't be able to lift my arms up but I took my first shower by myself and even washed my hair all by myself on day 3 when I was able to take out my pain pump and allowed to take a shower .

5 weeks

Can't believe it's been a month already since having these babies . I am so in love with them I think they are finally starting to drop even if just a little . My incisions kinda hurt I think that's mostly to do with the dropping and my scars are healing really well now . Other than that no pain at all.I find myself waking up on my side and that's comfortable for me since I've always been a side sleeper.


Just had my did week post op on Monday. I'm cleared to do any exercise and wear any bras I want . So yesterday I couldn't stop myself from going into Victoria secret I have a gift card but left it at home so came home with just one bra for now . I feel great my boobies feel a part of me and I can pretty much do anything now , any exercise with chest muscles feel a little weird but other than that I don't even feel my implants .

Been a while

Well it's been a while since I last updated

4 months

so its only been 4 months but i feel like my boobs have always been apart of me now . im so happy i made the decision to get them as i feel like a real woman now . more confident in myself . i just need to loose the weight i gained after surgery thats completely my fault for letting the pounds add on luckily its just a few and with some good eating habits and exercise ill be back to my old self . any way thats about all boobs feel great scars are really lightening up .
Dr Christopher Saunders

He is a great PS from the moment I met him he was very warm and welcoming , I had a friend with me for support and also to make sure I asked all the right questions since for some reason Dr's always scare me and I forget to ask all the questions I wanted to . He answered all our questions and didn't rush anything he was very thorough. I'm definitely happy and confident I chose the right PS for my breasts augmentation.

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