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I have not had the surgery, but I am excited about...

I have not had the surgery, but I am excited about it. I am still in the process of researching more about my breast lift. I am going with Dr.Freiman. He was recommended to me by close family friends. Here's to having the breast I once had before breast feeding. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for breast feeding them, but momma want to look good too. :-)

Surgery Scheduled

OMG!! It has happen so fast. I have battling with this decision for so long. I am a single mom of 6 beautiful children and I have always thought about them...put them first. It hurt me to my core when my daughters would see me and not realize the reason why my breast were flat. I would tell them because I breast fed all of you. It still hurt when they looked and made faces at my breast BUT guess what??? As soon as the 15th of August, the flatness will no longer take precedence over my life. lol I have a schedule date and I pray all goes well and I will have confidence back. Don't get me wrong...I have good self esteem and confidence but c'mon ladies...we look HOTT filling out those bras we always wanted to wear and better going braless. lol

Tickets brought

Theres no turning back now...well I can up until the day of surgery BUT I do not think I will do that. I am super excited! I will post before and after photos the week of surgery. I just want to make sure I do not chicken out. lol

A little confused

I have read some many posts/reviews about what to take to surgery. I am out of the state where I am having my surgery. I want to be prepared before I get there because I might have to travel alone. I have family in the state where I am going but I want less stress on them as well as myself (post op). If I can bring what I need with me, that would be great. So many different things to bring. Do I need to buy bigger bras or get maternity bras for post op? Do I need to buy bigger shirts for post op? B/c the lifting and reaching up. Will the PS let me tell me all this stuff at pre op? I think I am letting my nerves get the best of me. Pls forgive me...I just would like to be prepared. Thanks

Time is vastly approaching

I spoke with my coordinator, Yadira (she's the best) and she said everything is good and still a go. WooHoo! Yadira is so sweet, answered ALL my questions eventhough I know I asked her the same questions several times, and she was very comforting. Gosh I wish I could bottle that up and take with me on the plane b/c I do not like flying. :)
I told my sister, that I want to eat everything I can before 10 pm the night prior to my surgery, lol. Nope, I am for real because I know I will sleep the whole day of my surgery. :) Ok, I just need to release a little nervousness with all of you. Thanks for the ear. :)

Posting pics

I have a review with pics, but it's not loading. I will try again

Old boobies

Tomorrow is the day!!

Yes, tomorrow is the day and I am excited! I am happy as well, until the meds wear off, lol. Ok, that's the nerves. I know the pics are late and I will post the new boobies later. I was just self conscious but after tomorrow I will flaunt my new girls! Is there anything else I should know it do? Thanks


I am 2 days post op and my skin is stretched (I know b/c of the surgery) but it's stretched that I can feel stretch marks forming. What do any of you suggest to do for the swelling or stretched skin?

New boobies

I am 2 days post op and still a little sore. You can see the tightness in the skin being pulled. It wasn't too much pain for me, mostly just being sore. On Monday, I go back to see the dr, hopefully my PS because I have a lot of questions to asks that Dr. Ortega couldn't answer. I found out that I have 330 in each breast an a lollipop incision was done.
If you have any questions, ask because I would like to inform others and vise versa.

Tingling feeling???

Hello ladies, I was wondering has anyone else had this tingling feeling at the bottom of their breast that feels like your implant is leaking?
Oh pls don't tell me I'm the only one!!?! I would lay down and cry if I was the only one. Lol

More pics

Four days po. I can move my arms a little more freely. Yay!!!

Serious Question...

Today while I was at my children's back to school event, I saw familiar faces. One person in particular helped us moved. I went over to give him a hug and hugged me so hard that I felt a pop in my right boob. I checked to make sure that the implant was still inflated and in place. Well, after that my right boob started to hurt. It is still hurt and on that side and under the armpit is hurting REALLY bad. I do not know what to do. I have emailed my coordinator to ask what I should do, but I know they are closed now. Can someone please help me or ease my mind with this? It also feels different from the left side by the armpits. I have a knot in my right arm pit. I think it's my lymph node, but that is also hurting me. I am applying heat and ice to help with the pain.
Thank you.
If its nothing I PROMISE, I am not allowing another person near my boob again. Everyone is getting high-fives, thats it. lol

Great News!

This is late but it gets so busy around here.
So, I heard back my from coordinator and I explained what happened. She told me not to worry, things like that happen, but it is nothing major. The only down side is that my healing process in my right boob will revert back to day one of surgery. :(
I am happy about that. I thought it would be worse but it was not so. She also told me that I have to massage that breast more. PHEW!!! A sigh of relief.
Ladys, pls be careful with the new ladies and tell others to "hug gently!" :)
as for me "High-5" :)
I will post pictures later...I am going to get gel sheets. The scar area is sensitive now that the sterile strips are off.


Here they are 2weeks. I have the feeling my boobies have a mind of their own. One min, they swollen then the next they're not. I'm like...make up your mind because feeling like my milk has come in is NOT fun. Lol I have to admit massaging them makes them feel better but I also think it's aggravating them.
I know it will take time and I'm all in. :-)
My nipple are is sensitive, what would some of you ladies recommend for that? The silicone sheet too? Thank you!
Oh...I'm still waiting to hear back from the po doc about my updates. I will update what tell me. :-) have an amazing weekend!!

Here's your answer (prettyboobies34)

Hi. My experience with him was as others spoke of. My sister went with me and she's a nurse. All the questions I forgot to ask him, she reminded me of them. His facial expression told us, he was a lil ticked off, but nonetheless he answered all the questions. The next day he was much better. I was his first patient and it was early in the AM (7:30 am). Much too my surprise I did not think he woul be that happy in the morning. We arrived at 6:30 am like they asked, we waited a while, but it seemed like forever for me because I was sooo hungry. He was jolly, kind, soft spoke, relaxed. He did not tell me my cc's either (the day prior). I had to find out on my card. For my case, I asked but when I went into deep conversation about what I wanted he figured out what he was going to do. I am glad he did not tell because I would've been hurt to find out he changed it. I took a chance and trust him. I am extremely happy.

1 month ANNY!!!

Here are pictures of the girls healing fine. The only thing I am having a little problem with is my left side. Whenever I stretch that side seem sore. I also found myself massaging my right side a little extra on top of the extra massage I an doing because of hurting it earlier in the recovery process. The scars are flat and semi smooth. Under the breast crease is where I need the silicone sheets. :-) sometime I wonder if I really need them, then I say, "yeah!" :-)
Oh I am also sleeping on my stomach without any problems. At first it was kinda weird and I slowly tricked my body into laying in my tummy. One day I slept with a pillow on my side. The next night, I readjust the pillow till my girls were resting in top. I continued that until I could fully sleep on my tummy without any weirdness.

Hello ALL!!

Ok, here's a quick update. School is kicking my butt, but by the end of Dec I should be a college graduate. I said should because I do not know if I want to get my BA or BS in PSY. Right now I am majoring as a BS student. I recently got engage (YAY, me!!!)! He's the best because I have my moments ;0P. Lets see what else... I believe I may have CC, it rains a lot here, oh and I moved. Did you like how I just flew past having CC. Ok, I sent my picture into the PS office for the follow up and they said it looks small and I should start doing aggressively massages. I am like.. what huh? yes, the breast is tight...I thought that is how it was supposed to be until i looked at my right and one looked droopier than the other. Obviously that is the one that settled early or how I looked at it "was popped early." Since the PS office have told me to "aggressively massage" the breast it has gotten soft in certain areas and hard in others. It hurts and I am scared. i read where some ppl popped their own CC by massaging it and I am not sure if that is something that is safe. I am not in close by to go to the PS office to get checked out. So help me out, what is "aggressively massaging?"
Oh... I am also looking to buy a new house... wooooo hooo!

Here are updated pics

Big sigh. I just want everything to be ok.
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