Holy Crap!! Finally Booked my Tummy Tuck with Hernia Repair and Breast Lift with Implant Augmentation Surgery!!

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Okay. Sooo after years and years of considering...

Okay. Sooo after years and years of considering plasitc surgery I finally have booked the date. I will be havung surgery December 30th. A million and one different thoughts are running through my head right now. Have no idea who's coming with me or where I plan on staying or what I will need to vring with me. I booked with Dr Krau @ CGCosnetics. So far the surgical coordinator has been nothing but nice and helpful to me. She's responds promtly to any emails, txt, or phone calls that I make. If anyone has any useful information for me I would gladly appreciate it. Thanks!

Recovery House informational

Okay so my surgery is schedule for December 28th 2016!!! I Just bought my plane tix. Will be going from Dec27th to Jan7th. I will be travelingfrom NY to Miami and we be alone for the first few days. Ill stay at a recovery home for a few days and then transfer to a regular hotel once my husband and sister and law are able to come down. Can anyone please recommend a nice place to stay. My main concerns are cleanliness, attentiveness, all meals included. It would be nice to stay at a facility where a Nurse is present although I do know that most homes do not have this. Ladies please give me some valuable feedback. Looking to book my accommodations shortly. Thanks?

considering Miami Escape

ladies if you have ever stayed here please give me some honest feedback. Was is clean, were they helpful, are there certified nurses there, do they have all the supplies listed on the list? Any information would be helpful. Thanks!

18 days to go!!!

I cannot believe that im actually going through with this. I am ao nervous, scared, anxious and excited at the same time. I am really just praying that everything goes as planned and I come out lookinh like a million bucks! I decided to go with Miami Escape Recovery home
Dani is always reaponsive to my txts and calls and she seems very knowledgeable in the business. She also just underwent a bbl herself so she knows how it feels te be healing from surgery. My fiance ia only able to come down for a few days so hell juat come stay with me there. So far I've purchased my varioua pills and medications that are auppoaes to be helpful during rhe healing process. I have my binder. I think the last thing I need to get are a few comfy outfits that will be easy to get in and out of. If anyone has any other suggestions plass share! Thanks
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