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Wish pics !!!!

So I'm scheduled with dr. Freiman at coral gables cosmetics I'm so torn as to if I want sailine or silicone ????????????I just know I want them to be big and look natural. Ahhhhh it's so complicated cuz I see some girls who have silicone that look AHMAZZINNGGG!!! And so natural. What to do what to do. If any one has pics please send them to me so I can see. Thanks ????

Pre op pics

This was yesterday in pre op I have my nipples pierced witch I had to take out. I tried to put plastic ones in to keep the whole open but that was not allowed so my holes did close already. :( dr. Friedman was so kind and helpful I'm not sure how many CCs I recieved but i will find out today at my post op. I am in so much pain my arms hurt more than anything. The swelling is crazy my breast are up to my chin I can't do anything for myself not even pull my pants down to use the bathroom. The burning sensation is absolutely the worst. Omg I know I sound like a big baby but from reading other reviews I didn't think I was going to be in so much pain. My arms and back are the most swollen the breast are more tight and aching but not so much painful. Dr. Freiman did say that I needed different size implants due to one breast being flatter and saggy and the other more full and perky that made me so nervous but he is so kind he makes you feel comfortable. Any who I will post pics after my post op apt today.

1 day post op

i had my post op appointment today and now I'm more nervous than ever as me a dr. Freiman discussed one implant would need to be bigger due to one breast being smaller, well I guess he put 450 CC in both breast and I can already notice my right breast is much bigger than the right. I trust him completely so I'm hoping they are going to even out. So basically I got 450CC UNder the muscle and that is why the pain is so bad. They also had me buy a breast strap that is absolutely torture it's supposed to help my breast drop but I feel as if it is just causing me more pain than anything else.

12 days post op

Well I'm not super happy with my results and it sucks. I asked for low profile I got high one breast is clearly way bigger than the other. He was supposed to put more CCs in one breast to make them even but that didn't happen so one breast is bigger I hope in time it'll look more closely alike. I mean I am happy that I got bigger boobs I just pictured them looking different. And the bigger boob looks like it is tubular now and that is scathing me I need to give it more time I guess
Dr. Freiman

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