30yo, Breast Fed Two Kids, 5'4 Approx 110lbs Going for Silicone Unders out of State!! - Miami, FL

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I found Dr. Ary Krau while doing extensive...

I found Dr. Ary Krau while doing extensive research for Dr's that provide more affordable BA's. I live in Maine and the procedure is way more expensive here than in other parts of the Country. Also, every BA I have seen done in this State doesn't look good to me so I started doing more research.
CG Cosmetics offers very affordable procedures, almost to the point where I question if I should even consider them. But after reading what seems like hundreds of reviews for him on the CG page, the FB page AND his own personal practice page I made the decision to do it!
I contacted them for free online consult as I live out of State. I was given different answers regarding whether I will need a lift or not and still don't truly know as they're judging from pics. I am going for JUST implants but if the Dr. says I need a lift at the pre-op then I will be doing that too.
I am doing my blood work up here and flying down two days before surgery. Flying in Thurs with a friend(thank goodness!), pre-op Friday, surgery Sat. Recovering Sunday and post-op Monday. I fly home Monday evening and I'm a bit nervous about that! The surgical coordinator says it is fine and my research agrees. I will be tired and so sore but flying is OK. Rest Tuesday and back to work Wednesday as it is tax season and I work at a tax office right now. Im nervous to be going back to work so soon as I think I will be tired and not wanting to move my arms so much. I Will do my best though!
I always had small C's until I got pregnant. I breast fed and my breasts got up to D's. Nobody told me they'd be deflated and tiny after. I breast fed my second child (who is now 8) and literally am left with 32 AA's.
I am not confident topless or bending over naked, or being on top during sex. Ladies.. I know you know what I'm saying! I love myself no matter how I look but am so excited to be fully confident with every aspect of my body, Feel fuller and a little more like I used to before giving life to two amazing kids. Pics to come later!!

Before pics

32 AA's I think.. I fit into 32 A's but have a top gap.

Surgical Coordinator Johanna (and Marta)

Although it did take Johanna a bit to reply to my emails at first, as soon as I paid my deposit and full amount a week later she and her assistant have responded in a timely manner and answered all of my questions.
Johanna sent me a Dr's note saying I can not exercise so my gym will freeze my membership.
I set my pre-op for 9am Friday so I can get in and get it done and enjoy Miami for the rest of the day as it will be my only day to enjoy myself.
I am staying at the Hyatt West-Doral. They have free airport shuttle and free breakfast that actually looked pretty decent. I got a all inclusive flight+hotel deal via Priceline. It is prob 15-20 min from Coral Gables so I will be getting a rental car for fri+sat to get to and from all the appts without having to rely on a cab or uber. Luckily my man friend is coming with me and prepared to cater to my every need! :) Im grateful beyond words!
Finding it hard to figure out what to say or tell my kiddos. I have a 8yo boy and an 11 yo girl. They know I am leaving from thurs-tues but don't know why or where. Obviously I will be coming back looking a bit different. I am not sure how to word this to my kiddos when they start asking questions. Anyone have experience sharing info with people (kids) that ask?

Surgery tomorrow!

Had my preop. Ill write more about that later. Scheduled for 630 arrival and 730 surgery! Eeek!
Def feeling ny nerves now after filling prescriptions. Im so ready though! Lets do this!


I am 5'4, 105lbs. Approx a 32a-aa.
Dr krau was brief and his interpersonal skills were lacking. He does preop appts and surgery on the same days so goes back and forth from the operating room to the reg rooms which is why i was rushed and everyone says that they are rushed with their time with him. He pretty much directed all my questions to the surgical coordinator and walked out. I get to meet with him again this a.m. before i go under tho so im hoping to iron out the details, he suggested a benelli lift which i am very against.. then i asked about duel plane and we discussed that option. He does not help or have anything to say about size which is tough.. i wish he did, bc i feel he should and does know best but wouldn't pipe up and only said, ok yeah 500 is fine.i didn't even consider bigger and now i am.. idk..
Also, they tried to give me Percocet and im allergic. So they had to go back and get me a diff prescription and he was already in surgery. I had to drive the 30 min back hours later to pick them up and have them filled, whic took an hour at the local pharmacy. But they dont open til 9am today so i had to get it done last night. I ate a GREAT meal at Divino Ceviche, and slept good til now, now im wide awake, and getting hungry! Lol

Post op

Groggy, sore, but back at hotel.
Went well but e could only fit 475cc.

Day one and two pics

Super swollen but doing ok. Trying to rest a lot and do my arm exercise. Pics attached

5 days post op

Back home from Miami. What a whirl wind!
Went back to work today and only made it half way before going home. So tired.
So far i am happy with my results. I am fitting into size 34-36 c&d cup sport bras, so its hard to say how big ill be.
Dr Krau gave me 475cc Allergan silicone implants in duel plane.
The compression band sucks so bad and if not for it id be almost pain free right now.
All in all its worth it so far. Although if id have known everything i know now id have spent the extra money for better pre and post op care.

Have to explant due to size being too big and causing complications :(

I have inflammation around a pressured nerve due to my implants being too large for my frame.
Considering the dr suggested 475cc instead of 500 I really thought I'd be okay. I wanted a full c or d cup and ended up a DDD.. Can't lay on my stomach, and when I lay on my back my breasts migrate so far down my side boob they're pretty much in my armpits. My side walls and muscles weren't strong enough to to keep them where they needed to be bc dr created pockets that were too big. My original crease on one side never smoothed out either bc one dropped too far down, not symmetrical at all.
After a consult with a surgeon in my state, he recommends me to explant entirely, or allow him to create new pockets and place smaller implants in.
I didn't go through all this, and paying for an entire other surgery to have no breaks at all so I will be buying new implants.
I Truly wish I had gone to a surgeon that had more to say on size, or had the vectra imaging system to see what size would be best for my body. Now I have to pay thousands more to have another surgery not even one year after my BA.
Dr also suggests going over the muscle rather than under as I did before bc right now when I flex my arms or chest at all they animate, and it's not cute. At all.
I'm bummed, sad, frustrated and still not sure what size to go. New surgeon suggests 400-375 cc(down from 475) I want to be a full c cup but it's so hard to predict. I know someone who got 375 and they ended up a DDD.. I got 475 and am DDD... I know another who got 500cc and is only a DD. Arghhh?!
Such a frustrating situation. All I can say is I wish I'd gone to a surgeon who had more to say about size be now my health is at risk bc he didn't.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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