27yrs Old Mother of Two (BBL) - Miami, FL

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I wanna look like a Barbie doll at lest to the...

I wanna look like a Barbie doll at lest to the vision I have In my mind. I struggled in my childhood with my weight and then when I became 17-18yrs old my hormones seemed to finally be on my side but soon after I had my babies and at such a young age I was never really able to enjoy my glow up process. It quickly ended in stretch marks and a saggy wide ass ????. Finally after years of trying to convince my husband to please let me have this procedure done for the sake of my self-esteem's sanity, HE SAID YES!!
I've been doing research for years but lately it's become an obsession. I eventually want a whole mommy makeover but I want to start myself up slow first. I reached out to Coral Gables cosmetics in Miami and a few others but as of now I think I'll stay with CG. Does anyone have any experience with this clinic and how was your experience like?
Please share and thank you. ????

I got a Quote!!!

So I've been going around doing some calls and interviewing some Doctors and have been given a few quotes so far. I originally had my heart set on Miami since flying internationally does not seem to be in the agenda. I figured ill be spending more money on flight tickets and a recovery house then if I were to stay closer to home, so of course my research began. So far i received a $5K quote from CG cosmetics which included anesthetic and hospital room that I really liked. Then i got to talking to my husband and thought i'll take my chances even closer to home in NJ but I'm not too sure that's gonna work out. The quote I received for recovering in the comfort of my own home is almost $12K which really bums me out, but long and behold brings me back to really wanting to book my surgery in Miami. The only problem is that every time my savings begins to look nice life surprises me with an unexpected expense which has happened 3x already...(I feel like crying and pulling my hairs out). Total of unexpected expense $4000....(i was almost there, but I'm NOT). i just really cant wait to be able to feel beautiful as a women in a dress with all the lumps and bumps out of the wrong and into the right places.

If anyone has any helpful information about there experience with doctors, facilities, and results and would be willing to share, please do. I would be so grateful.
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