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For years I went back and forth battling about...

For years I went back and forth battling about actually getting my breast done. Then earlier this year my fiance and I decided to get married. Everything was great until I brought my wedding dress home. To make a long story short, after I got home and tried on my wedding dress I realized there was something missing....No boobs to fill the dress out. So I began to research different things. I went on YouTube and came across Aaliyah Jay. It was inspiring to watch her go through the whole process. So I decided to go through with it. I started googling different places and I came across CG Cosmetics in Florida. My experience with them from start to finish was excellent. My coordinator Karla was very sweet, caring, and helpful. My very first visit to the clinic was great. The staff was very courteous and polite. They treated me with so much respect. I'm not sure why some people are saying their horrible and dirty cause I didn't get that at all. I decided to have my procedure done by Dr. Krau. I read so many good things about him. I went to my Pre op appointment and I didn't get a chance to meet him although the nurse did offer and I declined. However I did meet him before I had my surgery. I can say that he is pretty much a straight forward individual. Although the meeting was short I still felt comfortable. I decided to go with Saline 550cc. I was initially between a 32-34A. I had my procedure done on July 30. The pain is basically a 8 on a scale 1-10. The pain itself is pretty tolerable with the medication. The hard part for me are the muscle spasms. Overall I am happy and excited. I'm anxious to see what they look like.

2 Days Post Op

550cc Saline (34A before augmentation)

3 Days Post Op

Day 5/6 post op

Well I'm almost 1 week post op and I can say I feel quite amazing. I'm not a 100% pain free but I would say about 90% which is still good. I still have some soreness where my incisions are as well as a little muscle tenderness in my boob's. As far as dropping, I believe they dropped a little bit I could be wrong hopefully someone on here will be able to tell me.

2 weeks post up

2 weeks post little to no pain at all. A few muscle spasms here and there but nothing major. Still bloated a bit. Saline 550cc submuscular with under boob incision.

4 week post op

No more steristrips lol. Dr Krau gave me the okay to remove the steristrips after having them on for 4 weeks. I must say my scar looks way better than what I was expecting and there is no foul odors. I did have a little bit of scabbing that came off when removing the steristrips but I guess that's expected. There is no signs of any open holes or nothing out the ordinary. I'm still not laying completely flat on my back, I'm guessing I have gotten more comfortable and use to having a bunch of pillows around me. I can say that I am missing being able to lay on my stomach lol. As far as progress at this stage I'm very much in love with my boob's and I definitely have gained a lot more confidence in buying clothes. Surprisingly they look and feel natural a least that's what I'm being told. I love the surprise look people give when I say my boob's are fake lol.

3 Months Post Op Yaaaaayyyyy

Well this is my 3 month post op and I must say I love the results so far. I know were told that at 6 months we'll see the actual results but if they look anything like now I'm excited. I get a lot of compliments and surprised looks especially when I tell people my boobs aren't natural. I actually love the reaction lol. Dr. Krau did an amazing job. I have literally minimum scaring. I actually didn't use any scar cream and my scars look good. I would recommend him to anyone. My only advice is if your an out of state traveler like I was I would suggest booking a vacation rental instead of a hotel. I say this because of it's more comfortable and convenient in my opinion and it gives you a bit more privacy especially when coming home from surgery.

6 Month (01/31/17)

I'll be 6 months post op on January 31 and I am extremely happy with the overall final results. My boobs look and feel so natural. Before my augmentation I was a 32/34 A which influenced my decision to get a boob job. Recently I went into Victoria Secrets to get fitted and measured and I was told I'm a 34DDD. I have 550cc in each boob under the muscle. I'm truthly thankful for all the work Dr Krau put into making my dreams come true.

7/8 months Post Op

Hey beauties. Sorry for the long wait but I wanted to make my next update after I was able to see the final results. I must say I am definitely happy and pleased with my final results. My boobs look natural and amazing. I also wanted to share something personal with you guys. So as we know getting implants is a very risky thing and if your an out of town patient getting regular post op check ups can be quite difficult. I wanna express the importance of getting a mammogram especially with implants. I just recently found out that I have triple negative breast cancer stage 1. However it was in way, shape, form, or fashion related to or caused by my implants however having the implants saved my life atleast that's what my oncologist stated. Here in Michigan you have to be 40 or older to get a mammogram but because I have implants I am allowed to get them at 30. If I didn't get the implants there's no telling if I would have even noticed the lump this early on. So I wanna stress the importance of getting a mammogram especially us ladies with implants. Our boobs go through so many size changes and feelings that sometimes we may overlook certain important things. I noticed my lump in late November but I put it off because I thought it was just apart of my boobs changing. After about a month went by and I still felt it I decided to go straight to the ER. When I was there the Doctor told me ”oh that just a cyst, you'll be fine" she was a damn lie. I decided to call my doctor who sent me to see a breaths specialist. After spending a few minutes with the specialist she assured me the lump was definitely not a cyst. She scheduled me for a mammogram as well as a breast ultrasound. After a few days I was called and told I was being scheduled for a needle guided biopsy. A few days later I received another call stating the mass was indeed cancerous and I was officially diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer on February 23, 2017. This has definitely been hard to accept especially since I was told that I'll be losing my implants (keep in mind I got them July 2016). Can you say money wasted. I was told I'll get new implants after chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation. I was told younger women make the highest percentage of women who die from breast cancer because they go so many years without knowing and it goes undetected. No matter how many minimum breast exams your obgyn doctor do. My oncologist told me that some doctors will perform a slight breasts exam especially if there is nothing suspicious that calls for a full one. I hope my story will encourage you all to get those boobies checked. These are our investments but also our lives can be greatly impacted.

11 month Post Op (Almost)

I'm almost 11 months post op and I just wanted to update you guys on my journey. So I have started my second round of chemotherapy after this I still have two more surgeries and radiation treatment. I'll be doing my 1st surgery in August where I'll be doing a double mastectomy as well as having my implants removed and replaced with tissue expander which are similar to saline implants just more firmer. I'll be doing my breast reconstruction after my radiation treatments. They'll be inserting silicone implants instead of the saline implants that I have now. I can definitely say ladies this has been one hell of a journey. I have been on one of the most scariest emotional roller coasters a person can ride on. I spent so much time being worried about what if my boobs were to rupture, leak, shift places, or etc but I never thought about what if I got cancer. When I first started this cancer journey my oncologist and my new plastic surgeon both assured me that my implants played no part in me getting cancer. The type of cancer I have is actually more common in younger African American women. I have contemplated on many occasions what if I didn't get my boobs done and every time I think about I become more positive that I made the right choice by getting them done. I'm so scared that if I would have waited or even not got them that by the time I even found out about the cancer it would have been too late. All I can say is ladies get those mammograms and breast ultrasound done. They are very important especially for us women that have implants.

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