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Hi, i have lost alot of weight since 17 y/o now my...

Hi, i have lost alot of weight since 17 y/o now my breast kind of sagging.Im traveling to miami in october or november to have a breast lift with implants... in canada it could cost me near 11 000$ so thats why i want to go to miami and i have done my research and wanted to go with dr.freiman, even tho i heard that girl after having done a surgery with him fell in coma it wasnt his fault cbc says it was the anesthesiologist who had no license. well since i bet they have hired anesthesiologist with license . Well i already have my quotes it's 5000$ for the lift and the breast implants with silicone .. i already know what i want since i have done my research i want 500cc silicone high profile but i,ll let him choose if he think moderate plus profile would be better for me... so i would like to know if any of you guys have done a breast lift with implants at that surgery center with him. I want some feedback and also if i should go there or if i should choose dr. hochstein which is 7000$ for the same procedure . here is some picture of my breast right now ... and also since im going alone they gave me 4 number of some nurse that could come take me to the airport and take care of me during my sejour in miami i will stay at their place for 4-5 days it's 100$ a day which is awesome. oh and btw i'm 5f6 and half and 135 lbs


So my anesthesiologist is going to be Dr Vincent Conte and he is a board certified anesthesiologist. Anyone has done surgery with Dr Freiman and had Dr vincent Conte as the anesthesiologist ?

Wish pic

Hey here is some pic of what i want them to look like projection & roundness . So i think 500cc would be the maximum and 450 the minimum, i just want a full D nothing bigger. I really want high profile since i never had in my life fullness on the top of my breast so hp could give me this but comparing my ribcage it's possible that he choose to have moderate plus actually i dont know what's their calculs but i sticking with my hp !! Lol he must have hell of a good reason to put me moderate plus

Wish pic

Surgeon change 1-2 months

So finally i have decided to go with dr. Hunsaker since i dont want a lift no more they said to me that if i want larger breast implants then i won't need to do a lift and he will proceed an internal lift ( no external scars yayy ) i was so scared of having those scars i feel to young to hide my breast... The lift will wait, so i'm waiting for my new invoice


so i have talked to my coordinator and she said that my doctor say that i will need something between 550cc to 600cc to make sure my breast not empty no more due to my excess skin, seriously i think that's huge, anyone of you guys had 550cc to 600cc and already posted pics ?
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