34 Year Old 2 Kids - Ready to Change in Mexico

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I just got approval for surgery in Mexico with Dr....

I just got approval for surgery in Mexico with Dr. Garcia at CER Hospital. I am scared, but ready. I think this might go very quickly. I have some questions I am hoping others that have done this can help me with. I have read so many of your reviews and they have helped a ton. I feel more comfortable than I thought I would. I will have no one with me, which is terrifying. My mother was going to go, but she has been ill and cannot take any more time off and my husband was going to go, but getting a sitter for those days will not be possible. So, it will be me, myself and I. Please keep me in your prayers guys. So here is my questions. It is June 30 and I just got approved. I am supposed to be going on a cruise for my mothers birthday on September 19th. I have an extremely busy work schedule and will literally have to attempt to schedule around important dates in the office. I have not gotten my passport yet, because I was waiting to see if I would need to spend the extra dollars to get it rushed or if my surgery would be much later in the year. What do you guys think the latest I can have the sleeve done and still have a decent time at the end of September? As far as post op diets go, is it 4 weeks before I can eat regular food? I don't want to bring broth on the ship and be on a complete liquid diet. I really don't want the rest of my family to know about the surgery. It sounds trivial I am sure, but I want my mom to have an excellent time for her birthday and I don't want to feel like crap and bring her down. Any thoughts and comments will be very appreciated!!! Also, those that have been to Mexico, is it 4 days start to finish or 5?

Pre op diet starts today

I can't believe I will be having surgery in 10 days. Time to start the preop diet. Everything is ready except my passport, which is a little nerve wracking. I have one of those rush services working on it but it's going to cut really, really close. Otherwise, I paid the deposit, bought the plane tickets and scheduled the time off work. Stepped on the scale today and realized that I am at a new highest weight of 238. Hoping to see a good difference in my surgery weight. Nervously waiting. 9 days until I fly out 10 days until it's done.

9 More days - more questions

I have a lot of stuff to quit. I don't smoke, but I do use a vape and going over my paperwork I have a lot of things to get rid of in the next 9 days. Food, Alcohol, Caffeine, Advil, Nicotine... It isn't the easiest thing in the world, especially since today is Independence Day and my family and I will be heading to a fair with yummy food and drinks. One of my favorite things in the Houston heat is to plant my rear on a patio with a cold beer or margarita and snack while listening to music. Change is hard. In Houston, the weather isn't really conducive to exercise. (Although, I do see people jogging through heat advisories somehow.) But you know, where there is a will there is a way, I think I am going to make good use of the neighborhood pool this summer. Down to 235.2 this morning. Also, wanted to check with everyone and see if ya'll know, I think I may end up on my period during the surgery. Was that an issue for anyone? Wish me luck tomorrow too. I HAVE to get into a post office to "seal" my passport docs. If I don't have them overnighted to the company tomorrow, there is no way my passport will be here in time. Also, anyone have the passport FedEx'ed to the hotel in Mexico? because I pray I will not be the first.

This pre-op diet is rough

Yesterday was not fun. I was in a real mood. Hungry and tired. Ugh. Please fly by. I am super nervous and I just want it done.

Photos for before

Posting some photos. Very nervous to post these, but if my journey helps someone else it's worth it.

So, my flight is tomorrow

Here we go. My flight is in the evening tomorrow. I am working a half day, coming home, kissing my family and getting on a plane. I am really appreciating my coordinator Karen. She has been super nice and answered all my questions. I have been having trouble getting in touch with the driver, Richardo to go over my pick up and drop off at the airport. He called today and about gave me a heart attack. Told me that my flight in was fine, but my flight home at 9:10 in the morning on Sunday was a no go and sorry but I need to change it to after 11am. I told him the papers say no flights before 9 and it was already approved. He basically said that the lane we need to use at the border opens at 8 and so I wont get to the airport until 9.... WTH? My flight is booked, I am stuck. I sent an email to Karen and she said not to worry my flight is fine and she will deal with the driver. THANK YOU GOD. Also, my passport arrived this morning. Yay. Boy, I am pushing my luck with last minute stuff. I am getting a bit more nervous. I barely slept last night and tonight will probably be the same. Tomorrow its a protein shake and then clear liquid diet for the rest of the day. I can't believe I am doing this, but I am so excited. If you read this please say a little prayer for me. I wish I wasn't going alone. I would feel 100000 X better if someone was going with me. But regardless I am blessed to be able to have this done and get my life back. Thank you to everyone's posts that I have read that have helped me so much. I would NEVER be brave enough to do this on my own without seeing everyone's story.

HW - 238
CW - 230
GW - 140

One day post op!

I was crying like a baby yesterday before the surgery. Nerves and cold feet. Everyone did their best to keep me comfortable and I am feeling so much better today. Yesterday I would walk and then just fall asleep. This morning I have done some walking and I'm not feeling too tired yet. :) so far so good. Here's some pics of the hotel.

Mental hunger is REAL

So far so good folks. I really think I am healing up well. Went back to work on Monday and honestly I feel pretty good. My sense of smell when it comes to food is on point. I should start a carnival game where I guess the last thing you ate and I would win every time. I really hope this new super sense of smell goes away though. Tomorrow makes 1 week post op. If anyone says this is the easy way out they don't know what they are talking about. What this has done for me is force some willpower my way. I am excited to try some oatmeal or yogurt or damn near anything close to food. Food is literally everywhere. My family is eating pizza right now. I have this crazy urge to grab a piece, chew it up and spit it out. Physically I don't think I'm hungry. I really don't know. Still I am very excited about having a new healthier life style. So here's some updated stats.

HW 238
SW 228
CW 221

Sizes are dropping

So, I haven't lost much more weight, but I can definitely see a difference in my clothes. I've received a few comments on the weight loss which is nice. Feeling so much better now that I can have soft foods. Really trying to eat slowly. It's hard to know where the stopping point should be. Sometimes I eat way too little and find myself legitimately hungry in an hour other times I feel like I take two bites of something and I am too stuffed. Balance is a learning process. Overall feeling good. Still working full time with no problems. Getting plenty of sleep and "trying" to get to 10,000 steps. Mostly unsuccessfully, lol. On average about 7,500. My incisions are healing pretty well. Looking forward to getting in a pool again soon.
Hw 238
Sw 228
Cw 217

This photo is from Wednesday.

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