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At 54, I finally decided to go ahead and splurge...

At 54, I finally decided to go ahead and splurge on a procedure. Over the last about 2 years I noticed jowls. I had those annoying wrinkled over my lips, that was just plain unfair as I never smoked. I also had a few acne scars and enlarged pores that had annoyed me for decades. I just wanted something to smooth everything out. We get bombarded with ads about every manner of procedure to lift this, tighten that. Every woman over a certain age has looked at herself in the mirror and gently pulled up her face...just to see what it might look like. I had looked into the mini lift/lifestyle lift. I had also heard a doc say if you are going to get a facelift get a real face lift, don't waste money on half measures. So much info. So many options. Every kind of laser. Every kind of filler. Pull it up and staple it. Peel it, puff it, sandpaper it. I finally made appointments with 2 centers to see what a professional might recommend specifically for me.

Before pictures in natural light

I have not indicated my doctors name yet. I am currently at a little over 1 month after, and I am very disappointed. I want to give it more time though before I judge the results. Tomorrow, I am getting Botox shots in the forehead. It was part of the plan suggested at the initial consult. The Aesthetician recommended it and made it part of my package, because the noticeable collagen production from the Plasma Portrait might take a few months and she didn't want me to be "disappointed". Should that have been a red flag? Was she inadvertently telling me other patients had been disappointed? She said it would give my forehead an overall lift that would make my eyelids look less droopy and me look less tired. Well, I'll see tomorrow. I have never had Botox or anything like it before.

No Botox yet.

It seems I misunderstood... the purpose of the visit. It was just a check. However, it does seem like misunderstandings and missed communications happen pretty frequently. Like saying they never received or at least the doctor wasn't informed about messages/questions I sent through their patient portal. I don't think I misunderstood. I think they change plans somewhat spontaneously and don't inform me. For instance I was told that the plasma and the botox and the laser would be done together in one sitting. I even questioned whether doing the Botox and plasma at the same time was OK. Yet only after the plasm procedure was over was I told there was a change in plan and the laser and Botox would be done at separate appointments. I was fine with that, but I did make clear that I should have been informed of changes in my plan in advance.
Again I am hesitating naming this practice or writing a review for their site on any webpage until I see the final results. They did give me a prescription for scar medicine for the reddened rough marks on my face. The doctor said something about them being the result of herpies zoster virus brought out my the heat of the plasma. That it may have been dormant since childhood. Well, I have read about others getting scars the sound just like mine form the Plasma procedure, but no other mention of herpes zoster being a explanation. However I will say that the compound she prescribed does seem to be lightening and shrinking the scars significantly. The long red one on my chest is nearly invisible. I am to use it regularly for 6 weeks and return.
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