42 Years Old, Four Kids, Coolsculpting on Lower Abd and Inner Thighs

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Hi - I am a 42 year old active female. I have...

Hi - I am a 42 year old active female. I have struggled for the last 7 years after the birth of my last daughter to lose the troublesome areas. My current weight is 142 lbs and I fluctuate between a size 6 and 8. This I believe is my body's "normal" weight and size. I struggled in my youth with being overweight, topping out at 190 lbs and a size 16. Even when I was at my lowest , 134 lbs and a size 4, I still had the "mommy shelf" and my thighs have always touched. I am 5'9" tall. I decided after much research that I would try coolsculpting before going under the knife. So here is my story so far;
On 3/25/16 I went for my procedure. I did 3 applications with all the same size applicators, one on my lower abdomen, and then on my inner thighs. When the applicator was first applied, I was a tad uncomfortable but in no pain for the first minute, after that, it just went numb. I had absolutely zero pain. When the 60 minutes was up, I did the 2 minute massage. From what I read, this has been the worst part of the actual procedure so I was a bit nervous. Again, I was a tad uncomfortable, but it was not painful at all. I would definitely do it again!
Today is day 3, I am still swollen, even feel like I gained a couple of pounds but the only discomfort I have is when I lightly press on my abdomen. My thighs do not hurt in the slightest. Tomorrow I am back to the gym.
I will continue to post updates, and will post pictures at the end. Fingers crossed this work so I won't have to have a mini tummy tuck with liposuction!

Day 5

Day 5! No pain, still numb on my stomach and inner thighs. I had a little itching yesterday, but it only lasted a few minutes. Here my pics from before my procedure.

Day 10 update

Day 10. Still numb, no pain, or itching. I am still swollen and feeling bloated....hope it will pass! My stomach seems harder as well.

Day 11

Still zero pain or itching. I'm just numb on the three sites still. Supposed to last 3 weeks they said. I am severely bloated and retaining a lot of fluid. This is what my body does when I have any type of procedure.....might have IBS :/ This bloating is preventing me from seeing any results as I am technically 12 lbs fatter!

5 weeks post procedure

Well today is 5 weeks post op. I am VERY happy with my results. I have not been exercising as routinely as I was before because I wanted to see if this was truly effective...well it is! Not only do I notice how much flatter my stomach is, but the skin tightening is even more exciting to me! After losing 50 lbs and having 4 kids, my skin was really flabby both abdomen and thighs. I actually scheduled another appointment with the smaller applicator for next week for my upper abs, just to tighten the skin. I do have a slight bulge on the upper R side of where the first applicator was placed. My technician told me that should smooth out over time, but this next applicator may be able to take care of that also. I have lost a 1.5 inches on my abdomen and 1.1 inches on my thighs. The skin on my inner thigh is tighter as well. I bought a new bathing suit before my procedure and I already fit decently in it. Couple more weeks and it should fit just how I want it :)
I'm going to start hitting the gym and go back to running hard tmrw. So my next set of pics will be a combo of the cools sculpting and exercise. Mexico in June! This was the best investment! Well worth the money!!

Going back tmrw for upper abs!

I am very happy with my results so far. Now I'm getting greedy.....I' don't know if it is a good or bad thing. I confided in my 19yr old tonight. She said "go for it if it makes you feel good about yourself!" Guess I raised a good one!

2nd coolsculpting session for different body areas on 4/29.

Hi -
Well my arms were not a candidate for even the small applicator and Tonya discouraged me from doing them because it would be a waste of money. Instead, because the time was already blocked from my schedule and budgeted out, I did my flanks, specifically the area right behind the top of my hips. I call the this the "tri-tip" area. I also did my upper abdomen, the part with the previous bulge. My upper abd was a little bit more uncomfortable for the first 15 minutes, after that I went numb, it was similar to period cramps. My flanks didn't hurt one bit, not even after when she massaged them out. I'm not even swollen anymore, a little more bruised this time. Well worth it!
I spent between ages 7-20 being called "fat" or "Big Al" or "big boned". It really wasn't until after I had my 1st child that I lost so much weight (I did fluctuate 20-25 lbs between all 4 of my kids). At 42, I still have never felt body confident and it's been hard to instill that virtue in my kids who have the same body I do. Already coolsculpting has given me a renewed sense of self. When someone compliments my figure, I look them in the eye and say "thank you" instead of at the ground and try to laugh it off with a wave of my hand.
I'm feeling so much better and free, looking forward to the future! You should too!

Everybody was professional, knowledgeable, and answered all of my questions!

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