48 Year Old, 3 Kids Fitness Fanatic Going for BA Currently 34B - Centerville, OH

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I have wanted BA for at least 10 years. But...

I have wanted BA for at least 10 years. But something else always took priority over doing this for myself. Fear, or my kids, or relationships, moving, not enough money, FEAR, faith...whatever it was I always made excuses as to why I couldn't do this for myself. But now, I have committed to it & I'm going through with the surgery. On my 49th birthday no less!

My consultation was with Dr Apesos who I've known & trusted for many years. I had a consult with him in 2013 for BA and backed out of it out of above mentioned fear. So I went back, he is the reputed Doctor (one of two highly reputed) in this area. I am currently a 34B. I'm 5'9" 155lbs and very fit athletically. At the last consult, we discussed implant options...Ideal versus Mentor Saline. I am going with 450cc. My daughter is a 34DD and she went with me for sizing. After surgery I'm hoping to fill a 34D size bra.

My great debate right now is what type of implant. Dr Apesos offers Mentor saline & Ideal Saline implants. Being 48 years old & waiting so long to finally have this done, having a natural look is really important to me. Costs aside at this point in the game. I've done the research on both implants. Unfortunately, the research available on the Ideal is somewhat limited since it is still new to the market and only recently FDA approved. Dr Apesos said he goes thru the armpit for the Mentor implant or thru the nipple for the Ideal. And that he has never implanted the Ideal before. I have done the side by side research & in all honesty...I prefer the Ideal. It looks more natural compared to implanting a half cantaloupe on my chest. It feels more natural with less chance of rippling.

There are a few reviews on here of the Ideal with photos. I am just hoping for some help with making this decision. My pre-op is July 12th with surgery scheduled for July 26th. I had a panic attack last week & texted my Dr. To which he immediately called me to assure me everything is going to be fine! I read one bad review on the Mentor saline from another fitness female who seemed like she wasn't happy with the results at all. Please help!

6 weeks post op

Sorry it took me so long to respond.

Dr Apesos is fabulous! I am so glad I went through with the surgery. I am pleased beyond comparison with my outcome & only wish I had done it sooner. Recovery was not as bad as I thought it would be. I did not choose a pain pump & managed very well with the meds Dr Apesos gave me. Very important to follow his instructions!!

I went with the Ideal implant 425cc I think. At first, he was cautious for me due to the additional expense. But I had waited so long for this surgery I was prepared. And I was his first Ideal patient! I am feeling great. Back to working out & lifting iron. Not too heavy though. Chest muscles I have to be very careful. The downtime was difficult for me but after about 4 weeks I was back at it.
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