20 Year Old Mother Had Sagging from Breastfeeding 5'5 120lbs. Centerville, OH

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I'll start from the beginning :) I had my son when...

I'll start from the beginning :)
I had my son when I was 15 years old I was not fully done developing as a woman and I had to breastfed my son. When I was pregnant and feeding I was a D cup. I was a small perky B cup before I got pregnant. When I stopped feeding my boobs shriveled up and lost a lot of tissue and became just sagging skin. I have been dreaming of a breast augmentation since. I'm now 20 years old and finally got my boob job. I have been working in the entertainment industry for 3 years and all the girls I work with have their boobs done and 90% all done by Dr Christopher Reeder the other 10% have well some issues with their boobs I noticed just not what i want so I chose to make my consultation with Dr Reeder. Before I had my consultation I got online to reach.com and printed off the coupon he put in their mag where he offered $3,299 special this covers total cost for saline implants. I wanted silicone but I'm not old enough in ohio you have to be 22 to get silicone. I got to my consultation with my boyfriend and as soon as we got to the room the nurse was so nice joking with me trying on implant sizes and making me feel very comfortable. Dr reeder then came in asked me about what size I chose and I thought I wanted about 450 no bigger but as we talked I told him I wanted a bit more cleavage and wanted to fill the extra skin I had do there was no sagging. He made it clear big was the right chose he told me about how the implants are wide so the bigger you get the closer of cleavage you can achieve but I have a wide chest so it may not be very extreme for me. I tried on the 500ccs and loved it he had me keep 500 in one side then 550 in the other and decide I of course chose the 550ccs I mean everyone always wishes they would have went bigger after they heal up so why not. He told me he wanted to go 575 on my left breast because it had less tissue and go 550 on my right. And he was going to use 525 bags and fill them to 575/550 to reduce ripples. Dr Reeder suggested I also get a Pain Pump it's two little tubes one that goes into each breast and is connected to a ball filled with local anistetic to numb your breast to help with pain. You carry the ball around in a little purse thingy lol. The pain pump costs $300. I then paid in cash for the surgery and pain pump right there the total was $,3700 with the pain pump. Since I paid in full they got me in fast we set the date for December 3rd. Finally December 3rd was here and I had to be at the hospital at 8:30 my surgery was in west chester surgery center. They had my bf wait in the waiting room and had me go back they had me go to the bathroom and pee for a pregnancy test then wipe my chest to mid belly with these wipes then put me in a purple weird gown. They started my Iv with fluids and I cried so hard wile they did my Iv I hate Ivs but the two nurses where older ladies and seriously the nices women and one held and rubbed my hand wile I got my Iv. They then brought my bf back finally lol. They asked me all my health questions then we sat and waited. My anistitioligist came in talked everything over then Dr Reeder came in he had my implant and drew all over me and went over to conform my size I wanted. Then it was time for surgery. Iv never been so scared in my life I cried wile my boyfriend held me and said I'd be fine he kissed me and off I went into surgery I walked into this big white room that's freezing and I was shaking so bad so they covered me in Hott blankets I laid there crying so scared and the sweet nurse from early played with my hair and told me don't worry if be ok and next thing you know I was out. I woke up in recovery and the first thing I did was look down and say dang maybe I should have went bigger the nurse died laughing she assured me I was going to be a large d or dd so that's good. She asked me how my pain was and I felt pressure not really pain and she just pounded and punded me with pain meds in my Iv I didn't feel a thing after that then they moved me to my room where my boyfriend was waiting I couldn't wait to see him he says I was supper loopy lol I was definitely in la la land. I ate crackers and ice chips was so good after not eating since midnight the night before. But with new big boobs I didn't know you could loose so many crumbs in your boobs lol. I soon was able to go home I don't remember a lot I was still pretty loopy but I remember filling my meds then going home right to bed. I didn't feel much pain but a lot of pressure and discomfort. I took my pills like said 30 mins before my due time and it said take one or two so I took two each time this definitely helps you manage the pain and keep it consistant I also had that pain ball. After three days I started only taking one and a half pills each time I was due. I definitely didn't leave the couch much and had everything I could need on a tray infront of the couch. My boyfriend did my meal preps for me before he went to work each night and put them in the fridge for me to just heat up and eat so that helped a lot. I kept bottled waters by the couch too. The Saturday after my surgery it was time for my boyfriend to pull my pain tubes out seriously this is insane! Poor guy that's all I have to say but the tubes are about a foot long inside your breast and they will bleed little just clean the spit and put a bandaid on the little spot. It doesn't hurt but it does have a slight burn feeling do not watch though trust me. My poor boyfriend and I both almost passed out. But he got it out lol.
It has now been 11 days since my surgery and I'm feeling a lot better. I went to my follow up with dr reeder yesterday. Thank goodness because I had so many questions I mean they haven't dropped completely so things still look a little funny so I was worried but he said my breasts are looking perfect and going to heal amazing he told me it's time to start massaging them to keep them from getting hard. And to take my take off in a few days. And when they are healed completly his office sells good scar cream he suggested. I was worried because in some spots you can feel my implant from touch but with the lack of tissue I had and how big I went this is normal and you can't see it but I just didn't want my boyfriend to be turned off by it but he seems to love playing with my breast and told me he doesn't care he can feel it. And things are definitely getting funner ;) I'm bouncing back and forth between a d and dd bra so when they drop completely I'll prob be a large dd. witch they don't look bad or too big they look perfect with my body in my eyes. I can't wait till they drop and fluff and look even better. I'll keep you updated with pics.

Updated photo of today 10 days after surgery

Still having bruising

I still have a lot of bruising does anyone have any suggestions on how to get rid of the bruising?

Great! Did great work and informative and nurses where very great!

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