38 year Old Hypothyroid Mom of One. Center Valley, PA

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Getting smart lipo on arms flanks waist and...

Getting smart lipo on arms flanks waist and abdomen in July. Went to my first free consultation and I am ready for this journey. After my thyroid being removed due to a goiter from Graves disease, it has been hard to lose weight in certain areas. I am scheduled for a pre op with doctor in June. I will update how that went as well.

Before pics

Uploading some before pics so I have pics to compare to after my surgery. My doctor is doing it two days. First day will be arms and flanks, next day will be abdomen and waist.

Before pic at beach

No more covering up is what I am looking forward to next year at the beach!!!!!

Nerves setting in

Well got my bloodwork done on Monday. Now a waiting game. I have an appt on the 27th to go over my surgeries. I will be getting all my work done on two separate days. I am just scared and also second thinking this as well. I have started telling done people here and there, but not getting positive feedback. Not that I am asking for any approval, but it makes me second guess my choice here. People who know me for years understand I have wanted my arms done, but some are like Why???? Ugh..anyway not sure how I am going to handle the questions after surgery either. Oh and when people tell me I am nuts for what I am paying that I could have gotten a cheaper price somewhere else. However, like the doctors on the show Botched say...there should be no discount on plastic surgeries. So lets see...ahhh..sorry for the nervous rant...lol

Surgery is right around the corner....

Went to my 2nd consult to meet with doctor. He went over everything and decided to do my arms and abdomen first and leave the waist and back for the second day. He went over realistic expectations that I should expect with the surgery and all the what to expect after surgery. He even offered to lipo my hips and butt if I did not want to look exagerrated with curves. Yes..you read right...so my best friend lost it in there and was like hell noooo..I was laughing.. I told him..dude did you want my hubby to divorce me??? Yeah hubby is paying for this and the first thing he said was I better not come without my hips and butt. So I told the doctor to leave thise right there where they always been. I just have to make sure to tell him a hundred times before they give me that cocktail of pills to not touch my hips and butt. Well my husband is taking me that day and I am sure he will let the good ole doc not to touch those spots. Lol.
I got my compression garments and antibiotics they want me to take before and after surgery.
I will make sure to post more pics day of surgery or after to go with my profile journey. Woo hoo


Got my CG woo hoo..

Before pics for comparison later

I just want to have before pics to compare later....because now I am scared to lose the shape of my hips and butt...

Compression Garment website


Is where I got my compression garment from. I got an XL. I go in to surgery on Monday and really contemplating ordering the lipo foam or the ab board..not sure what I am going to do. Ahhhhh...

Surgery Day #1

Home and feeling great!!! Process was smooth except at the ending where I felt the pinching. But Dr. Young was so great he would put more tumescent fluid to numb me up.
I felt tickling at times which annoyed a little.
Leaking all over, but happy this day is over.
I got my arms and abdomen done today. Thursday I go back to get my back, waist and then to start the waiting period of recovery.
I got foam to put in my garment. It feels good with that extra compression there.
I was told not to sit so that creases are not made in my stomach.
I don't have an appetite yet.
it helped me a lot in mentally preparing for this day.
Off to rest up....

Day of 2nd surgery

Home resting on the bed.
I got my back, waist and he finished my arms today.
Dr. Young is so meticulous and has great bedside manners. There were two girls helping the whole time who were wondeful.
I could not stop thanking them before I left.
Well the back burns like hell..lol.
I am so thrilled that I got this done.

I am scared and anxious to see my new body when this is all healed up.
It tickled again around my ribs and under arms when he would work in those areas. He was really digging into the bra bulge.
The one girl told me I may have to get new bras..and that made me happy.
I am a size A cup, but would always buy a 36B to fit around the bulge. Soooo excited and now I know what I want for xmas....a Victoria Secret gift card. Hahahahah

I love this site because reading up and following everyones journey made me ready on what to expect so I guess that is why I was very calm going in on both days.
I love this site and I can't wait to share pictures once I am done feeling dizzy and weak.

Day 1 surgery: Part 1 of Arms

Picture right when Mom was going to clean my arm. Here you can see all the bulge and fat. Today he took all of that out...so excited to post an after of my back. So happy I took this angle when I took the pic. You can see the markings he made of what he was planning on doing. I told him not to lipo my butt and leave it right there. Lol.

Cleaning bandages after back lipo

Well I had a lot of leakagd which is great, but I am super swollen because I was doing a little too much and not resting enough. I am finally resting and able to write this quick update. I see he got rid of two of the rolls in the back and the waist is swollen still. Next week Thursday I go back for my one week follow up. I can't wait to get my before pics then..that they took before the surgeries so I can compare.

5 days post op

In two days I go for my first follow up after my surgery with the doctor. I can't wait to get the stitches out. Hubby told me yesterday the back ones have not scabbed up yet.
Still taking my antibiotics, pain pills only to sleep. My back burns and my arms as well. I am able to shower without much help, but feel very exhausted after so much. My appetite is weird and I get full quickly. Not to mention, I have been on my period too and does not help because I am double swollen.
I can tell a difference on my back.
Now contemplating looking into some type of cellulite treatment for my thighs and butt...
It is so hot and wearing this full garment makes me not want to go outside at all.
I bought an Organic protein shakes to drink instead of Ensure. I have one for lunch as I feel weak and exhausted when I am up too long walking or standing.
As I am bored laying down..I am looking at hair colors and cuts to do when I am able to get back to the salon. The long black hair needs a kick to it...lol... and grays need coverage too.
I ordered an ab board and lateral boards too. Also, some foams to replace the ones I got from the doctor.
I will post some pics of what I look with the garment and the front foam on my abs.

5 days post op in garment and foam

Some pics with the garment and front foam on abs. I took out the foams in the back to take the pics.

Healthy protein shake instead of Ensure

I am drinking this instead of Ensure.

Dollar roller

This is wonderful to reach the hard places of the arms. Feels better when someone else who rolls it for you. Lol

Post op follow up 7/21

I saw the surgeon yesterday. He was happy with how I was healing. I do have one hole on my upper left arm that has not closed up fully, so I have to keep eye on that.
I have to keep wearing the foam on my back, i did not wear it one day and I swelled up. So he recommended that I continue to wear it on my back and a peice on the lower left ab due to a little stubborn part there. He said I did not have to wear the full foam in the front, but I actually like the feeling of it there....so I might just wear it to sleep.
I go back in two weeks, in my post op paperwork they did recommend Velashape for the lipo areas I got done and lymphatic massages, i just have to ask them where to go to get the massages. I told my husband I want to try those out.
He did tell me to continue massaging myself to break down the bumps and lumps..but I get exhausted quickly and really dont put the pressure I need to because it hurts...I was contemplating getting a hand held electronic massager.
Anyway, I use my little roller with extra pressure and apply the Arnica Gel with it to do the massage.
I woke up with a terrible headache and I dont feel like doing anything today.
I did get my before pics and I will be sharing those here with everyone.
I did go from 219 to 217 in one week..and this is including bloating from my period and surgery. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!

Hot hot hot

Well stuck in the house today because it was scorching hot outside.
I am swollen from doing housechores all day.
I do have to admit that I was actually able to take a 2 hour nap, which is something I was never able to do.
Today was easier taking a shower on my own, but I quickly wanted to jump back in my garment.
On Monday I have to call their office to get the name of a local lymphatic massage place.
I am seriouslt trying to massage the knots out myself but I am still sensitve and stop once I feel pain.
I am starting to feel the knots in my arms as well, but again I am still swollen.
Not sure if anyone else has any ideas on the arms and what else I can do smooth things out besides massaging.
I am going to try to take some pics of my stomach to post here before I put the garment on tomorrow after I shower.
My back is super sensitive and no way I can massage back ther myself. I CANT EVEN TOUCH IT without it bothering me.
I use the Arnica gel right after I shower to massage myself with my little roller and then hurry to put the garment back on.
I have been looking through other journeys to see if a handheld massager would help before going to get one, but have found nothing yet.

Woo hoo scheduled Lymphatic massage

Sooo happy I found a place so close to my house that does the lymphatic drainage massage. I go on Friday..so wish me luck. Which is great because then I have a follow up appt with Dr. Young on Monday.
I did call their office to get the referral but the person they used no longer was offering it. I googled it in my area and was lucky to find one close to home.
I am posting some pics of my progress. I feel swollen...and don't see much of a difference in my arms yet. They still feel heavy and bloated. I am hoping after this massage on Friday I can see some difference. I feel super swollen when I do too much and move my arms a lot.
I personally see a difference in my back and stomach. I am excited to get the ok to get in the gym once all this swelling is over with to finally see the new me.
Also, did a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond with no luck to find an electric hand massager. Bummer!
I will probably have to order it online because I am rolling..but an electric one would be wayyyyyy better.
I find myself squatting to pick things up instead of bending over as it feels so weird.
Here are some pics.

Massage completed

Wow..all I can say is Wow...
I feel so great and noticed a huge difference after my Lymphatic drainage massage.
I was scared at first thinking it would hurt or that I would get someone who does not know what they are doing.....but it felt great and relaxing. The lady has 11 years experience and specializes in Manual Lymphatic drainage massage.
I scheduled for next Friday again and paid a $49.00 fee for first time client, 60 minutes.
The place had a summer special $180.00 for three sessions. I went ahead and did that for now which is $60 a session for 60 minutes. The regular price is $89.00 so I think I got a deal.
I noticed my stomach was not that swollen when I got up. She did notice I was swollen and clogged on one side more than the other which explained my pain that I have on one more thanthan the other without me telling her anything.

Handheld massager

Hello..I wanted to update on a massager I got on Friday.
I love love the warm attachment. I have used it once a day since Friday and noticed some of my lumps have shrank.
I honestly do not have the strength and power to massage myself so getting this has been great.
I use the warm attachment and then one of the others to massage. If you ask me..I would be using it all day..lol.
Yesterday, I had my husband pass the warm attachment on my arms and back and the experience was awesome. I was able to really lie down and enjoy it.
I then did my stomach on my own. After we did all that I put on the Arnica cream and then my Garment.
I recommend if you are like me and need an extra help massaging yourself..get a handheld..especially of you had your arms done too.
I got mine at Walgreens for $29.99 on sale with the rewards card. Cvs had it for 39.99. If you have coupons you can probably get it cheaper. I did have a 30% off CVS rewards coupon I used to buy two Arnica creams. Those run almost $12 each.
I will post another update tomorrow, as I have another follow up appt with tje surgeon.

Velashape on Monday

Just wanted to update that on Monday I have a velashape appt with my surgeon. He is giving me a treatment on my stomach and arms. He said the first treatment is free.
I really hate that its soooo hot in my area that I am swollen a lot and do drink a lot of water.
I have some pics I took yesterday. On top of the heat ...its that time of the month again.lol. can't win..
Still massaging with my machine and it feels sooo good with the hot attachment.
I will write a review after the Velashape treatment.

Trying on a jeans

I had like two seconds and decided to try these skinny jeans in Sears.
They were size 16. I would always have to buy size 18 to get a smooth look and no muffin top. This was a good turnout since I am swollen and bloated from time of month..lol.. I did try on a 14 and I personally did not like the tight feeling around my waist yet.


Well..scheduled 4 more velashape treatments...I really want a smoother appearance on my tummy...that one treatment in a week I noticed a difference in texture. Its weird how my tummy was shriveling up like a prune..lol...I know I would need a tummy tuck to get a flat smooth surface..but I want a smoother texture to whats left there. I have some pics and here I just have a smooth shaper shirt and underwear... I really need to get a second stage garment...but when I get online to order I get so scared to order..I have a 33 inch waist and a 49 inch hip... and looking at sizes....reading reviews...I get overwhelmed..so I know of a store here in my town that sell garments...I just need to get there....i did not like wearing the ab board..I felt it dug into me..I was not comfortable moving around..so not sure if it was the type that I bought.
I ordered a full jumpsuit and just waiting for it to come in...so thats whats been up with me. I go for one more lymphatic massage tomorrow...not sure if I want to continue...
So far without exercise..I have lost 10 pounds. I still feel sore..sometimes I get a crazy itch in arms...still wear my garment all day and night...I love the feeling of being held in.
I just need to get my butt to that garment store to get a tighter garment to hold me in.

Some pics...

This is a smooth shaper shirt I got in Sears...I dont have a bra on..lol..and under those pants I have a high waisted underwear shaper..as well from the same brand..I got a XXL in that underwear and felt it was not holding me tight in my waist, but fit well on my hips...the shirt is an XL. I really need a good garment to hold me in....wahhh

Finally got the shaper

Well made the trip yesterday to get the Faja from the store. The girl was great, she helped me get into it. Ugh what a pain, but I felt.nicely tucked in. I got a 2XL. The good thing is, it has three hooks that I can switch when I begin shrinking. I have it on now and my husband had to help me get into it.
Wearing this Faja is no joke. My butt is so big I couldnt get it over by butt too well for now.

Just worrying about how the heck I am going to use the bathroom..lol

Faja Dprada style 11175

Here is the one I have on..


So went to my 2 month follow up. Doctor is very happy. I lost some weight which I am so happy. I was 219 and now 209. And i have not been back to the gym yet.
I think I have become a garment hoarder..lol.
I keep feeling I need a tighter one so I am finding myself wearing two sometimes.
I had my third velashape treatment as well on Friday. I have two more treatments and I personally think I noticed a difference in my stomach and arms. I may choose to go for four more treatments..but not sure right now. I did ask my doctor about a mini tummy tuck and he said to really wait as I am going to see more results its too early yet.
I took some pics after I got home Friday and then I took some yesterday when I was putting on my garments and a waist trainer. I put the waist trainer just for a couple hours while I was cleaning. It was nice and snug. I have another appt with surgeon in 6 weeks and he will take pics then.
Oh I put this lotion on which is soothing calming and smells minty. I would massage it in and then put my garment on. I got it at the store where I got the garment with the hooks and thigh coverage. Not sure if you can find it online or not...but the lady said ot had slimming properties....I just actually love the smell and the way my skin feels with it.

Lotion I use for my own massaging at home

Smells so good and feels cool and tingly.

Happy Holidays

Wanted to post a pic. Had my last appointment with doc on Thursday. He was pleased. I started this journey at 219 and down to 203. I have not been to the gym yet. So when I go back oooweee....I am happy with my results!!! I feel a brand new woman!!!!!! Dr. Young made me Young again..lol... Here are some pics from yesterdays get together. I had a shaper panty on that was not too tight. Happy Holidays!!!!

New years dress

Here I am..no garment..just a regular panty since I had my period. Anyway I was excited that i ordered this dress online and it fit. Woo hoo. My boobs have shrunk so much...maybe I need some boobs next jajajajajajja...my super padded bra did not help at all...lol
Dr. Young

Dr. Young has great bedside manners. His staff called me everyday after and between my surgeries. The ladies there are so awesome and those who had the surgery done shared that with me and made me feel very comfortable with the whole experience. He is on call 24 hours a day, so if there are any issues he will see you immediately. He made sure to answer all my questions and double checked if I had any more before ending the visit.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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