Cool Mini Under Chin Not Worth It - Centennial, CO

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I have always had stubborn fat under my chin that...

I have always had stubborn fat under my chin that has bothered me for years. It's an unfortunate family trait that most of the women have on my fathers side. I am 125 lbs and no matter what I did I couldn't get rid of it. I had talked to two different plastic surgeons in the past about getting liposuction, but the procedure was expensive and I was a little nervous about going through something so invasive. I decided to look into alternative methods which is when I discovered that you could get the cool mini treatment under the chin.

I went to a reputable coolsculpting clinic and met for a consultation. They assured me over and over that I would only have to get the procedure once because the fat was not significant. I also kept hearing about how great my results were going to be, and how I was the perfect candidate. I discussed with them how I was looking into liposuction as another possible option. They talked me out of it because they claimed that they used the coolsculpting method to help dozens of people who got botched liposuction results. I was pretty convinced this was a non invasive, pain free alternative to liposuction that would give me the results I was looking for.

This is not pain free procedure. In the beginning the pain was almost unbearable and I wanted to rip the device off. After a while, I went numb and I couldn't feel anything. Then when they took the device off and my frozen skin was exposed to the air, I felt shooting pain once again for a few minutes. I was bruised pretty bad, and it looked like I had been choked. It was embarrassing to go out in public for the first week. Aside from the bruising, the healing process was easy and I had no pain afterwards.

It's been 6 months now and there are no results. My weight has not changed or fluctuated at any time since the procedure, I followed the after care instructions exactly, and still no results. Needless to say I am extremely disappointed, and I wish I would have just gone through with the liposuction. I threw away $750 instead of putting it towards some real results.
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