Its Been a Long Time Coming... 37 year old, mother of 3, over 150lbs lost so far!

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Dr Sylora is awesome!! I have consulted with 3...

Dr Sylora is awesome!! I have consulted with 3 other surgeons over the years ( hence the long time coming reference) and have lost over 100 lbs and each time I felt like my concerns were not taken seriously or the idea of me being a voluptuous woman just minus the hanging skin was ridiculous to these Drs who seemed to be aiming for Barbie clones!! I love my sexy curves, dont mess with them! Dr Sylora was kind, sensitive to my insecurities but upfront about the results I would have at this point in my journey, and she took so much time to explain the procedures and why things work this way or that. I also love the fact that she is a woman and understands that its about SELF satisfaction , whatever that means for you personally, and not about the end result being what some surgeon wants to see you look like in the end! My target surgery date is in March of 2016 and I cannot wait to set the appointment with her!! The office staff was so amazing and positive as well, I freakin love this office!!

Not for me after all...

I decided against Dr Sylora. She was great but her pictures were terrible! Dog ears all over the place, uneven scars, and her breast work was not for me! That is their porfolio and is a very important factor in the decision making process!! I do not want to go from being self conscious about my body now to self conscious about my results especially after such a heafty investment!

I have FINALLY found my surgeon! ! Dr Fiala was...

I have FINALLY found my surgeon! ! Dr Fiala was the 5th surgeon I had a consultation with. I was beginning to get very frustrated, and disheartened that maybe it just wasnt meant to be for me. But being hard headed and stubborn I refused to believe that, so I scheduled yet another consultation, this time with Dr Fiala. What a game changer!! He is very upfront and open about what the procedure will entail and how he achieves certain results I had questions about. He explained why certain pics ive seen have turned out the way they did and the steps he takes during surgery to prevent those things from happening. His staff was so kind and helpful. I feel extremely selfconscious about my body, I have a large amount of hanging skin on my abdomen,my mons pubis is large and hangs as well, my arms and arm pits have hanging skin and my breasts are saggy and asymmetrical. ..all of this from neglecting my body all of those years. I had reached 350 plus lbs ( Drs scale only went to 350 so I dont know what my heaviest really was) and kept it on for so long, as well as having 3 children during my weight gain, my weight just kept climbing after each pregnancy. I decided to get it together, eat healthful foods and exercise and have lost over 120lbs! I had such anxiety about going to my appointment because on his website it explains that he requires patients to be at a certain BMI before surgery ...I am currently above that and didnt want to be judged or scoffed at but Dr Fiala and his staff were awesome!!! I never felt uncomfortable or judged, they were all actually congratulating me on all my hard work and dedication and Dr Fiala told me that I should be extremely proud of myself. He listened to my concerns about my mons needing to be " normal" looking at the same time the tummy tuck was preformed because I couldnt handle having a flat stomach and still having a bulging mons! He said its a very common concern and during my examination he said he would lipo and remove the excess skin from my mons so It will be anatomically correct (finally :') !!) Because I am over the required BMI for surgery Dr Fiala and I agreed to reconvene after 4-6 months while I continue my journey and get to my goal which happens to be the BMI needed for surgery. I also loved the fact that everyone in the office was so kind to my husband because his feelings about all of this matter to me and he is my support system and recovery nurse! They sent me home with the most informative packet I have ever seen!! We also received a tour of the whole office and were shown the different rooms I will be in pre-op, the operating room, recovery room and post- op appointment room. They require an overnight stay after surgery with my own nurse there with me at all times!! What a wonderful experience, I am so happy I found them and feel such a sense of peace knowing that my search is finally over. I can get to my goal weight and Dr Fiala and I will check off the items on my surgery list as we go along!! My body will finally match the way I feel inside, which is young, sexy and vibrant!!

Then And Now

Finally adding some pictures so you guys can get an idea of where I was and where I am now. I have 25lbs left to lose before Dr. Fiala will do my extended tummy tuck, lipo of my mons and skin removal on mons to create an anatomically correct mons FINALLY! These surgeries are phase1 of my surgical journey to correct the years of neglect to my body. I am so excited to get started. There is a lot of frustration as well, 1) for allowing myself to get to this point in the first place and 2) I am so over having this hanging skin on me and desperately want it off but we are working towards the financial aspect of the surgery and I am working towards losing this last 25lbs! Intellectually, i completely understand the process. Emotionally, I'm a wreck... lots of ups and downs. Feelings of elation and being so proud of myself for losing over 130lbs, and feelings of disgust, sadness and shame for the way I currently look. I know for a fact that these series of surgeries will absolutely change my life, improve my quality of life 100% and shoot my self confidence through the roof!! I have waited so very long for these surgeries and cannot wait for the process to finally start and then, of course, for it to ultimately be over so I can be freed of the shell I once inhabited what seems like so long ago....


This is my daily armor, cant wait to be freed of smoothing under garments and just be smooth on my own!

Reference pics

Some reference pics. I am a thicker woman, love that about myself and want to stay that way MINUS the hanging skin all over my body!

2nd Consultation w Dr Fiala :)

I have my second consultation w Dr Fiala on September 15th! At my 1st visit Dr Fiala and I talked about the weight ive lost so far and the fact that I wanted to be at a certain weight before surgery and that it would be a safer surgery if i lost 43 more lbs. I have 12 lbs to go but scheduled my followup consultation anyway so we can keep the ball rolling! I gave wanted a tummy tuck for over 12 years. I have lost over 150 lbs to get myself to the tummy tuck goal and i am so friggin close!! I also have to get my financing in order but am waiting to see what he says about my procedures after this 2nd consult. I am getting an extended tummy tuck w a possible vertical

2nd consult continued...

Getting an extended tummy tuck w a possible vertical incision due to the very large amount of excess skin i have. He is also going to fix my mons pubis with lipo and removing a portion of skin there as well to lift and flatten the area. As many of you know, when you are very obese your mons grows right along with you and tends to bulge and sag. It is a very difficult area to lose fat in, its almost like it gets stuck there! I feel deformed and just want to be anatomically correct. I made it very clear to Dr Fiala that my mons must be corrected during my tummy tuck as i could not bear to have a sagging,bulging mons and a flat stomach. He was completely understanding and said its a very common concern. I am so excited to have this consultation as it just brings me one step closer to setting my surgery date!! Since my 1st visit i have heard SO many wonderful things about Dr Fiala and i am so glad i decided on he and his awesome staff for my life changing transformation!
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