getting Informative Information About What to Expect After Facelift/temporal Forehead Lift - Celaya, MX

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My goals are to look fresher and have my skin more...

My goals are to look fresher and have my skin more firm. When I turn my head upside down I can see how much my skin and muscles have sagged over time. I have not had surgery yet. I have spent two years researching this online and telephone and referrals from persons who have had a procedure in the past . I went for consults in the U.S. and I determined that I was being offered a full facelift that was in reality a mini facelift. This is something that prompted me to investigate further. I think having a facelift in a hospital is much safer for me. I have concerns about doing it in a rented place that you leave after you are done. I also think having a dedicated anesthesiologist is important for me.

Dr. Carlos Barrera

I did my research on the doctor to make sure there were no complaints and went with a surgeon who has many years experience in facelifts and that included my realtime interactions and ease of working with the person I liaison with in order to arrange this surgery properly. This is a great help when getting surgery in another country.

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