40 Years Old, Mother of 4, Work out Hard and Can't Get Rid of Belly Flab - Cedar Rapids, IA

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I am scheduled for a tummy tuck without muscle...

I am scheduled for a tummy tuck without muscle repair. Doctor says I don't need it despite giving birth to 4 children and and breast lift with augmentation. Surgery is 2 days away and I am a mess. This is something I have wanted for a long time but am beginning to think I am crazy and selfish for spending all this money on myself. I have a wonderful supportive spouse who loves me as I am but wants me to be happy. I imagine my feelings are normal. This site has been so helpful. I will post pics before and after soon.

12 hours to a new me

12 hours until surgery time. I have been relatively calm and upbeat today. I am going to try and post before pictures; usually I am very modest but here goes nothing!

I made it!

Had surgery at 7:30 this morning; it was scheduled for 6 hours and only took 4. I'm feeling a bit rough. Breast not so bad, tummy uncomfortable. I keep forgetting not to use my arms to push up out of chair but am quickly reminded by shooting pain in my breast!! I hate the drains, definitely feel they are worst part of surgery. I am fortunate, I did not need muscle repair so hopefully recovery is a bit quicker. I have an amazing care taker!! I will post pictures soon. Thanks for all the support!

6 days post op and feeling good

Today is my 6th day post op and I feel pretty good. Pain has been minimal since removal of drains on day 4. I have been rather emotional and teary eyed today. .especially when I look at my scars. I wonder what and the hell was I thinking! I had a major breast lift so the girls just don't look pretty yet and I keep telling myself wait... but easier said than done. My P'S told my S/O that I had so much natural breast tissue that he was only able to get in a 279 cc implant but they still look huge! Huge is not what I wanted.. I was going for a tad larger, perkier and natural. I guess time will tell. It has been difficult to lay around. I am a very active, athletic person and I have a terrible fear of losing all of my muscle mass and getting flabby. Even after reading other people's journeys I was ill prepared for the emotional roller coaster brought on by these procedures. I will post some pictures soon. Thanks to everyone who is willing to share it certainly has been helpful!

16 days post op

Pictures from mommy makeover 16 days post op. Abdomen has a lot of swelling today; I worked too many hours. I did not require muscle repair so I am very happy with the contour. Breast still have a way to go but all scars are healing well thus far.

more pics

I forgot front view
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