34 Year Old Woman Wanting a Feminine Nose - Cedar Rapids, IA

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So I've been unhappy a bout my nose for quite some...

So I've been unhappy a bout my nose for quite some time. It's crooked, has a wide bridge and my nostrils are uneven. I've decided to go with Dr. Andrews here in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He is going to do a septoplasty as well as rhinoplasty. I'm nervous as I've never had major surgery before but I'm so sick of trying to hide my nose behind gobs of makeup. I'd also like a forehead lowering procedure; maybe if I win the lottery????. So far everyone that works with Dr Andrews has been profession and fun at the same time; a tricky combo. I've only had a brief meeting with Dr Andrews. He was attentive, obviously intelligent and seemed to really care that I get the nose I want. Surgery is only a month away!

Dr Denenberg is Very Helpful!!

I am in the process of choosing a doctor for rhinoplasty. By allowing me to send him pictures of my nose and having him digitally alter them I have a much better idea of what my outcome might look like. He will do this free of charge for anyone! He responds with in a day even. If my budget for my rhinoplasty were higher or he took insurance (which he doesn't) I would definitely make the trip to Omaha for my rhinoplasty.

Will I miss my old nose?

So my surgery is this Thursday. I'm all paid up and going through with it. I've watched way too much Botched to not be nervous, but I find strength in the fact that so many people on here have undergone rhinoplasty and survived. Ill be spending the next couple days saying bye to my old nose. It's been good to me. I'm putting all my faith in God to direct Dr Andrews hands as he performs my surgery. Any prayers would be greatly appreciated!

So puffy! But liking what I can see.

Alright! Got through the surgery with no problems yesterday am. It was a 3 hour long surgery. I fell asleep and the next thing I knew Iwas in recovery. I am super bruised up but liking what I can see of my new nose. Right now I'd say it was worth it.

Recovering is coming along

Over the weekend I was looking in he mirror and the next thing I knew I had taken my cast off! I'm not sure why I did that, but I called dr Andrews up on Saturday night and explained what had happened. Rightfully so, he was like why would you do that, but he quickly agreed to meet with me at the clinic so he could put the cast back on. He was gracious and not mean to me during our unexpected Saturday night appointment. Being able to see him on such short notice affirmed my decision to go with Dr Andrews , versus someone in a big town who l may or may have not been able to see after a long drive. Thank you dr Andrews for saving the day.

Surgery center Cedar Rapids

I am feeling okay; still on the pain meds but should be finishing those up in the next few days. I am super excited to get my cast off and the tampons out of my nose on Wednesday morning. Breathing through my nose will be such a luxury. So I just wanted to say I had my surgery at surgery center Cedar Rapids and everything went great. Everyone was extremely professional and friendly. I was a little worried about not having my nose done in a hospital but my fears were quickly gone once Istarted having a look around and interacting with the workers at the surgery center. I checked in around 6 am and was out and on my way around 1pm. Not having my Morning Diet Coke was the biggest frustration of the day for me. I would definitely recommend the surgery center cr to a friend or have another procedure done there. So I'm posting a picture of me with my cast off--yes I had some time between when I peeled off my caste and reported this to Dr Andrews. I'm really liking the way my nose is shaping up!

The splints

Today was the most painful day of my nose job experience thus far. I went in to the surgeons office to have my caste taken off and my splints ripped out of my nose. Oh my gosh I had no clue the stints coming out would hurt that much!! But in the end I can breath better than I've ever been able to so I guess it's all worth it. I'm liking the overall shape of my nose as well. Feeling pretty lucky.

Not feeling good today

I am a little distraught. One of my nostrils is visibly larger and more defined giving my nose a lop sided look. I knew it was too good to be true that everything would go well on my first try. I want this fixed now.

Feeling a bit better

Feeling a little better about my asymmetrical nostrils. I will talk to my surgeon about them on Tuesday. Maybe it's just something that can be tweaked easily. I was in so much pain this morning so luckily my sugeons office wrote me a script for Tylenol 3. I feel so much better now. My bruises are finally healing. Even the gas station clerk where I get my morning donut commented I was looking better, lol. Sure is an emotional journey along with physical.

Tip problems

Not exactly happy or displeased with my nose at this point. I liked it a few days ago when there was more swelling, strange but true. I went in for a checkup a couple days ago with my surgeon and he said i needed to start taping it to my left as my tip wanted to go to the right ????. I don't have too much faith in taping but maybe it'll work. Fingers crossed!

Wonky nose, nostrils & smile

Feeling sad about my nose. Sometimes I look at it and wish I wouldn't have gotten the surgery. I'm not rich by any means so I don't know if I'll be able to get a revision. My nostrils are wonky and my nose is curving. It's kind of a nightmare. It makes me cry because I was so pleased with the outcome at first, but now it seems to be getting worse day by day. I also used to have a beautiful smile and now my smile is wonky, too.

Expectations & Reality

Ok so I think I'm being a bit bipolar about my nose. Today it looks great, but yesterday it had me in tears. I read about post surgery depression and I think I have a tinge of that going on. I have so much energy & money invested in my schnoz & I'd just be heart broken if reality doesn't meet my expectations. Maybe I need to lower my expectations just a bit.


I'm finding some peace with my nose now as the days go by. All the pain is gone now, thank God.

Mirror, mirror

My nose is a little different every day. In some mirrors it looks really crooked and in others it looks just mildly askew. But overall I'm happy with it; I just hope I don't have to tape it every night for the rest of my life.

Side by side

Sometimes I have to look at my before pictures to realize how much better my nose is looking.

Taping works.

I had my six week checkup today. We talked about taping...2 more months....every night. I know, first world problems, really. I expressed that my nose isn't perfect perfect perfect and dr Andrews said we could do revisions at a later date if I wanted. I'll wait and see.


Wish that little curve wasn't there, but I'll wait and see.

My smile is back!

Smile before & after


Do u think it's just the tip of my nose that is crooked or is it the entire nose?

Losing faith in the power of Tape

I am kind of losing faith in the taping method actually positioning the tip of tip of my nose where it's supposed to be. I'll keep taping because that's what the doctor says.

Coming along nicely

Hope everyone is doing well on their journeys! I'm feeling pretty good about the outcome of my nose at this point. Ofcourse I picked an absolutely awful angle of my nose before in the below picture but it demonstrates the improvement well : )

My nose isn't an issue anymore

I can say I like my nose now. It isn't "perfect" but it is such a drastic improvement on the nose I was given at birth. Now I struggle with other parts of my face and body that I think need improvement. So just be warned, a nose job isn't a fix all for everything. If I ever did decide to do any more surgery I would feel confident in Dr. Andrews team doing the surgery.

My nose

Dr. Andrews

I chose Dr Andrews to do my rhinoplasty because he is a board certified plastic surgeon and close to home. I was a little worried about having a surgeon who specializes in so many areas doing my rhinoplasty but he did a great job. He even made a trip into the office on a Saturday evening for me when I accidentally took my caste off. I think this is an example of him going over and above what is expected of him. I think he truly cares about his patients and wants them to be happy with their outcome. I would recommend him to a friend or family in a heartbeat.

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