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I started out hearing a radio ad about cool...

I started out hearing a radio ad about cool sculpting. After hearing it for the fifth or sixth time I finally inquired and called the number. They were having a seminar with a demonstration of a real patient as well as an introductory rate. I attended the seminar with my friend and after a mini consultation, it was suggested that I have a total of 8 hours on my lower, upper abs and my back and hips for the muffin top area. I decided to purchase six sessions and do one area at a time to see if a second treatment with needed in any of the other areas.

yesterday was my first treatment at 9 a.m. in the morning. Of course I was running late and so I did not get a chance to eat as the doctor had recommended. luckily they had granola bars and offered me a couple. My treatment plan for yesterday was one hour on each side of my upper ab. We started with the left side first. As other reviewers have mentioned, the initial suction did not hurt it just felt weird. But immediately when I thought it was not going to be so bad the pinching started to really hurt. At about the 7 minute mark when I thought I could not take anymore, the pinching subsided and I was not in pain at all and was able to relax. the rest of the hour I spent playing games on my phone.

After the nurse came in and removed the suction, the area look disgusting like a big stick of butter made of fat. She then began massaging the area for a full minute which was uncomfortable but not painful. Then she told me she had to knead the area with her knuckles for a full minute, and this was very uncomfortable and it hurt.

I experienced the exact same thing with the right hand side. Again, at the 7 minute mark the pain subsided. The second nurse that came in was a smaller gal and she did not press and knead as hard when she massaged. both sides were red and already starting to swell, and were warm to the touch. I wiped off all of the jelly from the applicator pad and went on my way.

I was able to go to a movie after that although I was extremely uncomfortable slouching in any way. To avoid pain, I would set a straight as I could. Last night the swelling continued and I had to take something to help me to sleep as well as 800 mg of ibuprofen. The left side started showing pretty bad bruising but the right side did not bruise at all. It really makes me wonder if the bruising was caused by the intense kneading/knuckling of the first nurse.

Today, I went to work and wore very light workout pants with a low waist line. The swelling is still there but I took another 800 mg of ibuprofen and tried to sit up as straight as possible the whole day. My upper abdominal area definitely looks bigger than it did before the treatment due to swelling. I am very hopeful that it subsides over the next few days.

I have attached pictures taken about 3 hours after the procedure as well as today. I have another appointment on December 26th and I'm supposed to have the upper done again and the lower done for the first time. I am going to call tomorrow and change that appointment to only include the lower abdomen. There is no way I could tolerate all three areas done at once.

Will keep posting!

Day 3

Swelling has gone down a little bit but is far larger than before treatment. I am starting to get some feeling back...tingling sensations. Pain is a bit less and was able to sleep good last night.

Day 4

Its been 4 days since my procedure and the swelling has gone down quite a bit. If you look at day 2 until today, its definitely gone down.

Im feeling lots of tingling from the nerves waking up. Every now and then a quick feeling of pain almost like a rubber band snap. Bruising has definitely faded too.

More pics from day 4

They didnt attach for some reason

Day 4 Pics

For real this time lol

Day 5

Today I can definitely feel more tingling and these strange spurts of pain. It’s not unbearable pain by any means, just very noticeable. It’s difficult to explain too. Like quick jolts of pain as the feeling is returning. Today is the last day I will post pics for a week or two since there isn’t much change and still swelling. Bruising is almost gone. Next treatment is on the lower stomach with large attachment on Dec. 26th. I decided not to do the top again so soon. I want to wait the full time before redoing an area.

Day 5 Photos

Day 7 - the worst

Okay for whatever reason today is one full week since the procedure and I'm hurting the most. A burning sensation like my ribs are on fire. I not helping for the first time for comfort. Took some Z QUILL hoping to be able to sleep. I was warned that around day 4-5 it might hurt the worst but it didn't seem likely however I can confirm it hurts more now simply because I can't seem to find relief.

Feeling better

By day 11 I didn't have the shooting pain anymore and feel pretty much back to normal. There is some itchiness and there are still numb spots. Also, when going out in the cold it's sensitive to cold and I can feel the area tighten up when cold. I've attached pics even though there isn't a huge change yet. I do notice that my upper abs are smoother and tighter m

3 down & 3 to go

Today was my first lower ab treatment. Same as upper but with large applicator it was a bit more intense for the first 7 mins and then was fine.

2 days post lower abdomen

It's day 2 and I'm much more comfortable than I was on day 2 of my upper abs. There is some bruising now but it looks worse than it feels.

Flanks Completed

I had my flanks completed 4 days after my lower abs. The left sucked in way more and also hurt much worse than the right side. My lower abs are on day 6 and are itchy and sore, but neither procedure was as painful during or after as my upper abs.

6 wks post upper abs, 4 wks post lower abs & 3 wks post flanks

I see a difference for sure! I'm not even the full 8 wks out on any treatment but see results, so happy! The best news is I am heavier unlike many reviewers here. ,5'2 190 lbs. My stomach and sides look amazing! One funny thing is I had a better draw on my left side than my right. I told the nurse I was worried I'd be lop sided and I am lol. I'll just get the right side done again. I have an apt in Feb for my mid stomach. I hope you all get the results you wanted! As soon as my Dr gives me my before pics I will share my before and after.

4 weeks post flank

I wanted to post this picture because if you look at the photos when I had my flanks done, my left side got a much better draw than the right. in 4 weeks you can already see how the left side definitely worked! I'm sure the right side worked also but because I didn't have as good of a draw, it did not reduce as much.

6th and final treatment....For now

8 weeks after my last procedure I finally got my final block of time done today on the midsection area of my stomach. Today I got to see their before and after pictures and I am so thrilled! I already knew there was a change I could see it in the mirror and feel it in my clothes but seeing their before pictures with today's after pictures just reinforced what I already knew. Yes, this procedure is expensive depending on how many you get I had a total of 6, but for me it is worth not having the surgery, the downtime, and the pain associated with all of that. When I pay off the first set of treatments, I plan to get another round because I I am confident another round of treatments on each area will totally eliminate my problem areas!

6 months post treatment

I've been walking 4.5 miles every day and I think that contributed to the little progress you see. I had a consultation with a plastic surgeon and he said I was definitely not a candidate for cool sculpting and I wasted $3,600 that could've gone towards a tummy tuck.

I've always wanted a TT but was scared of surgery and thought cool sculpting was the non invasive answer, but for the money, it didn't give me good results and now I know why....I was too heavy for it and not a good candidate. They said I was and took my money anyway.

Beware!!! Side effect they don't tell you about!

It has been almost 6 months since my last treatment. a week ago I found a pea sized lump under my left breast. I was scared it was cancer so I went to the doctor and they did an ultrasound and it turned out to be lipoma which is non cancerous. It's a fatty tumor. my aunt asked me if this could have been from CoolSculpting because it's in the area I had a treatment done. I told her I never even thought about that so I did a Google search "lipoma after coolsculpting" and was mortified about how many results came up! I was lucky mine is only pea sized as many have golf ball sized lipomas! I'll never do this treatment again. Lipomas should be listed as a possible side effect!
Cosmetic Solutions

Everyone in the office is extremely professional, friendly, knowlegable, and upbeat! I was a little surprised that I did not get a follow up call the day after my treatment but they did tell me to call them if I had any questions or experienced anything that felt out of the ordinary aside from bruising. They also said to let them know if I needed stronger pain medication other than ibuprofen and so far I have not. I use BioFreeze which works wonders!

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