Smart Lipo of Abs, Flanks and Chin + Fat Transfer to Breasts - Cedar Park, TX

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My husband made a promise to me years ago that...

My husband made a promise to me years ago that after we had a few children I could asses the bod and treat myself to some plastic after doing much research I decided to use Beleza MedSpa (had great reviews online). The surgery was yesterday and today I went to another location for a lymphatic massage (which i was able to drive myself to). I'm pretty sore, but it isn't unbearable...i took a shower this morning and removed all of the bandages..nothing appeared to be seeping anymore so i left the bandages off and just put back on the support garment. it's hard to say really how pleased i am with the results at this point because everything is still pretty swollen, but one thing i'm definitely not happy about is my breasts..the left one is noticeable smaller than the right one (and even it - left one- IMO isn't much bigger than the original size and definitely isn't a cup size larger which was what I was told by the Dr. and was this expecting...)...

Anyway, I called the clinic and complained and was told by Dr. Broder's assistant (Tori) to come back in..i drove back to the clinic after the massage (different location) and after speaking with Torri (Dr. was in surgery) put my mind at ease (somewhat!) that we just need to give it some that is what I'm going to do (no choice really!)...I have a sinking feeling that I'm going to need another fat transfer procedure to my breasts..I really feel like I shouldn't have to pay more $, but pretty much signed my life away before the surgery... Will keep u updated... side note: i recall at the end of the surgery them (Dr. and asst) holding up a really small mirror (which i could barely see into!) for me to examine my breasts in...and we all decided the right one needed more they added more fat to it..I regret not triple looking after this to be sure it matched the other...guess we were all pretty exhausted and me pretty loopy from the 3 lorazepam pills...!@#!@$@


Hello..Well this is the 8th week and I've had approx 5 lymphatic far, i'm somewhat satisfied with the results...i don't look pregnant anymore..however i was expecting my breasts to be larger (am starting to see the stretch marks again due to breastfeeding..) and stomach flatter (the doughnut around my belly button is still puffy..) most likely i'll need a "touch up" opting tho to forgo another fat transfer to the breasts and get implants instead..

Touch Up done today...

Procedure went smoothly..had upper and lower abs touched up..hoping a flatter belly will enhance still small boobies :) so can really feel comfy in a bikini....really encouraged to eat better and exercise more...i was told the fat can def, come back! need to try bench pressing the kids..hehe side note: one more yr til can get implants! neeeerrrvous...seems so unnatural..but like lipo isn't...haha

Wellll....I may have spoke too soon...

BUT it appears the "touch up" procedure was only done to my upper abs?!?! I'm feeling no numbness whatsoever below my belly button... Tori, Dr. Broder's assistant, had asked me before the proceudure if we were only doing the upper abs and I told her that I thought the Dr. said we were doing both...since the stubborn 'post PG' fat encompassed the "doughnut" shape around the belly button... :( I'm still pretty sore and have been doing lymphatic massage, but without a doubt the pain is only in the upper abs...I emailed the Dr. my concerns, but have no received a reply from him as of yet.. I've been traveling, but will calling the office tomorrow to discuss my concerns as well as set up the follow up be continued...


Well I just went in yesterday for a follow up (actually met with Dr. Broder this time). I was a bit taken aback because as soon as he saw my waist the first thing he said was 'you are fat' or something to that what a Dr. should say to his patient.. Anyway he recommended their HcG diet which I've heard is a sham and wouldn't even discuss having a touch up procedure done for my belly... I don't think I will be recommending this company or ever using their service again... I don't feel like I got much for the $$ I spent...I was expecting (becuase I was told in the initial consultation) to have larger breasts and that once the fat in my stomach and flanks was removed it wouldn't come back....lie, lie. I'm going to save and have breast implants and poss a mini tuck somewhere else.. Last thing...I didn't like how there was no real diet, exercise recommendation, encouragement by the Dr or staff post-op nor were any measurements ever taken (bust, waist, hips)...also the scale seems to be a bit off...anyway...whatever... Best part of whole experience was the the lymphatic massages by Kim...she rocks. :)
Cedar Park Family Physician

Website not allowing me to change the star rating above...would make TWO STARS...Will not go back or recommend.

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